Of Pony Packs and Lovin’ Daddies

-Today we recorded another set of video clips for the birthright series.  We are now at the fun part as we look at how different people possessed their birthright.  I so love reframing Bible stories around a bigger world view than “God fixed the problem” which is our common Sunday School story grid.  Megan will never see Noah the same after today’s clip.

-Gabi got her first exposure to Adobe Premier today.  Megan showed her how to do simple video editing — basically whacking the beginning and the end off each clip and then encoding them.  We are trying to shift more of the YouTube project onto her desk.  That girl takes to technology like a fish to water.  No telling what she will end up doing when we unpack the treasure that is in her.

-Megan and I managed to record another couple of CDs of the kidney/adrenal album today.   One more to go — hopefully tomorrow.  Gabi has 100 sets of each CDs already printed.  Leah has the album covers here on the shelf.

-As soon as the final one is recorded and edited — hopefully tomorrow — we will send the test copy to Sandy for audio proofing.  Now this one represents an interesting challenge.  Sandy has a Black Belt in loyalty and in heavy lifting.  Usually when I send her something she will sacrifice significantly if need be to get it proofed rapidly.  You have no idea what effort she has put into a lot of the blogs that arrive at most inauspicious moments in her life, and she does them anyway.

Anyway, when most people listen to these CDs it causes significant kidney pain after a few clips.  I know it hurts me A LOT to record two CDs back to back.  So I wonder what will happen to her?  Will she need to take a break after half a CD?  She may need to proof it over the course of a month which would be highly unusual.

-Gabi has positioned her desk at the apartment in front of the bedroom window, looking out at the desolate patch of hard dirt that she calls her garden with eyes of faith.  She has watered the soil once and has looked up a bunch of plants that attract butterflies, since this is her mascot.

Last night she walked to the nearest Home Depot and discovered pony packs, bursting with color, begging for a place in the ground.  It was like pouring gasoline on a fire.  She came alive in a huge way, broke the 10th commandment into a thousand little pieces, bought a tape measure to define the boundaries of her emerging paradise and came home to download a CAD program for laying out her garden.

This has triggered some internecine redemptive gift warfare as Megan has taken umbrage at the thought of any self-respecting Mercy shopping for treasures at the crassly orange colored Prophet stores.  This evening she will nip this sacrilege in the bud by personally introducing Gabi to her contacts at the local nursery, and then escorting her through the garden section of Lowe’s to show her the inestimable superiority of that store as a place for the aforementioned self-respecting Mercies to spend their hard earned wealth.

-Tomorrow the sofa bed and kitchen table are supposed to be delivered to the girls’ apartment just in time for their first company.  Leah’s father has lasted an entire seven weeks without seeing his beloved daughter, so he is coming from the East Coast to grace her with his presence for a few days and be sure I am treating his jewel with the consideration she deserves.

On Thursday after work we are all going to descend on Gabi’s wilderness and attack the hardness with all available implements.  After the ground is broken appropriately, we will inaugurate the six place table by breaking some bread (Does Papa John’s pizza qualify as “bread?”) with equal intensity.

Then Leah will take her commodious wheels to the store of Gabi’s choice and return laden with soil amendment, some starter plants and perhaps some border materials or pavers or . . .   Their parking slot is a long way from the front door, so we will all help schlep it in and stack it on the patio slab.  Then we will reverently walk away and let the master gardener bring her anointed touch to bear on the project in the weeks to come.

-Leah and her dad will skip town early Friday morning and spend the weekend exploring the wonders of the California coast in a free flowing, unscripted way.  I will take them to dinner on Sunday night for a debrief and possible course correction on Leah’s internship since the original objective seems incompatible with her design.

-While they are gone, Lacy, our researcher, will come in on Friday for a daylong session on fractals of the human body.  I have been impressed with her skill at sleuthing out the information I need about how body parts were made to function.  It remains to be seen whether she can thrive in the rapid-fire climate of sorting out a fractal with myriad variable on the table.

Gabi will be fixing us a wonderful lunch on Friday to either ease the pain of a rough morning or to celebrate some splendiferous breakthrough.  We hope for the latter.

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to Of Pony Packs and Lovin’ Daddies

  1. Thank you Megan, for the necessary tutelage on where to buy plants! For a really special trip, there is El Nativo Growers not too far from you all 🙂 (Had to add a Mercy’s two cents!)

  2. Catherine says:

    Sounds like a splendid week!! Hope you all enjoy, and find the unexpected.

    Sandy, I am praying for you as you work on the kidney blessings!

  3. Rosa says:

    You all are having way too much fun. I want to come be an intern,too. Especially if I get to play in the dirt,and I bet my pizza would beat Papa Johns.

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