Noah, Adrenals, Cave Time and the Redemptive Gifts of Ice Cream

In spite of my promo, the Noah video has received only modest viewing.  It did however bring conviction to some and comfort to others.  I am intrigued with the generally flat response.  Not sure what to make of it.

The Adrenals and Kidneys project continued to dominate the energy of the staff this week.  Everything hinged on the audio proofing which is so very labor intensive.  Only one tiny flaw was discovered in the whole set, so high praise to Megan for her fine ear and precise touch on the editing.

Megan worked intensely all Thursday doing the preparatory website work so that on Monday she can go live with the products and release the newsletter by noon.

She left Friday morning for her event in Toronto with a good feeling about her level of preparedness.  (The report from her seminar was “Megan was on fire today!  S0 neat to see.  Felt audience was really receptive.  We got some work to do!!”)

Friday morning we had the final push with Gabi frenetically filling albums while the shipping department snatched them off her table as fast as she produced them.  Some are now on the way to Canada and Australia via the post office, while the monster WAV files are ponderously meandering through cyberspace to Niell’s patient computer in South Africa.

Once the outbound albums were done, she actually did get a few dozen onto the shelf in anticipation of the release on Monday.  She was also in charge of presentation of the first fruits copy for the dedication ceremony.  At the last minute she got the jitters which necessitated a flying trip to Michael’s (her new addiction) for some additional goodies to grace the elegant package she prepared.

After lunch, we shut down the office and wandered up the highway, already crowded with the customary Friday exodus.  It was a first exposure to the San Joaquin Valley for Gabi and a second one for Genevieve.  We stopped at my old favorite, Apple Annie’s in Tulare for dinner, then arrived at Clovis for the dedication at Rob and Melissa’s home.

Rob was part of our Beta test group for this teaching and when I began seeking God’s person for the event, he was overtly singled out by the Lord.  It is such fun discovering God’s perspective of each person He chooses for one of these dedications.  We had a lovely time with his team in the cool beauty of their backyard.

After sharing some of the story of the rather accidental beginning of this project, each team member took the master album in their hands and prayed a blessing.  Since Gabi wears the lofty title of Guardian of the Master Albums at present, she offered the final prayer and simply called out for this teaching to bring hope and life to those who hear it.

It took me half an hour after the close of the event to pry the two girls away from their new best friends.  Rob put in a strong pitch for Genevieve to stay behind and go water skiing with them over the weekend.  He almost prevailed.  We eventually made it into the car and arrived back home around 2:00 a.m.

When we do the final release on Monday, Genevieve will have made it through one complete cycle of album production and it was one messy, fussy birth to be sure.  Starting Monday, the focus is on the PTSD album and the goal is a two week birthing cycle.

On Monday I will lock myself in my beloved cave and ignore the clamoring crises of the whole world while I drill down on the message and finalize my notes.  We will record in two days and hope to have the album off to Sandy for proofing by the end of the week.

At least that is the fantasy du jour!

Also by the end of the week we hope to have the Australia office open and our application process for interns finalized and posted.

In the midst of the trivia of last week, some unexpected circumstances emerged requiring me to become familiar with the redemptive gifts of some major ice cream brands out there.  This is only a cursory study so feel free to push back if you think I have messed up.

Haagen Dazs seems to be a Prophet company originally.  The founders were defiant in bucking the norms for the production of commercial ice cream by using better products and processes than was supposedly economically viable.   They simply raised the bar for the industry and created a super premium quality ice cream.

Eventually the founder sold the company to Pillsbury which was then purchased by General Mills.  And in the US and Canada, Haagen Dazs is strangely produced by Dreyer’s which is a subsidiary of Nestle’s (are you confused yet)?

The conflict between the social DNA’s of the different players has significantly impacted the brand.  On the one hand, they have managed to retain their distinction of being about the only brand out there that uses NO emulsifiers or stabilizers.  On the other hand, Nestle has stooped to reducing the size of the containers to obscure the fact that Haagen Dazs is priced higher than other ice creams.

Dreyer’s Ice Cream (Edy’s east of the Rockies) seems to be Exhorter.  They originated in Oakland and broke the barrier of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with their Rocky Road flavor.  They developed the slow churn process to reduce the amount of milk fat in the ice cream since that is a major expense.  However, instead of advertising the cost savings, they advertise it as low fat ice cream.

Breyer’s Ice Cream could possibly be called the original, dating back to around Civil War times.  It looks to me as though it was a Teacher company originally, but its DNA (and taste) has taken a real beating at the hands of Unilever, its current owner.

Ben and Jerry’s is confusing because of the partnership.  Ben seems to be the Mercy founder who imparted the DNA to the company and Jerry is the Exhorter in charge of marketing gimmicks and goofy packaging.  The company has been purchased by Unilever (sigh) and Jerry uses the title of “Joy Pooh-Bah Emeritus.”

Cold Stone Creamery is a Ruler company.  It was fascinating to see the incredible drive for expansion that defines the company.  Other ice cream companies’ websites were about the ice cream ingredients, processes and presentation.  Cold Stone is about numbers of stores and the international footprint.  Sadly, they also have one of the worst reputations in the marketplace for abusing their franchisees.

And best of all is Blue Bell Ice Cream which is a spectacular Servant company with the impressive credential of being the third best selling ice cream in the US in spite of only being available in 20 states.  Go Texas!!!

I’m not sure what earthly good that research will have for advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, but I tossed it out there anyway.

On a more profound note, I have been wrestling with the next passage in the gospels about honor from Jesus.  There is something here quite complex and I have not been able to sink my teeth into it fully.  As soon as I do, we will call a hiatus on this nattering, and I will offer you something substantive instead.

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to Noah, Adrenals, Cave Time and the Redemptive Gifts of Ice Cream

  1. Colleen says:

    Very interested in the adrenals and kidney posts but I cannot seem to find them. Is there a link?

  2. Kerrie says:

    The bit on ice cream was fun….

  3. Sharon Burns says:

    I must have missed something; I apologize. What promo? What Noah video?

  4. Rosa says:

    Ok, so was there anything going on when you wrote this particular post? As soon as the page came up, and I read that first sentence,something felt oddly,hmm…synchronized,or clicked into place and just felt right! In spite of that really diversified title! And I havent even read the whole thing yet.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      What was going on? Well, I was tired and grumpy. I missed a lot of sleep the night before, obviously and I don’t do sleep deprivation with the grace my son seems to be able to. I had a fairly rough day with putting out some fires, but felt I had to grind out a blog since I had shared about the expectations of the week. Other than that, Rosa, I can’t remember anything going on. But that was 24 hours ago, and today has been its own high octane day so I might be not recalling all the details.

      • Rosa says:

        Well maybe it was because the title had the words ice cream in it…my default go-to when I am tired and grumpy 🙂

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how different the presentations can be for one single item such as ice cream. I have heard often of Blue Belle and still have not had the joy of trying it. This will have to be remedied immediately upon my return to Texas! Love the fact that Genevieve and Gabi were instant best sellers at the dedication. As for the water skiing, I think another road trip is brewing.

  6. ruthiespage says:

    Noah was right on for BJ. For two years has has been asking, “what now, Lord?” This post, coupled with the previous four days of input from our I#1 intercessors, the Lord and numerous other sources of input, he is beginning to believe that there really is something, an assignment (for lack of a better word) that he is being called to, but at this point doesn’t have a clue what it looks like! the Noah was the ‘final’ punch from the Lord to say, ‘maybe this has not been done before, but I’ll show you when, where and how.’
    It’s a start!

  7. Kate says:

    the Noah one was for me. Glad I finally found it…thank you for persevering!

  8. ~AnnA~ says:

    “On Monday I will lock myself in my beloved cave and ignore the clamoring crises of the whole world while I drill down on the message and finalize my notes.” Hahaha, I love this, it cracked me up. I totally understand.

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