Comments on the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings

From the beginning, the teaching “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals and Kidneys” has been an odd fish.  It was not something that we had researched extensively.  We have never had such a strange Beta test experience.  Nor have we had as many outliers in the results.

And never since the redemptive gifts have we recorded a teaching three times.

It was finally released yesterday after resolving a last minute hitch that required some mad scrambling.  I would love to hear from you as you listen to it, what is landing for you.  Sometimes when we follow the trail of the impact of a teaching, it will give us some insight into the heart of God for the project — which as yet, is a massive mystery to me.

Looking forward, I have nearly finished my notes for the PTSD album.  I had planned on four CDs but it ran away with itself and is now officially at seven.  And given the 25 pages of notes, it will be a meaty teaching.

While it is directed specifically at vets, it is really a compendium of tools for self-care for  many facets of mental health.

But going back to the album du jour, since a lot of you have downloaded the adrenal teaching in the last 24 hours, I would like to hear your initial reactions.  What is this all about?

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur Burk

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57 Responses to Comments on the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings

  1. Beth says:

    I waited a few months before purchasing, because honestly I didn’t know if you were crazy or not. Recently I returned here, read some more entries/articles, and prayed about you. And for you. So I have listened to the first section now, and already stopped halfway for a very restorative nap and then resumed listening. SO excited to listen to the rest…the framing of the problem I think is a large part of my current stymied state.

    [The Prophet blessings I read yesterday, as I said to you, just shattered me emotionally. Reached something in me that was wounded. Feeling hope today.]

  2. Susan says:

    So I am on the second to last CD and I am getting excited about being near the end, though I’m not sure if I’m excited about finishing or if I am just looking forward to starting over again! I play the tracks for my kids when they are asleep and I noticed a significant change in my daughter a couple of weeks ago. She has had an unusual and over-the-top fear of dogs since preschool age where she panics and runs. While at the park a while ago, I watched her as she noticed some dogs nearby but didn’t get worked up like she usually does. She didn’t want them near her, but she also didn’t panic and ask to be picked up. Wow, it would change her life greatly to be free of such anxiety! I also noticed that my own fear of heights has significantly lessened to the point where I was able to ride in the bucket of a boom truck (at our spring fair) and actually enjoy the view without praying for the ride to be over! My energy levels still go up and down day by day but my sleep is much deeper. I do still wake up at least once at night, but there was a night last week that I slept for 6 hours straight…that was a miracle!

  3. Terri Cook says:

    Just finished Defiance on the 3rd CD. We are in Moore, OK and don’t have to say “We will rebuild.” We can say “God will restore!”

    No physical side effects but bonuses of less fear and more peace. Started the tracks before the tornadoes and got side tracked for awhile during clean up. We were in the 1999 storm also and my experience this time was was less fear and anxiety. I believe the series arrived at the correct time.

    This is like a balm that soothes you. It is not like a textbook but like a workbook or better yet, a field trip to the most favorite place you would ever want to visit. It is an experience.

    The words waft into your spirit and blossom there. The power of joy infects you. It is like a treat that you look forward to savoring. Too much at one time lessens the previous treat. You pace yourself and soak it up.

    The word is ‘Ah…’

    • Amy says:

      That is wonderful to hear Terri. I share your sentiments and have had a similar experience with the album. I enjoy your poetic wordsmithing 🙂

  4. Gary McCord says:

    I’d like to order and download the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings.
    How can I do this?

  5. jessmejias says:

    I just listened to the teaching on Redemption and it resonates very deeply with me. This is in line with something that has revolutionized my life. Namely, truly believing in my heart that God IS good (Matthew 7:9-11) and that He does work ALL things together for good (Romans 8:28). It may also explain why I have been able to have more peace than I expected to have in the midst of some bad stuff…

  6. Erica says:

    I have been listening to the Blessings and have only just gotten to the 2nd track of the 3rd CD. I haven’t had any physical reactions to the blessings, but have always felt them nourishing my mind, body and spirit even thought I hadn’t noticed anything really changing. However, I did just realize something has shifted in my soul and spirit. Yesterday, as I was looking at my bank account I saw two fraudulent withdraws that were not mine. This has happened to me before and I am usually seized with a high amount of anger and rage at the injustice, and then by a great sense of vulnerability and exposure and feeling betrayed by God for not protecting me. It has always struck me as a somewhat over the top reaction, especially since the bank will return my funds and make it right. The feelings usually stick around and keep getting triggered with the same intensity every time I would think of it. However, this time I didn’t have that reaction. I got a little perturbed, called the bank and calmly spoke to the person on the other end. I only felt mildly irritated. My reaction didn’t go global and I didn’t wind up having to have a repentant chat with Father about his care of me. I suppose what it comes down to is that I am feeling and obviously reacting from a much deeper sense of security. Just thought I would let you know how it was going.

  7. Susan says:

    I found the CD on the Emotions a very difficult one to get through. I actually couldn’t wait for it to be over and behind me. Something inside me really resisted listening to them. There were about 3 days when I felt run over by an 18-wheeler – extremely fatigued and had quite a headache. Then when that set of blessings was over and I listened to the first one on Counsel, the headache did not return and I felt more energetic. Now I’m on the second half of the Counsel blessings and I have been barraged by all sorts of negative emotion; anger, depression, hopelessness, you name it, I’ve felt it. Underlying it all, however, I have this confidence that all will be well in the end and it will produce much fruit. Just like many others, I was super excited when I heard about the series and knew it would be something I needed to listen to; I am looking forward to the growth.

  8. Minette says:

    I downloaded the albums about a week ago and have excitedly listened to the first CD I too felt the excitement in my spirit others describe as I listened. I teach nurses and one of my favorite aspects of the work is anatomy and physiology – it has so much more life when celebrated as God’s exquisite design! Yesterday I listened to the first clip on the second CD and almost carried on but was quickly reminded that you recommend one clip a day. I felt no specific changes or insights linked to the clip, just a deep reassurance of covenant with God. This morning I went for a walk in the mountains, a usual activity for me, but during an hour walk I fell down twice. The falls were sudden, unexpected and seemed out of proportion to the smallish rocks I stood on, or my ankle twisted on on both occasions.
    I immediately felt that ‘I was being tripped up by something small’ and almost instinctively went into defence mode – I felt angry at the devil for tripping me up and in a short while it happened again! With heightened awareness and prayer I walked on. About 10 minutes on I fell again on an already bruised and grazed knee – I was really angry. (I am not used to this level of anger about anything!)
    Arthur, I remember you once asking readers about falling over with no apparent reason. a while ago, but cannot track that blog entry – I remember thinking about my falling easily then, but not responding. Any previous link to covenants?
    I do have lax ligaments and have always fallen easily and sprained my ankles more times than I can imagine , once badly enough to be in plaster-of- paris for 6 weeks while a torn ligament healed. My last fall was about two years ago and I do not remember anything linked specifically to no longer falling. Should I stick with track 1 on CD two a while longer, I wonder?
    Thanks again for producing these God-given revelations and at His rate! You and your team’s work are such a real and ‘NOW: blessing in my life! Bless you for your courageous faithfulness! Thanks Arthur

  9. sophie says:

    Going through CD 2 and I have mastitis – right side, and bit depressed.

  10. says:

    Take a breath, here comes a long ramble.
    I haven’t logged onto SLG for a while now but I just happened to the other day and I was instantly excited about this new teaching on adrenals and kidneys. I am a naturopath and all my clients over the last few years have had some sort of adrenal/thyroid insufficiency or overdrive.
    Anyway, so I was very keen to get started with all this. After listening to the warning section on CD1 I became very nervous about proceeding due to a huge fear that somehow old covenants might be reactivated/resurfaced. (Background of family occult involvement). I was scared that if something did come up then I would have no way to be protected/helped as my understanding on how to deal with these occult covenants is very limited and naïve. I contemplated not going any further with these teachings…but then you know how it’s always better to ask God for help instead of just rashly launching ahead with my own way (maybe it’s just me that does this!?) So I went ahead. He reassured me it was okay.
    CD2. The first thing that really hit was ‘No one can break god’s law. They can only violate it and reap the consequences…’
    Wow – that statement just rang so true and brought so much peace with it. I felt so ‘held up’ by God. He has got my back. I am in a covenant with Him and He will provide a way out. I feel like I’ve just had my eyes opened a little more to the absolute magnitude of the supremacy of my God. He is at the top. Nothing trumps God.
    CD 2.02. Gods primary heart in His covenant is my restoration!
    Listening to these two tracks, I have a picture of my adrenals sparkling like a firecracker with excitement. You mentioned the word ‘expectation’ on the CD. Something about this my adrenals really liked. They are pretty excited about something!

    This is a long post. Maybe I’m having too much of a rave? Is this the right spot to do this? (I don’t want to do the wrong thing and upset anyone by going on about ‘me’ – I’m just excited!!)

    Here are some very vague ponderings based on not much understanding at all…:
    If the adrenals correspond to the ruler RG and the ark of the covenant as #6; God’s presence rested on the Ark, I wonder if the spirit of man somehow rests/resides over the adrenals?

    If the adrenals relate to covenants, I wonder if wounding/aberration/persistent affliction could somehow cause a dissociation of the spirit/adrenals…the left kidney frames a prob as insurmountable and so the right kidney shuts down/switches off/dissociates as a way of solving the prob and temporarily not having to deal with the prob? (I’m grimacing here at the rawness and unfoundedness of these thoughts)

    I’ll continue on in expectation and excitement.
    Thankyou to you and the team for being yielded to The King in such a strange little (…or big?) journey.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Sophie, most of the people who have written me have had extreme reactions. Some have felt huge empowering by the teaching and others have been body slammed. I don’t know if there is a large group of bored, unaffected people out there. If so, they found it so boring they didn’t bother to report. At present, it seems to be a fairly intrusive concept, for good or for pain.

  11. Kim says:

    I’m not sure if you are looking for input as we go through the teaching, but here goes. First CD no side effects. 2nd CD I had a sinus infection and breathing problems. I just began the 3rd CD only listening to the first track and I have had sharp pains in my left kidney area. Any clues from your test group in why that is happening?

  12. Susan says:

    After listening to the first three tracks (over 3 days) of the second CD, I have noticed a significant change in the amount of peace I feel I have access to and am able to tap into, if that makes sense. Specifically, in tense situations with my kids (who know how to push my RG Prophet buttons), when I would normally react with a restrained semi-tolerance for certain behaviour (and my blood boiling just below the surface), I have actually been able to be patient and calm and talk using an even, gentle tone. I am totally surprised! My daughter even said yesterday that I should write a book about being a good mom!!! Wow, this revelation about adrenals and kidneys is amazing. God is so amazing. I am so thankful.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Wow Susan. That is huge to have peace in the midst of the family. This is what has been fascinating about the series. There are so many peripheral changes we can’t explain.

      • Susan says:

        I forgot to mention the icing! On the third track you mention that God will never break His covenant with us and it landed so profoundly that I felt my spirit settle somehow. I can’t explain it well enough, but it was like I’ve been tense and holding my breath in my spirit for a very long time and when that truth was received, I was able to exhale and relax. I definitely feel more settled.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          At the end of the day, the devil can’t change God, but he sure does persuade us to mistrust Him. I rejoice over your new freedom rooted in truth.

          • Arthur Burk says:

            SUCH FUN! The PTSD album is fully recorded and on CD 7, I came up with a brand new illustration for the growth of your spirit. It is the most compelling word picture for the spirit I have ever thought of before. Actually, God thought of it and inserted it into the flow because it was nowhere in my notes — it just appeared in the mist of the teaching. So when you listen to CD 7, watch for the story of God and baseball. It is such a multifaceted picture which so captures His relationship with us, our spirit and growth!

            • Susan says:

              Lol! Can a person have too much of a Good God thing? I am so enjoying this album on the adrenals/kidneys that I have intentionally kept my thoughts from the PTSD album so I can stay focused. Now I am definitely very excited. Will I be able to restrain myself from jumping right into CD 7 when I get it? I am rejoicing with you at this wonderful revelation God has given you!

              • Arthur Burk says:

                It has been quite an interesting year for us. I tend to be quite diversified (scatterbrained to my detractors) so I have a lot of irons in the fire at any given time. When I did my time with the Lord in December, to get marching orders for this year, He said to stop doing events and stay home because a lot of the things I had been working on were going to come to harvest this year.

                Tell you what! That was gospel truth. Take the birthright series. That was nowhere on the horizon. It was never a “project” that I dinked with. But over the years, I have run into the concept in Scripture occasionally and savored it. Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, this whole series has jumped out of my brain into the video camera without the decency of any proper time in the lab. The wine aged without my knowing it was even there. Go figure.

                And all these other things are pushing and shoving in the birth canal, wanting to emerge. So it is a fascinating time. Recently we move about half our entire inventory from albums for sale, to the free audio page because the production and shipping department were getting so cluttered and clumsy with too much inventory.

                At the rate we are going, in a single year I will replace all of the albums I retired. So much for that organizational strategy. I think I am going to have to get a carpenter in here and do something more long range!

  13. Sophia says:

    I was not aware of the new teaching, but I read a newsletter from your SA distributors and immediately made an appointment to go to the office to buy the teaching. I bought it today and was surprised when I saw the blog in my emails tonight. Normally I will delay making appointments and getting around to buy materials, but it was as though my spirit was spurring me on and I felt an anticipation. I was so surprised to read some of the responses, because that was exactly what I experienced: extreme excitement in my spirit and JOY that I cannot contain. I listened to the first CD and first 2 tracks of CD2. I loved your honesty about the questions you still have and feel blessed to be part of the group of people still helping to develop and learn more. I’ll be sure to provide my feedback as I go along. God bless.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Sophia, that is interesting. Once again your spirit knew stuff that your soul could not have known.

      • Sophia says:

        I only later realized that I accidently listened to track 1 – 3 the day I bought the teaching material. As I reported, I felt very excited, but later that evening (early the next morning) as well as the next night (morning), I had terrible nightmares. When I woke up, I immediatly wondered whether it was because of old covenants…. not sure where/how to start looking for these. Then I woke up on Sunday feeling terrible with a sore throat and I am in bed today with tonsilites. I am eager to continue with the teaching, but are taking a rest for the next couple of days.

  14. Liz says:

    Gotta second those comments about excitement.

    I’ve listened to CD1 and as of last night had listened (several times) to the first 3 tracks on CD2. I woke up today with my spirit already bubbling. As I started listening to track 4, it felt like my spirit was bursting with excitement and expectation. It’s really hard to stop at one track per day — my spirit is ravenous for more.

    Who would have thought kidneys and adrenals were anything other than an essential mechanical part of our bodies? Who, in our souls, that is. I’m picturing our spirits being so excited because they’ve been waiting all their earthly lives for this. They’re thinking “FINALLY those obtuse souls are waking up to this piece of truth, and are giving us this “thing” (currently undefined) that we’ve been desperately needing.”

    Thank you, Arthur & Co., for your willingness to go after the wild and crazy things of the S/spirit! Our spirits especially thank you! I know the Spirit does, too!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      It is quite intriguing how much spiritual engagement there is on just the first CD! You haven’t even gotten to the heart of the teaching yet. Quite fascinating.

  15. Christine Vallins says:

    I live in Toronto and have ordered the set from the Canadian office, can’t wait for it to arrive in stock there. I’m currently off work, being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, and have had kidney/bladder issues since I was a child. I’m excited about this teaching and believe I will find some answers and breakthroughs for this condition. Thanks so much for putting this album together. Blessings, Christine.

  16. Tracy-Lee says:

    I can’t wait for my set of CD’s to arrive from Neill via the courier. Looking at my Interactive Spine chart, I can clearly see how a horseriding accident which fractured my T11 and T12 vertebrae has also compromised my kidney function. I look forward to the outworking of the blessings on these areas and will feed back any interesting info I have. Thanks so much for the hard work! Each teaching brings a fresh wave of revelation to the wonderful way in which our amazing God has knit us together!! I am certain that the PTSD set will land well in the South African context too.

    • Tracy-Lee says:

      An interesting development! The CD’s arrived and I started housecleaning (literally) on Saturday as I listened (I absorb better when I am physically engaged). I listened to CD1 and then went on to listen to only track 1 of CD2. Despite wanting to carry on, somehow I felt that I should stop right there and allow it to “settle in”. Sunday brought with it an entirely different box of tricks. I felt the most awful fear set in during the course of the day. It was overwhelming and oppressive. Toward evening, I contacted a number of friends to pray with and for me. By the time I went to bed it had gone and I slept so very well. I have never felt a fear so intense before and I wonder (knowing the link between the kidneys, fear and anxiety) whether this was a by-product of the first blessing and teaching. Mmm……

      • Arthur Burk says:

        Tracy-Lee, I suspect the fear you faced is part of an unresolved covenant in your line, which gave power to the enemy. We are profoundly baffled at what it is about this teaching that activates and flushes out old, hidden covenants, but whether we understand it or not, that seems to be what is happening all over.

  17. El-lizette says:

    I am so excited to get started with this teaching and will certainly share the outcome when I am done. But before I do, allow me to give glory to Our God, the Healer. My youngest daughter Ashton is a special needs child and was (among other things) born with 1 kidney. At about age 3 months she had her first major operation and prior to the op, a MR scan was performed on all the major organs. Still 1 kidney. At about 6 months the 2nd op and the same scan was performed, and there it was… a brand new 2nd kidney, fully functional and perfect in every way! You couldn’t miss it, God’s wonderful miracle. So as you would say Arthur – “Now that’s my God” !.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      El-lizette, that is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing that. I love the complete and total documentation before and after! God wins!!!

      • Arthur Burk says:

        Got a fun e-mail from Don. He was part of the Beta test group with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At the time, he was part of the 15% that felt no change. However, after being off work for ten years, he was able to do some volunteer work for three weeks recently, and felt none of the expected consequences of that energy expenditure.

        On the surface, it would suggest that he received a sustained change from listening to the clips, it just wasn’t as big an immediate bounce as other people experienced.

        I also talked to one lady who had been having relentless dreams for the last year or two, and within a few days of listening to the new album, they have stopped and she is sleeping more deeply. Exciting to be sure!

        The other thing we don’t know is what the impact will be over the longer term. In the Beta test, it was a mere 45 days or so. Lots of people with acute problems saw relief in that period of time, but what will happen if people do one clip a night for the next 90 days or even for six months? I will certainly be interested in the long term reports.

        • Amy says:

          Wonderful! I am very encouraged by these testimonies. Thank you. I have been pondering the way different people respond to ministry in long and short-term ways. I feel strengthened in my hope about some things through this comment. I will be interested to hear and report some longer-term results. I hope more glory stories come pouring in 🙂

  18. Kim says:

    I have listened to CD 1 and the first teaching on CD 2. I have had the strangest feelings about this teaching – all good, just unique and hard to put in words. I’m excited and hopeful, as others have written, to find new breakthroughs. I too feel this is a long time in the making. While I have not been officially diagnosed, I suffer with energy problems and sought many medical remedies that have fallen short. My mind is racing and am hoping this is the beginning of connecting some dots that will lead to more freedom. For example, when I was pregnant with my son 12 years ago, I had a terrible kidney infection two weeks before I delivered that landed me in the hospital for a week. Thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ and for being a brave trail blazer! I will keep in you the loop in what happens on my end.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Hah! YOU think it is hard to put into words!!!!! Think about my trying to word smith all these ideas into something intelligible!!!!

      • Kim says:

        That’s why I called you BRAVE! To the average Joe, this would sound craze, but I know it’s not. Blessings to you and your staff!

  19. Amy says:

    My feedback is that I am surprised at how EXCITED I am about this teaching. My spirit was soaring in celebration with you and your team over the release of the album when the newsletter came to my inbox. I am not feeling well enough to listen to it yet, but I am quite confident that my spirit, my hunger, and my curiosity will get the best of me sooner or later when the time is right and I will purchase it and let you know how it goes. My initial spirit-response to the release of it was something like “Oh Thank you Lord this is such a valuable/critical (I don’t seem to have the right word for it) album.” There is something intangible about it, but it is a feeling of victory. It feels like we’ve been fighting and laboring and now here it is! I was moved when I heard about your dedication ceremony too.I will attempt to provide more concrete feedback when able, but I sincerely hope that this comment is an encouragement nonetheless.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      That is really interesting Amy. It certainly has felt like it was quite a different product, but I seem to have a bag over my head because I can’t quite see what God, the devil and intercessors like you seem to know!!!!

  20. Bethany Thigpen says:

    I agree with Mary-Anne, I have been expectantly awaiting this teaching and my spirit is so hungry. Other revelations about different organs seem to be coming together, the ear being one- it has 3 main parts that combine into 7. Fractals are everywhere. I am on CD #3, SO EXCITED and I cannot wait for the new teaching on PTSD! Bless you and your team, new revelation is on the horizon!

    I will keep updating if things change.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Bethany, I agree. Fractals are everywhere and when we understand them through the Biblical grid, they shed so much light on our biology. We are now working on the 12 cranial nerves with special needs kids, tracing the dysfunctional nerve back, through the fractals, to the issues in their spirit that need to be repaired.

      • Bethany Thigpen says:

        I just got a postcard in the mail today from my chiropractor with all the cranial nerves and the parts of the body that they connect to. Would that be T1-T12? As RG prophet and a mental health social worker, I am overjoyed by this! My passion is schizophrenia, but I love neuroscience too. Autism and schizophrenia genetic wise are similar and both have to do with gray matter in the brain. Autism “overproduces” it and schizophrenia has “too little”. I could go on and on about what I have found, your teachings stimulate my spirit, I am tracking with you all the way. Someday I will get to that email I have attempted to write many times and share my insights. I am only 30 and its a little difficult to find others in Alabama who are in my age group that “get” the RG stuff 🙂

      • Mandy says:

        I have cranial nerve pain and also electrical shock throughout body and aching in muscles, which teaching should I look to? I too am in ministry and have had much precious prayer counseling that Ive been healed and blessed by. I do believe in “healing the whole man”, per say. Ive been to various docs and have tried the homeopathic route. I have dreamt about a python trying to kill me and also a leviathan. I am a really bubbly, loving person but this past year it has been like my bodys been under major stress/attack.
        Thank you for your time

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Mandy, we don’t have anything produced yet on the 12 cranial nerves. We are just beginning to explore it. However, I think “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts” would be a great place to start in understanding the fractal approach to healing.

  21. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    I have been waitng with huge expectation in my Spirit for the release of this teaching since I first heard about it. in spite of the health warning I have been devouring the teaching. It feels to me that my Spirit is hungry for the combination of new revelation combined with the Word.

    I have a sense that I will need to immerse my self in this teaching over and over to get the full value.

    I am also getting insight into stuff like the kidneys being more than just another organ. We understand that the brain thinks and the heart feels, but the concept that the Father owns and has purchased our kidneys and that they are not an inert piece of flesh like the calf muscle completely blows me away.

    It is as if this teaching is a culmination and catalyst for many other parts all coming togerther of many other teachings.

    I suspect that when I fully grasp the teaching it will prove to be the most life changing and revolutionary I have heard to date.

    Thank-you to you and your team who paid a high price in discomfort to get this teaching out.

  22. Ellie says:

    I do not have a website, but I would like to read or see the video of the teaching, please. Thanks.

  23. Susan says:

    I just downloaded the teaching and listened to the first CD. Since I found out recently that I am pregnant, I wonder if I should go ahead with listening to the blessings? I didn’t hear you mention any warning to pregnant women, but I am not sure if this will be harmful to the baby (or beneficial??). I’m thinking specifically of the detox effects. Do you have any suggestions? Or do you think I could take your advice on the CD and just go slowly making sure to take time to feel well before moving to the next blessing? Thanks Arthur.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Susan, congratulations,first of all. How special. I would listen to it gingerly and back off if you experience any signs of the detox being too much. Remember the violent reactions we got were with people who are very compromised. So if your body can tolerate it, it would be a wonderful thing for you and the baby.

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