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Bonjour! -From Genevieve :)

When I first arrived in California to work at Sapphire Leadership Group, my name was Leah, I was redemptive gift of Prophet, and I was beginning an internship in journalism before college. But that was almost three months ago.  A few … Continue reading

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Garden vs. Life

It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to share about my garden project here in California.  Thank you Arthur for that! It has been quite an interesting journey so far. The plan was to come to … Continue reading

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Today is the Day!

Birthing seems to be as messy in an R & D lab as it is with babies.  And since this one is triplets, it has an extra bit of drama. First up will be the album on PTSD.  It has … Continue reading

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PTSD, Fathering MRI, Paralysis, Internships and Australia

The Adrenals and Kidneys album has sold well and produced extreme results.  It is quite fascinating to read the reports of people whose spirit was exultant before even getting into the content and the people whose bodies got hammered from … Continue reading

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