PTSD, Fathering MRI, Paralysis, Internships and Australia

The Adrenals and Kidneys album has sold well and produced extreme results.  It is quite fascinating to read the reports of people whose spirit was exultant before even getting into the content and the people whose bodies got hammered from the teaching.

It is quite clear that the downside cannot possibly be simply a physical reaction to detoxing.  Something else is going on and it is quite spiritual, but who knows what?

We have completed the long awaited PTSD album and it is at Sandy’s for proofing . Dedication should be on Wednesday of next week.  It is a very different approach than what others are using, and I am looking forward to hearing reports from the field.  There are a lot of individual tools sprinkled in through the teaching that are just plain good for mental health overall, even if you have not had a trauma at an acute level.  I think this teaching might become one of our bread and butter items.

We also are closing in on the first of our training tools for the marketplace.  It is called “An MRI of Fathering.”  This is a quick way for employers to check out the type A father wounds in a prospective employee to determine whether they fit the job in question.

Everyone has type A wounds to some degree or another.  The question is whether the compensation for those deficits will hamper the applicant in the particular slot that is open.

So for example, a deficit in the toddler stage of development would not preclude someone from working in accounting, but would be horrible for a graphic artist.  And someone who was not nurtured in the fourth level of parenting could fit wonderfully in the R & D department as long as he stayed on the research side of the house.  Putting him on the development team could be pretty counter-productive.

We hope to release both of those toward the end of next week.

In the midst of all this, we had Lacy’s research take a wild left turn.  The original assignment was for her to research the basal ganglia (a part of the brain) to explore the calcification that takes place in Down Syndrome kids.

What is intriguing is that there was not a 1 to 1 correlation between the presence of calcification and the consequences of calcification.  Specifically, autopsies showed calcification present in a high percentage of kids who did not show some of the behavioral symptoms they should have.

That says to me that the human spirit was overriding the body some of the time.  And if it was doing so automatically, what could be done if we were to partner with the spirit and coach it what to do?

So with that small teaser, we went digging.

The one facet of the basal ganglia that captured me is that it seems to have veto rights over motion.  You get input from any one of your five senses and it goes to that portion of the brain that interprets the input.  From there, the message is sent to a decision making center that determines decisively that the data at hand calls for some action — whether it the motion of reaching for a hot brownie or pulling back from a hot stove.

Then that conclusion is routed through the basal ganglia which is not really a decision maker in the sense of processing broad data.  It simply gets a “go/no-go” voice in the matter.  And as near as we understand at present, even if another part of the brain says, “Yep, let’s do this,” if the basal ganglia is not in agreement, the motion does not take place.

To put it in blunt language, it appears that under certain conditions, the basal ganglia is capable of causing paralysis in a person.

This is quite consistent with the Mercy gift.  Remember that the basal ganglia mirrors Mercy in the fractal of seven in the brain.  Many times when the Mercy gift is in community and does not feel good about a situation but can’t explain why, they are highly disposed to just stop progress until the mystery concern is discovered and resolved.

So what?  How does this matter to Fred and Sally Jones in East Overshoe, Iowa?

Well, there are a couple of implications.

I thought of all the people who have had an encounter with the Holy Spirit where they have either been paralyzed in a sitting position for some time, or slain in the spirit.  It seems possible that the Spirit is using that mechanism in the basal ganglia to take away freedom of choice from the person for a short time.

Their mind may be fully cognizant of all that is happening, but the commands from mind to foot to move are simply blocked, possibly at the basal ganglia.

What went beyond intriguing to compelling is the fact that the same holds true for the demonic.  I have heard from time to time of people who woke up in the night completely paralyzed due to a demonic attack.  They could not even speak the name of Jesus, even though their mind was fully aware of the assault and was desperately willing them to do so.

Again, we wonder if the devil is able to co-opt the basal ganglia to create that temporary paralysis.  It usually begins to fade in minutes, and within half an hour, people have full control of their body again, but the sheer terror in the meantime while the demonic is there and they are powerless to move or speak is quite memorable — in a nasty sort of way.

I was with a small group of people recently at a pleasant social engagement, and somehow the topic turned to the basal ganglia.  As I described this, there was a sudden eruption of emotion in the room as most of those present immediately announced that THEY had suffered from this intermittent night time paralysis for years!

Clearly I had been ambushed by the Lord.  There was a ready and willing group of guinea pigs looking to me for a strategy.

Well, guess what?  I don’t have a strategy!!!


I have a couple other pressing fires to attend to early on in the week, but will be taking a long look at this concept soon.  What gives the enemy the legal right to paralyze the Mercy portion of the brain, so the host can be tormented?  It sure wasn’t on my To Do List, but it appears that the King of Mercy has it on His list.

Running in the background to the discipline of producing a new teaching and the drama of brain/spirit research was the fairly mundane task of developing the overview and application process for interns.

The first draft has been circulated to the board and received their critique and approval (with a few changes to raise the bar higher than I originally had placed it).  Now it goes to our team to find out if they see functional difficulties in the strategy.  Hopefully we will release it to the general public in next week’s newsletter.

We wonder if we will get one application a year or 100.  We’ve not done this before so it is a big question mark.

Finally there is the Australia office and website.  We were originally planning to open it months ago, and then weeks ago, and then yesterday, but it is still dragging on, almost right, but not quite.

When a project has difficulties we try to reason backward to the source and then try to figure out what it looks like to come in the opposite spirit.  And the specific question is whether this is the devil messing with us because we have low authority here, or whether the Lord is setting us up to earn extra authority in a specific area where it is needed.

Having pondered that question, my conclusion (tentatively) is that this is the Lord.

Australia is gift of Mercy.  A core part of the Mercy gift is having a complete ecosystem that is coherent throughout.  Obviously from the start of the European presence, the coherence and congruence of the social ecosystem has been a bit iffy.

Thus, it seems to me that we need to keep on plodding, work through every loose end until we have as clean a system as possible.  I know the materials are already there, sitting on the shelf, and Tony and Lois are chomping at the bit to start shipping.  However, I think the spiritual authority we earn by making the whole website package just a little better, a bit more complete, will be worth the delays.

Meanwhile, Megan is in Calgary having raised the bar in her own journey with a better presentation of her seminar on time than ever before.  She is feeling a good kind of tired tonight.

And my study on honor is still stuck.  I will look again tomorrow at the same package, trying to get to the root of what Jesus was intense about.  The Sunday School version of the story is so in my face, and that is so not what this whole event was about.  There has to be a way to get past my religious programming and see this from the point of view of Jesus, His Father and honor.

Copyright May 2013 by Arthur Burk

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27 Responses to PTSD, Fathering MRI, Paralysis, Internships and Australia

  1. Clif Petersen says:

    My wife and I have been studying/listening to the “Fractal of Two” album. Her physical responses have been extremely worthwhile. Years ago something nasty set up housekeeping in her colon and it appears to us the adrenals and kidneys were strongly affected. The healing she is experiencing is strongly affecting her colon.
    We are looking with great expectation for the latest release of understanding in your PTSD album.

  2. LaVonne says:

    Many years ago I had a couple experiences of being paralized. It was very frightening. I remember someone telling me to make the letter “J” for Jesus if I could’nt do anything else. Well
    I was not able to do that during those times. Once I did. I don’t seem to have any thing like that happening right now. But It’s real and it makes you feel horrible and afraid to tell it to many people.

  3. Barry Leisegang says:

    Arthur. Sign me up for the paralysis study, I had it for more than ten years and somehow I did beat it. It. Is needed to get to the bottom of this. Mine however was a complicated case and more than I can write in a few sentences. I am sure the similarities in the callings of those afflicted will be astounding.

  4. Beth says:

    Dear Arthur,
    I have had years of nightmares, times of feeling paralyzed and terrified from the demonic attack at night.I never knew what it was since I had been a strong Christian for many years and a Mercy gift. As I got counseling, healing, generational prayers and cleansing from trauma, PTSD and SRA, it has completely stopped. My lifetime of insomnia is gone and I am free! Now I am excitedly working on your Adrenals & Kidneys cds, expecting even more healing!

  5. ~AnnA~ says:

    I’m really glad that the Lord tricked you into the sleep paralysis topic. I think the timing is totally divine. It’s only happened once to me, but I know a couple people in particular who really struggle with it. I’ll definitely pass on what you discover to them!
    P.S. The birthright clips on Youtube are totally epic. The one on Elijah I have watched multiple times. I really resonate with that one.

  6. Daniel B says:

    Oh my gosh.

    I can’t believe somebody is finally talking about this, I thought it was just that me and my dad were crazy.

    We frequently paralyze before falling asleep and after sleeping before waking up.

    It is the weirdest thing, as if somebody is purposefully doing it to us.

    I sometimes have had demons come and torment me in those moment where I utterly try to move my limbs as my mind is active but I just for the life of me can’t.

    I always prayed about it and wanted to break through it but I never knew what to do.

    I will definitely listen to the PTSD album and let you guys know of any progress.

    (I have even have demons talking to me in those times terrifying me……….. at one point I was just afraid of going to sleep anymore)…

  7. Christie says:

    Took me quite a while to work out what redemptive gift applied to us Aussies. Finally worked it out by looking at our attitudes to social policies/politics. We are truly a defiled/immature mercy….by and large, as Australians, we expect the government to meet all of our needs and hate hearing the cold hard truth about reality. We don’t like having things put on us to grow. We’re all mothering and resistant to fathering. Government policies tend to penalise initiative and we throw money at the disenfranchised rather than assisting them to grow out of their problems. We take on way too many third party offences eg: we stopped cattle export to Indonesia because we didn’t like the way they treated our cows after we sold them and shipped them out of the country. More generally, we are fast to follow prophets (America) or rulers (Britain/China) regarding issues of war and international affairs because we are drawn to such a synergy. Additionally, we’re always trying to give people a fair go or a second chance and don’t like being the bad disciplinarians until it’s killing us. We’re soft on crime and often pardon it because the poor criminals just had a bad day etc… A recent mother’s day article was written from the perspective of a woman whose sons have been in gaol for rape for some time. The article was suggesting that the poor woman didn’t deserve to spend mother’s day visiting her sons in gaol despite the fact that her sons were guilty of horrific crimes against women. We are often encouraged to empathise with the criminals rather than the victims etc… Just a few examples for those who might be in doubt as to our Mercy gift. Sorry for painting such a bleak picture but it is all true. Having said all of that, the current GFC has assisted in our growth as a nation, causing us to question things more deeply and has opened up a broader split in politics whereby we’re not as easily conned by political platitudes. We’re finally starting to look for more long-term strategies rather than the cushy life we’ve grown accustomed to since the 1970’s.

    • Linda says:

      fascinating stuff – thanks for sharing! This is so interesting and thought provoking. Just working out how to work within the mercy gifting.

    • Linda says:

      I have a prophet gifting I think (which is also the gift of NZ) – which is why I sometimes struggle within the predominantly mercy culture & to understand it.

    • Linda says:

      I was also thinking giver because of the resources and hidden treasures in the ground (can also apply to the indigenous people of Australia) – don’t see the discussion of redemptive gift of Australia as ‘doubt’. As I understand it the culture of Plumbline/Sapphire has always been to throw around some half baked potatoes (they don’t hurt as much when you pitch them) 🙂 I’m looking forward to praying and exploring this all a bit more within the Sapphire community in Australia!!! 🙂

    • Neridda says:

      Don’t stop now! Where is the God stuff? What is your take on what Australia has to offer the world as a mercy nation?

      • Linda says:

        Hey Neridda 🙂 this is all which is quite a revelation
        to me – I’d trotted through giver, exhorter or servant). Being a
        prophet gift from a prophet country (NZ) and having lived in a ruler
        country (England), I have found settling here (5 years now) quite a
        challenge-even though I met and married a wonderful australian man!
        I’ve been really puzzled and frustrated by the culture at times. So
        getting that revelation really did something exciting in my spirit
        today and I found I was seeing things and the country through
        different eyes this week…. it has been a week of breakthrough… I need to think about what it means and how I can pray more into it?

        • Neridda says:

          Hi Linda, so glad that you have received some peace and breakthrough from this discussion! (I was actually meaning to address my comment to Christie as she seems to have put a fair bit of thought into the topic)
          It is so exciting to realise that there are so many ‘plumbliners’ downunder, I cant wait to see how God is going to use us all, each in a strategic position… did you know that it takes just 10% of the population to reach ‘tipping point’ and start a movement to transform the culture?! I know God has awesome stuff in store for this country, perhaps you could pray that we will be ready when our time comes?

  8. Linda says:

    fascinating to hear about Australia – I am a New Zealander (prophet nation) living in a major city and been trying to work out the gifting for a while….

    • Linda says:

      I am living in a large Australian city which I think might be a teacher city – sorry should have been clearer. Exciting to hear about the Australian office!!! The mercy would make sense in that Australia has been very welcoming to immigrants (there are still issues of course) – but not so much to it’s indigenous inhabitants….Mind you its current treatment of asylum seekers is very harsh. I wouldn’t have picked mercy either – but interesting to hear your thoughts. I remember talking with someone about how Australia is a kind of launching pad or platform for taking talent to the world (e.g NZers who go via Australia end up having more success internationally in entertainment or business links). So I would have thought maybe exhorter or servant…. hmmm

      • Neridda says:

        Dear Linda, one of the dead give aways for the gift of our nation is the values of our culture. Have you noticed that there is really only one ‘unpardonable sin’ in Australian culture? Pretty much anything is tolerated here except intolerance…
        from an Aussie, also living in a teacher city 🙂

        • Linda says:

          Hey thanks Neridda – I am in Melbourne (lots of medical research & teaching/educational institutions, also a more open-minded culture – sometimes to the city’s detriment). Glad to know there are some others around too. So exciting – I first connected with SLG/Plumbline when I was living in the UK. 🙂
          Are we in the same teacher city?

          • Neridda says:

            sorry to disappoint, would have been cool to be in the same city! I haven’t researched Melbourne’s gift at all, but my first guess would have actually been exhorter… I’d love to have the time to sit down and research the gifts of all our capital cities! Any one out there already done the hard yards and want to share?

            • Linda says:

              exhorter – yes! that makes sense too – hmmm so many things to factor in

  9. Darla Rennick says:

    Megan’s Seminar on being Anchored in Time was fantastic! The building/land at Ellel was so peaceful & ‘clean’. Megan did a great job and gave us much to ingest and work on. Looking forward to the application & fruit of her seminar. I am so grateful that she came and released great blessing.

  10. Barry says:

    Good to hear the updates at SLG! I was hoping to hear a bit on the mothering MRI today j/k :@) Mother’s Day is not celebrated in most countries of the world today so it makes solid sense.

  11. Stephan says:

    Always great to read about what’s happening in SLG. I’ve just started on the Fractal of Two myself. Though, at only day 2, I don’t have much to report other than a great anticipation in my spirit.

    I am surprised however to hear you describe Australia as Mercy. I always thought that it was a Servant nation and continent.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Stephan, the beginning of the European presence there was marked by a lot of victimization through the penal colony. However, when you roll history back and look at the First Nations, you will see the Mercy gift. And when you explore the bigger picture of the things Australia has done well or the fabric of the Aussie culture, Mercy again is present.

      I would offer you this project. Find a half a dozen people in your world who are Mercy and a half a dozen who are Servant. Note the similarities between the two tribes, but then drill down on the unique distinctions in how they think, worship and work. It could be helpful across the board in your relationships with both groups.

      • Stephan says:

        I understand that there was a great deal of initial victimisation when Europeans started to arrive on Australia. That was not, however, why I considered them a Servant nation.

        The reason I thought they were a servant nation, was primarily because recently, whenever I heard about an Australian, or Australian city, it was with regards to general hospitality and fine cuisine. As a continent, they also seem to be home to a staggering number of the world’s most poisonous animals. (8/10 of the world’s most poisonous snakes, several of the most poisonous spiders as well as the Boxed Jellyfish, arguably the most poisonous creature on Earth ) And, I guess it just made sense to me that it would be a Servant community that would thrive in a country known for it’s poisonous creatures, with the Servant’s authority over cleansing toxic places without becoming personally affected.

        But, as you suggest, I’ll look at some of the Servants and Mercies in my life and try to understand the finer nuances between them. Perhaps there is something I’m missing.

        • Anthony Sutherland says:

          Stephan, I don’t have a great deal of experience with this but if we in Australia are viewed as being ” unhealed” in the out working of our gifting then we present an attitude of entitlement and pacivity or apathy in adversity with a tendency to jealousy driven rejection of others.
          With sufficient pressure a mercy will either abdicate or grow (if they are shown a clear path). They detest indecision on the part of others, especially those in authority and favour strong leaders, prophets or apostles. This is not as bad as it sounds as I believe Father is challenging our nation to step up to the current challenge and grow.
          I believe that our nation has the capacity to walk fully in our gifting and have great input as Mercy into building the gifted ness of other nations.

  12. Roxanna from Colorad says:

    A thought on the adrenals and kidneys and the spiritual side of the “detoxing process” – this teaching is bringing the kidneys and adrenals back into a position the LORD originally created them to be in that will enhance the entire spiritual aspect of the person. Therefore, there will be much push back and warring from the enemy who definitely does not want to be exposed in this area nor give back to the kidneys and adrenals their designed position.
    Also, you are so right in waiting with the Australian office and website. There is one small piece that yet needs to drop into place. A piece so small it is easily overlooked.
    As you work on the honor study, don’t look through your religious programming, look around it. As I read your email, in my spirit I “saw” you looking straight at a being (religious programming) and then you stepped close enough that you could stand in front of the being and look around behind it to see what God had there for you to find.
    I hope and pray this somehow helps.

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