Today is the Day!

Birthing seems to be as messy in an R & D lab as it is with babies.  And since this one is triplets, it has an extra bit of drama.

First up will be the album on PTSD.  It has been an interesting process to go from a superficial understanding of the symptoms to digging deep into spiritual, cultural and neurological roots of the problem.  What we found was a very different picture from the cultural stereotype.

Then we built it back out into a strategy for mental health that is much broader than simply PTSD for veterans.  This album has both a solid track for dealing with the core issue of war trauma and a huge grab bag of tools anyone can use at home for a brain that does not always think the thoughts you want it to think.

It has been fun recording this considering the awful battles I used to have with depression.  I had no idea I had picked up so many useful tools over the years until I wove them all together.  It was also quite gratifying to see how many years it has been since I had to fight that fight.

Other than the redemptive gifts (since everyone has one), I don’t think I have released anything with the universal appeal that this teaching has (since we all have a mind/brain and they are all predisposed to be a source of irritation to us at times).

This one will be first up.  Gabi has hundreds of albums on the shelf, ready to go.  Megan should get the store page built by mid morning and the download page built before noon.  We always enjoy watching the first sale, wondering where in the world it might come from.

Right on the heels of that one is “An MRI of Fathering.”  It is the first of our expected series for leaders.  What surprised me as the notes came together was how one or more core passions stepped in front of the other.

This is, of course, obviously about fathering in the marketplace (and at home).  And this is a passion of mine.  No question.  I have a lot to say on the subject.

But another passion that runs deep is giving the gift of dignity.  And I found that this set was heavily tilted toward showing the HR director where imperfect people could fit in a company.

At the end of the day, everyone has Type A father wounds.  Everyone.  None of our parents evenly fathered us in all areas.  So depending on which wound you have, you are not suitable for certain applications, but in most cases, there are specific areas where someone with a pretty bad deficit in one area or another can still thrive.

I used my own major deficits at level four and six to demonstrate how it is possible to do a workaround and thrive, simply by positioning myself in certain areas and not in others.

Most people will learn a lot about themselves listening to this set, and will be able to see how their spirit and the Holy Spirit have been gently nudging them toward workable slots over the years.

The gift of dignity.  It is actually the theme that ties the two albums together, because few things rob you of dignity as quickly as a runaway mind.  When you have the tools to bring your thoughts into submission, that restores hope and dignity in a large way.

So Megan is the ball carrier today.  All the rest of the team will be running interference for her.  We expect to have both of those albums live by noon.  The cut off for shipping today is orders placed by 2:30 p.m.

Then she will turn to the face of the website.  Hanna made some new pretties last week before leaving on her well deserved mini-retreat with a mighty woman of God.  Tim has been working away this week writing code for the rotators.  But at the end of the day, Megan has to put it all together and make it work.

Then she needs to do final formatting on the new Internship policy, load that onto the back panel and put the appropriate link on the home page.

Each step of the way, she will notify the team of another completion and we will cheer her on.  We work really hard around here, but I’ll tell you what!  We’re not half bad at parties either — big, little, spontaneous and planned.

In the early afternoon she will take another pass at the Australian office website.  Sandy has done her usual masterful job of finding missing letters and pixels and almost all of those got cleaned up yesterday, but there are a couple more tweaks on the table.

We are awaiting a late afternoon phone call from Lois to nail down the shipping structure.  That one has been a challenge.  Australia just raised their rates about 30% across the board, and we are squirming and wiggling within that reality to find the most cost effective way of delivering products.

Depending on what Megan and Lois hammer out late afternoon, we may or may not launch the Aussie site today.  That would be our third birth, if it happens.  It might get rolled over to next week.

That leaves a ridiculously small hole in the afternoon for Megan to build the newsletter.  This has become an increasingly costly endeavor and e-mail platforms have diversified.  We are faced with a tradeoff between pretty and universal.

The form we use is designed to be readable on all computer platforms, whether you use Outlook, read it on the web, download it to your desktop or whatever.  That severely cramps our style however, and we are addicted to style.

Yes, no matter how we configure it, there are always people who can’t click on the extra link, or who don’t go to our website to get the one posted there.  Aggravating.  Between people who don’t follow directions, technologists who take pride in making things that won’t shake hands with anyone else’s program in the world, and our love of elegant configurations, the newsletters are not much of a source of joy around here.

Regardless, we have the character to grind when we can’t soar and Megan grinds with the best.

And, hopefully, around 4:30 this evening she will hit the go button and tell the world we have some new goodies.

Meanwhile, watch the comments here for the real time progression throughout the day.

Copyright May 2013 by Arthur Burk

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29 Responses to Today is the Day!

  1. Barry says:

    I know you are gaining traction and producing what you have dreamed of. I know that what you and Paul Cox do are going to be very awesome tools in the coming days. I am very excited for you. Also check out the book The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeely he is one of the pastors I work with and the first book birthed out of our community of faith. We all work regular jobs AND lead a Church community where everyone is a minister and where prodigals and unchurched can find a place of freedom. Thank you for being there you have been a great source of encouragement to me. I will give feedback on the materials.

    Pastor Barry Leisegang

  2. Jenny Svetec says:

    Hurray! Canada loves you! Just downloading PTSD and MRI with great anticipation. We are really enjoying the Adrenal series with all kinds of extraordinary results! Day 12 of 45. Love all the movement forward that these teachings are providing, some we can cooperate with mental assent, and others, with just a sure witness in our spirit. What a marvelous Father we have, always bringing good gifts to His kids, and especially today, through you and your team’s faithful hands and hearts! God bless you from Ontario Canada!!!!

  3. Diane says:

    I am really looking forward to being at Megan’s conference this weekend. Especially after all of this that has been shared with us today. It’s like my spirit is saying ‘Yah’ team we knew the wait would be worth it.

  4. God is Good says:

    Being an Aussie … Is the only option to go electronic online for this product?
    All the best with the Aussie connection!
    I declare Australian Favour with the Australian connection in the Name of Jesus! Blessings.

  5. I appreciate the information you pass on to us! Look forward to reading more. And I watch the videos online too! Thanks for all the work you do! It is very helpful to me!

  6. Narola Grady says:

    Always good to get the “slice of life” reports from SLG. I love seeing God’s fingerprints throughout each day.

  7. You work like a PROPHET, with the sensitivity of a SERVANT, the quality of a TEACHER party like EXHORTER, go wide with variety like a GIVER with the order of RULER, bring it together like a MERCY. All with the end goal to present gifts to the King of Kings! My heart beats have been raised in excitement and joy!!!!

  8. Dayle says:

    So much excitement and anticipation. Like waiting to unwrap a present at Christmas. To you and your team who have invested so much work into this to bring it to us, you have our blessings and thanks.

  9. Dayle Hooker says:

    Counting down the hours. We so appreciate you and your team and you have our blessings and thanks for the work that you all have invested into this. It is like Christmas today – so much anticipation for the gift about to be unwrapped.

  10. Pat says:

    I’m exhausted just reading this. I love to “see” your team in action. Will Megan be bringing product to NorCal this weekend?

  11. ruthiespage says:

    Watching with anticipation!!!

  12. Pearlann says:

    Hurrah!! Just in time for Father’s Day!

  13. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting such exciting messages from The SLG, us people out here really appreciate the annointing you guy have for logistics. But we also know that a lot of stuff doesn’t just come easy and needs time, commitment and a lot of old fashioned perseverance to make it into sound-bites for us to ingest deep into our Spirits. THANK-YOU for giving me the tools to be the best me i can be!

  14. Chris Tyler says:

    I’m very excited about your PTSD album. As a social worker to homeless veterans with a pastoral heart/education and a prophetic wiring I’ve been looking at the spiritual components of PTSD for at least the past 4 years. I’d love to hear your insights on the topic.

  15. Roslyn says:

    Love the grinding. Love the soaring. Love the example of lives lived with transparency. Nothing is perfect yet we keep on keeping on and because He ever shows us the Way, we get where we are going. Thanks for the living examples.

  16. Jana says:

    Cheering for you from my spot in South Africa!!

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