Bonjour! -From Genevieve :)

When I first arrived in California to work at Sapphire Leadership Group, my name was Leah, I was redemptive gift of Prophet, and I was beginning an internship in journalism IMG_0729before college.

But that was almost three months ago.  A few other factors besides the glorious palm trees and never-ending stretch of city have changed that other person in remarkable ways.

After a few weeks work, I transitioned into Ruler, but soon the rather disorganized social butterfly that I am began to break out of its cocoon and fly into an entirely new territory of personality.  My knack and passion for fathering others and the friends I had acquired within a few weeks of being here became a major question mark, along with the fact that my systems seemed to be a bit faulty, and this is just one example of the misfit puzzle pieces.

The Exhorter characteristics had been sitting on the back burner and bubbling profusely for quite some time, but now they began to steam and overflow until the situation was completely unavoidable.  A new awakening had emerged–and it was unfathomably freeing.

Those changes were completely beyond my imagination.  That’s why it is time to introduce people to a very different person.

As God inscribed to me many, many years ago, “My Dear Daughter, I have created you to be a bright, joyful, and beautiful girl for all to see.”

Until just recently, I never realized just how important and overwhelmingly relevant those words were.

My new name is Genevieve, which was my middle name beforehand.  Meaning “lady of the people,” its honor has been passed down for multiple generations within my family, but I feel that it has much larger implications to my personality besides the sentimentality.

Even though my redemptive gift of Exhortation was not discovered until May 2nd of this year, I have been thriving in the mega-Exhorter community of California.  Land in general has always been a major part of my life, but the way I responded to this new home and environment has been quite fascinating.  From the get-go, Huntington Beach has been an absolute fantasy world to my spirit, especially for fulfilling my motion anointing.  I tried walking, running, biking and swimming in many other areas, but I soon learned that they were not feeding my soft spot nearly as much as the Exhorter community of Huntington was.

My hobbies and interests are scattered all over the place, and connecting the dots requires building a much larger lifestyle frame.  As a seventeen-year-old, the confusion of trying to decide on a college career has left me reeling, and the guidance for that decision has been left up to God.  Pursuing journalism has taken a step back, along with biology, my second major.

I was raised in a homeschooling Christian family, but my parents didn’t keep us home to shelter us from the world; rather, we homeschooled for excellence.  As a matter of fact, they made sure that my brother and I had ample opportunity to see the world for what it was.  By the age of twelve, I had already played a variety of sports: I was on a swim team, played basketball and softball, took jazz dance lessons along with gymnastics, practiced martial arts competitively, skied on both water and snow teams, survived eight years of soccer, and even tried tennis.

Another portion of my motion anointing lies in horseback riding.  Horses have been a passion for years, and I left three of them for my family to take care of.  Sonnet is the one I 562617_128356690690684_1628850861_nwould refer to as my best friend, a 10-year-old American Quarter Horse rescue, pictured here with me on the left side of this page.  It seems as though my fathering skills overflow into the field of horse training.  For years I have avidly ridden at practically every barn in the Boston area, which is where I grew up.

Eventually, due to many injuries and physical restrictions, my sports career spiraled downward a bit.  Instead, the academic expectations of the over-achieving Prophet community of Massachusetts took over a bit, and the time originally spent obsessing over sports turned into a boatload of homework.  But even in my junior and senior years of High School, I stayed in with the athletic as well as social game: earning my place as swim team Captain, being Vice President of a Venture Crew Troop, riding and competing on the International Equestrian Association team, and volunteering at a local Senior Center.

I was in a world of people, and thriving.

And I will be living in a world filled with people for a long time, following my spirit and the path God has carved out for me.  Luckily, my journey of discovery is made lighter by Arthur Burk, who has chosen to invest lots of time and effort to build a platform under me.  I am so thankful for my time with Sapphire Leadership Group, and I savor the amazing tools and gifts I have acquired so far–and to think that it’s only the beginning!

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10 Responses to Bonjour! -From Genevieve :)

  1. Grace says:

    I knew as soon as I saw an emoticon in the title that this post was NOT written by Arthur! 😉
    Welcome, Genevieve, and blessings on your new ventures.

  2. Victoria Kayser says:

    Amazing and blessed girl!

  3. It sounds like you are bringing a lot of treasure to the family!

  4. eva says:

    I just love it!

  5. Holt says:

    Genevieve, fun report of your journey! we are definitely celebrating with you! and have great expectations of hearing the next chapters of your discovery process. Happy treasure hunting!

  6. Noeleen says:

    Hello Genevieve. It’s lovely to meet you! There seems to be such bright and sparkling life about you in this description of yourself. What a gift to the world you are!

  7. Theresa Beck says:

    Thank you Genevieve and Arthur Burke.You have opened my world so much and I am almost 67 years old.You have given me a frame for the way I am and a new horizon to shoot for.Also these PTSD revelations have helped me and to help some friends.I am in ministry with kids and these are great tools for abused children.Keep up the good work

  8. Ellen Cooke says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey….one in which we all can identify with in many ways. I pray continued anointing and favor, blessing, honor and grace as you continue on your path!

  9. lois says:

    i so enjoyed this post, genevieve! the way you found language for all that has been going on. thank you for introducing yourself and openly sharing your life with us in this way.

  10. Linda says:

    all the best Genevieve – I love how you are discovering your redemptive gift at a relatively young age! I THINK I’m redemptive gift of prophet but at 40 years not really sure… anyway have fun with your internship as you work out and walk out your birthright…

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