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Ten Things I Learned from Dad

1.     Move the ball.  Always. We lived in Quatipuru from 1964 to 1969.  It was a small farming/fishing town of less than 2,000 people, 20 miles up the eponymous river from the Atlantic coast.  There was a dirt road connecting it … Continue reading

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Incomplete Perspective

When I was a young pastor, a wise man cautioned me about not doing any marriage counseling with just one person.  He told me, “Marriage issues are like the Pentagon.  Every story has five sides.” True enough. Stepping out of … Continue reading

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Mugging Decoded

Thanks so much for your prayers about the city with the extreme devouring.  God has provided about two clues a day, and we now have some insight. The Lord of Precise Timing had a friend call me about defiled land … Continue reading

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Getting Mugged — Again.

It seemed so ordinary at the time. I was driving from here to there to meet with some purported visionaries who needed some perspective. I had one of my trusted intercessors along for the evening. It was nothing I had … Continue reading

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A Strange Bubble

I have been out of the office working on a special assignment for a couple of weeks. I had limited Internet access and limited time, so the team at the home office has been covering the bases for me. While … Continue reading

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