A Strange Bubble

I have been out of the office working on a special assignment for a couple of weeks. I had limited Internet access and limited time, so the team at the home office has been covering the bases for me.

While I was gone, the underground high voltage line feeding the transformers in our complex went out, resulting in no electricity for a couple of days, some drama with computers and other side effects. The city came in with a couple of temporary poles and got us power again.

However, they now have to do the major repair which means digging up the asphalt across the parking lot, all the way to the power pole so they can run new conduit and pull new wire. They marked the underground utilities, saw cut the asphalt and then today began the process of trenching with a back hoe.

We pondered at the morning team meeting how to go forward with the day’s plans. The short version is that Gabi uploaded the last YouTube clip today which means we had scheduled the morning for more video taping. She is leaving tomorrow for a stint in Europe, and the plan was for her to take the edited clips with her so she can keep posting them twice a week going forward.

We have all kinds of wiggle room. The simplest thing is just to wait until next week to record when all the racket is over and leave you without new clips. That is not a big tragedy, but we prefer to find solutions not excuses.

We decided to make an attempt at recording just to see. I doubted it would be viable since they were working the front part of the parking lot, right outside our door, closest to our studio. And we have continual problems with normal street noise intruding.

As you know from the pictures, we have no sophisticated sound buffered environment — just an open work station — so we have to be keenly sensitive to the outside environment when we choose to record. Thus the sound of a backhoe breaking up asphalt, lifting up chunks and dropping them in the back of the dump truck did not seem viable.

Nonetheless, Megan set up the camera, I brought my notes. we recorded a session and it seemed acceptable. We kept going.

Half way through we took a break and I walked to the back of the building. To my surprise, the sound of the backhoe was reverberating through the warehouse even though it was the furthest away from where the action is. I went up front and it was quiet again. I opened the front door and the noise was impossibly loud. When I closed our non-weather stripped door, things were quiet again.

Clearly God created some sort of sound bubble for us today that we have not had before. Such a special gift.

Gabi is pushing hard right now to edit all nine clips, get them encoded and copied onto her laptop so she can keep the rhythm going while she is gone. Looks like she should pull it off by the end of the day.

YouTube forced one of those infamous “updates” on us that has completely changed the format of the landing page. I don’t like it at all, but it is what it is. Megan thinks she can make it a bit more user friendly in a few days when we can allocate some time for such trivia.

Meanwhile, she has some definite favorites among the ones we recorded today. She got blindsided by Gehazi’s story. I thought it was pretty good myself.

We have started the production countdown for our new album, the mysterious “AHS.” The targeted release date is July 23rd. I think that this very new teaching will be as much a paradigm buster as the teaching on the Mercy season or the teaching on the human spirit. And there are three more albums lined up after that. We hope to release one a month, around the same time each month.

Genevieve is gone to Massachusetts for her graduation parties. She will be back next Sunday. Megan will take Gabi to LAX first thing tomorrow morning, for her flight to JFK and then on to Zurich. She will be getting some graphic design training from Hanna, as well as starting the research necessary to buy equipment and albums in Austria or Germany for when we open the Austrian office later on this year.

And in the midst of all that low grade activity, God chose to create a sound bubble that I have never experienced before so there would not be a break in the action with the Birthright videos.

Odd. It is such a low priority here it never would have occurred to me to ask God for any intervention at all. The wire got old and damaged. Pretty ordinary stuff of life. The construction crew has to do what they have to do. Pretty ordinary stuff of life. We have lots of ways to juggle the recording and posting schedule. All in a day’s work here. Plans change.

But for some reason, the God Who Has A Bigger Perspective decided it was miracle time — so we didn’t have to juggle.

Go figure.

Copyright June 2013 by Arthur Burk

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13 Responses to A Strange Bubble

  1. eva says:

    Rereading these comments again today is a blessing for me, as I wait in His presence to see what He will do next. I had to ask myself to calm down this morning as I was spending time in His presence because I feel the breaktrhough so strongly. He is awesome

  2. Julian F. says:

    I wonder if that “power upgrade” is indeed,… a power upgrade. And more of God’s presence [power] is a deeper depth of stillness for a new season…

  3. Just showing up for you in unexpected ways because He loves you!

  4. Rosa says:

    Very cool, I love it.

  5. Pat says:


  6. Victoria Kayser says:

    I love how Our Father is always at work not only in our lives but all over the world, at all times, for all time. Too much to fathom. But true.

  7. eva says:

    He is just that king of Abba Father, He cres for His in ways that we least expect. I had a friend down south would say God serves us when we were not even thinkng about serving Him. Now that we are serving Him, His faithfulness is just astounding to me. I LOVE HIM, unfortunately, I can never find the words that are adequate to say how much I am in Love with My Daddy.

  8. Zuzka says:

    I love that – “It’s Miracle Time” – What if that became part of the pretty ‘ordinary’ stuff of life? Reminds me of Luke 13:10-17 where Jesus heals on the Sabbath. Man, I’d take a miraculous healing ANY day, who cares when it is? But the religious leaders said no no no, there are 6 other days in the week, come back another time and get your healing. So… were there healings happening ordinarily on those 6 other days that one could make such a comment? If so, WOW! Haha.

  9. This message blessed me today – thank you. Glad to finally grasp that in the heat of problems Father shows His wondrous ‘outcome’. Praying for you guys – please pray for me that I may also recognise small miracles in the ordinary stuff. Blessings!!!

  10. ruthann777 says:

    Sound bubble, that is just an amazing sign and wonder. Even though this testimony is about God doing something wonderful and unrequested, it also makes me think about how I never even thought to ask God to do things for me like that. I bet He totally would, if only I ask, and since He as a loving Father with no limits why wouldn’t He sometimes do something miraculous to help me? In fact, I wonder how often He does amazing things that I do not even notice? This really has me thinking….. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bethany T says:

    Love those kinds of days. It shows you just how much he loves you, something simple Yet so profound. That’s the kind of God we serve..I love to see his fingerprints and details all over the projects.. Can’t wait for the new album!!

  12. Jim Alseth says:

    Beautiful. I love celebrating the glory stories!

  13. Zack G. says:

    Hi Arthur, that is fascinating to hear!
    Having grown up in a family culture where the happenings of life are regarded as something akin to immutable chinks in the pavement, it’s amazing to see God at work, demonstrating His love in a small, seemingly insignificant area like this, where life is inconvenient but not especially dramatically painful. In a way, it’s a rather awe inspiring picture of how much He values us, even the small things in our lives.

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