Mugging Decoded

Thanks so much for your prayers about the city with the extreme devouring.  God has provided about two clues a day, and we now have some insight.

The Lord of Precise Timing had a friend call me about defiled land in her church.  They had been having problems there for months, but suddenly this week, she asked for help.

When I listened to the story, it became clear that the operative word was distortion.  There was a portal in the room which was quite defined.  When someone stepped into the portal even their vision became distorted.  And leaders who did activities in the room became alienated from their peers and their supervisors as small issues became distorted.

So knowing that we had a portal was a big key.  Clearly in the city of _______________ there was a VERY large portal that had body slammed us when we went through there last year and was hammering the businessmen who were doing a small job there.

However, defiled portals are not the cause — they are the effect.  Some human, somewhere, did something that empowered the demonic.  This was the riddle.  My first reaction was that I might have to go to my friend’s church and visit the room to see if I could discern the problem.  That would be so much easier than visiting the city when I did not know where the portal might be.

But the Lord of Precise Timing was out ahead of me.  I had been carrying around a list of verses related to someone else’s situation for about a month.  I simply had not been able to engage with those verses in all the other pockets of time I normally would have used.  As I mulled over the list, God drew my attention to the Valley of Hinnom and its association with child sacrifice.

Then the Lord of the Archives dipped into my memory banks of literature and pulled up a story about land which caused distortion in people’s bodies, world view and their social interactions.  The author was a famous child molester.

By this time I was at the airport headed home from my retreat.  I shot off a quick e-mail to Lacy, my lead researcher, giving her the name of the city and asking her to check the stats on child molestation, criminal domestic violence and divorce.

By the next day she fired back the report:  that area was 200 to 300% higher in all three categories than the rest of the state.

So our current model says that a certain kind of portal gets turbocharged by child molestation resulting in distortion of communication among the adult leaders.

With this streamlined paradigm, I will coach my friend on dealing with the portal in her church.  She has a good team of intercessors and they come to work with brass knuckles on.  They will address the issue of the children from the beginning of time to the present on that land, running the gamut from full on human sacrifice to simple neglect or abandonment.

Many in the team have discernment so while they will start out with a mine sweeper approach, going after everything in that range, I am quite certain that they will swiftly ascertain where the core issues are and be able to obliterate the devil’s right to the land with their precision and their power.

That land is so defiled that there is immediate visual distortion when someone steps into the core of the portal, so it will be easy for them to tell whether they have made significant progress.  The proof, of course, will be over the long run.

Now, far be it from me to leave anything that simple.  Let’s muddy up the waters a bit with some additional layers.

First there is the issue of the redemptive gift.  The land in Scripture, the city of ________, and the city where the church is are all Teacher land.  We have not dealt with this kind of portal before so don’t have any basis of comparison that is objective and international, but I trust the way God brings things to my attention.

I doubt that all of the portals of this kind are in Teacher land, but it certainly suggests that either there is a propensity for this portal in Teacher land, or that the sin of child molestation on Teacher land has a larger impact than elsewhere.  I have no way to prove that at present, but it will sit there in the open file to see what God brings along the way in the future.

If it is a Teacher issue, then we could go a couple of directions.  First would be the principle of responsibility.  It is fairly universally agreed upon that adults exist to protect children when they are young and vulnerable and much more child molestation takes place in the context of a trusted relationship than through kidnapping by strangers.  One could certainly argue that the violation of the Principle of Responsibility in a Teacher city would be an extraordinary offense to God.

Another angle to this would be the religious spirit.  In the city of ______________ there is a massive religious presence, both as churches and other Christian institutions.  And my friend attends one of two congregations that are using that church building, in a city that is loaded with Christian presence of every flavor.

Is there something particularly offensive to God or empowering to the devil when the salt is not salty? How can there be 300% more child molestation in a community that is massively Christian in their external labeling?  Something is not right with this picture.  Unfortunately, it is more and more common that systemic molestation is done in the context of many streams of the faith.

Let’s flip the equation.  If child molestation is negative bazillions, then the lack of sexual violations in the children would constitute zero.  Not very dangerous.  What would plus eighty look like for this congregation? What behaviors would they have to embrace as individuals, to have high authority in this matter?

Not sure.  I have not chewed on this one before.  Humor me as I think on paper here.

-Teaching the kids to protect their own sexuality as they get older would be good, but that seems pretty feeble.  Give it a plus three.

-Looking beyond sexuality we have the Principle of Responsibility.  Protection strikes me as very low level responsibility.  It seems to me that unpacking the kids would be a much higher flavor of responsibility.  So for the whole church to have an ethos of looking for design and unpacking it would move them a bit higher.

-So if we drill down in this vein, I would think that unpacking a person’s spirit would be so much more powerful than the soul or the body.  So let’s see.  Instead of making children’s ministry (the activity in this room of the church) an exercise in mastering the basic stories of Scripture, what if it were a workshop designed to find out the redemptive gifts and niche anointings of each child and to coach the kids in how to use the unique design of their spirit in the world around them.

-In fact, we could erase the line between the secular and sacred.  What if the church time for the kids was a strategy session for how they walk in the design of their spirit at school during the week?  Now that would be a program I could get excited about.  We are well above plus three here.

-Whoa, Arthur.  Reel this back in.  You just got sucked into designing yet another facet of humanistic Christianity.  It can’t be all about kids, as important as they are. The Principle of Responsibility finds its highest fulfillment in man’s relationship with God.

Think Arthur, think!  You are running a children’s program in a church.  You want to drive the Principle of Responsibility to the highest level.  That means something to do with the kids’ spirits and the Most High God.  Leave the computer and go lie down on the couch so you can think properly.  How hard can this be?

(Two minutes later).  Duh!  Piece of cake.  Why do I have to make things so complicated?

In the Garden of Eden, the devil lied about the nature of God and world history was forever changed.  I still maintain that very few people ever reject Christ.  They reject the caricature of Christ that religion and the devil produce.  If they knew God as He really is, how could they make the choices they do?

So, our new high octane children’s ministry revolves around teaching the kids to know God. We can certainly include the familiar Bible stories, but instead of it being all about David and Goliath, the focus is on the nature of God that is revealed in that story.  We can certainly include some teaching about the redemptive gifts and niche anointings in the kids’ spirits, but it would be from the perspective of their seeing the nature of God in themselves.

We can even do the practicum of invading the school system with God’s kids, but the objective would be for each child to understand how they are a reflection of God in their redemptive gift, and how they are designed to communicate the grandeur of God in the class and on the play ground.

Children’s ministry would begin with a debrief session as each Noble Subject gets to share how many opportunities they had this week to reveal the nature of God to someone non-verbally, and then verbally.  They could also strategize how to reach the hard cases with the particular flavor of the nature of God that they know.

Crafts time could involve making creative displays of the new names of God that they discovered during the week.

I think we are looking pretty good here in terms of high authority in the Principle of Responsibility.  I don’t think the devil will want to be hanging around this portal very much.

Of course this really needs to be walked out in the whole church.  The pastor needs to intensely redirect the congregation into a lifestyle of discovering new facets of the nature of God and sharing with others.  Every conversation between members would begin with the question, “Did you see something new and did you show a preChristian some truth about the nature of God this week?”

Only after the accountability question is out of the way do you discuss other stuff.

Adult Bible studies would be focused strategy sessions on seeing God and helping others see Him.  It would be a little awkward at first, like riding a unicycle when you are used to driving a car, but I’ll bet it could become a church-wide addiction in about six months.

I suspect it would become a powerful repellent to the religious spirit.  Might even cause a church split in the first six months as the religious tribe can’t deal with the social pressure to celebrate the Infinitely Mysterious and Unfathomable God.  Religion is much safer than The Lord of Ambushes.

Ah, but think of it two years out!  Can you imagine a congregation that set aside two full years in all of their services, all of their off-site events, all of the homes, to get to know The God Who Aches to Be Known?

I could get excited about going to that church!

Copyright June 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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15 Responses to Mugging Decoded

  1. Beth says:

    This has been a HUGE “ping” for me this past week. HUGE.

    I have been speaking out against abuse in some religious circles for the past few years, and have lost most of my family (in the sense of shunning and misunderstanding and anger). The religious spirit is STRONG and resisting firmly.
    I feel like I am surrounded by a distortion field. People who reject the Holy Spirit and defend abusers literally take my words the exact wrong way.
    I have been trying to speak identity into my own (adopted) children and encountering great resistance this past week (also suspect I have Jewish heritage and the 9th of AV was right on track). But I think you are onto something in a big way. THANK YOU.

  2. Judy says:

    Moving into the public education realm, the current wave is for teachers now to not just teach students but to engage them to think for themselves. Still considered the teacher’s responsibility if the child is learning or not. Teachers are now graded on whether they can get students to think. If a students is not thinking/learning, it is considered all the responsibility of the teacher and their faulty ability to reach the student, challenge them, and engage them in active thinking and learning.
    I have often pondered why administration in our school systems tend to be so dominating. It is very political. Elementary principals tend to be like mini tyrants who want to control every aspect of your teaching. They play favorites. They demand you to spend your own time, thus stealing from you. While Middle School Principals are less demanding and High School even less. But when you get to the downtown levels. It is common practice to move up an administrator into a higher position if they have messed up and to fire a teacher who may have made even a small mistake whether intentional or not. Downtown often gives the public eye a sense of equal hiring but behind closed doors the candidates are usually already chosen. Downtown rarely stands up for teachers but backs students or admin first. One can onlyimagine what effect this has on the ground and on the teachers and students at a school.

  3. Virginia Gorney says:

    wow, I enjoy ed this and all the replies. God is so good in what He is teaching His people. Want to say the CD’s on the adrenals is wonderful. God was doing some of what you talk about in my life and it came as wonderful endorsement or a seal of his work…I listened several times to all the discs and shared them. Oh sent one set back because I got two by mistake…God Bless you richly!
    Virginia Gorney

    • Virginia Gorney says:

      Oh sorry meant to add that I say wow because of the Lord showing me to get prayer going for kids in trouble. I pray for God to avenge the blood of kids and babies…in abortion or sex trafficking or those used as political pawns…by .gov…and the church goodness…in my area how I wish there were some serious contending with sin and with this…wish I knew HOW to do more about it. Virginia Gorney

  4. Janis K says:

    “Is there something particularly offensive to God or empowering to the devil when the salt is not salty? How can there be 300% more child molestation in a community that is massively Christian in their external labeling? Something is not right with this picture. Unfortunately, it is more and more common that systemic molestation is done in the context of many streams of the faith.”

    Arthur, I love your visioning of Church. And also that some people are actually walking this out. We are in a time when predators are being legitimized in our society at every legal level. But I do believe that when the Bible says ‘judgment begins in the Church’, God means it. Religion has covered up much evil in order to prosper individuals, and people are comfortable with their religion, enabling the predators to continue within the church family, including molesters of their children. To do the opposite spirit within a church MUST stir up the religious spirit, and what is hidden in the dark, be exposed. As John & Paul Sanford have discovered to their sorrow, and exposed as best they could, child molesters are embedded within the Church at many levels, top to bottom. We are, what, accepting the ‘woman jezebel’ within? Why? To stay comfortable, to keep feeling like we are ‘good Christians’? To not ‘judge’ ? (which in practical interpretation seems to mean throwing out all Discernment too).
    I hate the common Christian church (Believer) mantra, wrongly taking the English word ‘judge’ used in the English Bible translations, that condemns all ‘judging’ as evil, basically causing individuals through fear of ‘judging’ to reject ALL discernment of good and evil, all other meanings of the English word ‘judge’, that little piece of incorrect theology based not on accurate Biblical reading, but that is embedded in so many otherwise sincere Christian minds. As a consequence, we enable the predators because we Will Not Judge (discern), and have become dull in our spiritual senses.
    All we are instructed to avoid is taking God’s role, acting as The Judge of a person, sentencing them in our minds or verbally. Only God is The Judge. We are instructed to observe, ‘rightly divide’, and discern good and evil, that is what the Bible calls maturity. It starts at home. We are to hold persons accountable to the consequences of their own choices and behaviors in this world as it is in our power to do so. Family also includes Church Family. And it’s all about Character.

  5. Cal says:


    Great stuff here. The wisdom of the Lord is so apparent. Yes, God kicked the Canaanite people off their land, indeed, told Joshua to kill them all, when they sacrificed their children to their god, er demon. The Holy Land was intended by Evil to be defiled long before the Savior.

    But God breaks through the puny obstruction to redeem the world. The Evil is always unveiled to be cleared away for the Love to come. Ditto for the current city of distortion and church of the portal.
    Why would people choose against God when they see His goodness.? I agree that we approach people with this attitude, as it is pure and affirming in the right invitational way.

    Choosing evil over Good is the huge paradox and challenge of the earth. Some people, knowing Good, still choose evil. Why? To get their own results quickly and more cheaply. To get their own rewards and desires. To become their own god. ‘I want. Therefore I obtain!’

    This attitude is sourced, of course, from Hell. And the huge question: how does Lucifer, one of the top angels, created perfect and seeing God without the blinders of sin, choose to rebel against Total Love?

    We can only come to the conclusion that God considers of infinite value hearts that come to Him in love, sacrifice and obedience through great obstacles. People who choose to love even through evil and destruction. This earth is set up as a laboratory where we learn to love through challenges and obstacles.

    And thanks for your exquisite work in explicating things of spirit. Yes, our attitude is why would anyone reject the True God? But some people find many ways to cover themselves against God.

    The rich young ruler came to Jesus, and in the end, was advised to totally rounce his wealth to find true Love. A symbol and confirmation of the need for total commitment to God to come to Life. Jesus pushed him to.the ultimate commitment.

    And sacrificing children is the opposite end of the spectrum. As you say, concentated evil produces concentrated opposition to God.

  6. jsvetec says:

    I have been pushing on this in prayer since the original post. I see radiating heat steaming off a desert floor as a visual of this distortion on defiled land. I expect their are more specific next steps here. Our unique pursuit of the God who Aches to be Known must be passionate and unwavering if we wish to impact the kids around us with truth that connects and reframes perspective. This process to get to understanding sure has been painful! God sure trusts you Arthur, to bring you tough places to get great treasure. Thanks for sharing with us the journey.

  7. Frank williamson says:

    Hi Arthur
    It’s Frank from Toowoomba, Australia again. Arthur you are absolutly spot on; apart from havesting wheat in Russian speaking countries, God has shown us about children’s ministry. In 2000, God told my wife Rosemary to plant a children’s church in Temora NSW, just plant a children,s church He said to Rosemary and nothing to me, the silence was deafening, so I told Rosemary ‘If He is telling you to do it we had better do it, the worst thing we can do is fail and if it is Him well it will happen’.
    So we got the use of a school assembly hall; sent flyers; prepared a program and waited for children to come; the first week no children came but Jesus did, it was awesome so we knew we were right. The next sunday a four year old boy, whose Grand father I worked with, turned up from the house across the street, so we ‘did church’ for a four year old. The next week he brought his sister and a cousin and a few more turned up, then about 6 weeks into it two young boys went to the Uniting church to their sunday school and asked ‘is this where the new church is?’ The young woman, who was one of our spiritual children. said ‘no but I can take you’. She found somone to look after her class and brought them to our church; at that point something broke in the heavenies and we soon had thirty children from unchurched families coming to our kids church.
    We soon threw the programs away and would often get the children to run church. Its was always fast moving till it got to soaking time and they would just lie down and listen to what the Lord was saying and then we’d get them to share in a way they were comfortable with- painting, writing or just telling, finding the way they all learn is the secret and we did not know your stuff then Arthur, blessing the kids makes heaps of difference. Those adhd kids just blossom when their spirits are spoken to.
    It sure stirs up the religious spirit, and I find the men just do not see it! Why minister to children because Jesus told us too ‘bring the little children to me’ and ‘unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven’ we need to learn to be children again.

    Bless you Arthur and all your team

  8. barbarawall says:

    Just deeply moved inside by the process you shared which is always what happens to me when truth lands. This gives me a key towards the process of solving a different, yet highly devouring and seemingly complex problem. What I love most about everything you have shared is how greatly God is revealed as the lover, initiator and designer of your process. I love that He is in the process of hand delivering precise details that before now you didn’t know were connected. Even the “mugging”. Who would ask to go head first into that situation unless you knew it was full of keys, treasures and the like? God took you there to give you answers and help you leverage a large number of issues needing breakthrough (including mine which you knew nothing about). God is not only kind, but a master at timing. He is like a lion in terms of His delivery and gentle like a lamb when that is needed. He gets my applause!

  9. Donna Kelly says:

    Me too! This could get exciting!!!

  10. Charles Wale says:

    In your original post you stated, “I spelled it out very simply. The fifth head is empowered when we enable. If we do for others what they are capable of doing for themselves, we not only don’t unpack the treasures in the other person, but we invite in the devouring of the 5th head.” I was thinking about this and how it might also relate to a Teacher city. One thing that came to my mind as it was swirling around was “Attorneys”. Attorney’s = Law. Tying this with the child molestation, criminal domestic violence, and divorce that you mentioned I just wonder how much Attorneys in this area have been responsible for enabling the criminal element to get off. I am just brain storming here Arthur so if I am way off base feel free not to post this.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yep. I struggle with the whole ethics of defending the guilty. Our nation had done much to empower the demonic through our legal system.

  11. Zack G. says:

    Hi Arthur,
    “So, our new high octane children’s ministry revolves around teaching the kids to know God.” When I read this line, something in my spirit said this feels right. I have no idea if you’re looking for confirmation, but this definitely would be a grand way to tackle the issue at hand.
    Also, it’s beautiful to see someone going off on a creative stream, not worrying about practicalities or hindrances, just building an immense vision of what things could be like. It’s inspiring. (And even reassuring that I’m not the only one who does things like that in my head).

  12. Thomas Stanley-Jones says:

    In my relatively short exprience, pluses can multiply negatives if fhe negatives are not dealt with first. Gaining authority in teaching children is uber bad if molestation is likely. It’s true, seeking the God who wants to be known saved me, but getting a religious group of people to desire the same is like trying to connect opposing magnets. Although when the Lord works, it can be as quick as one magnet flipping around and pinching your finger between them. Time for some Intercessoring of my own… Thanks Arthur.

  13. Sonia says:

    WOW Arthur!
    Thank you for your transparency and sharing this journey. So much to repeat and ponder and savour in this blog. I look forward to hearing more about this story and hope to hear how some of those strands get woven in.
    You have introduced me to many beautiful caricatures of the God Who Aches to be Known!
    I honor you and bless your work, your musing and your puzzle solving.

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