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RG of the Bride of Christ

Israel is Giver.  The Old Testament portrayal of Israel as the wife of God is consistent with the wounded Giver profile we are familiar with. That said, what is the redemptive gift of the Bride of Christ?  And what makes … Continue reading

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Acidic Blood Issues

Did you know I am a bit of a cynic?  Too much stuff out there just does not make sense the way it is presented. One of those is the whole blood pH proposition.  Here is my logic trail. Everything … Continue reading

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Death or Sheol?

One of the big issues for us as we wandered around the issue of alien human spirits (AHS) was how they could still be there in people who had gone through so much deliverance.  The answer is found in Isaiah … Continue reading

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Alien Human Spirits

Release date finally arrived over ten years after my first introduction to this topic. I was a bit down this morning, but managed to drag myself out of bed, do my exercises, and get to work in time for my … Continue reading

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Nostalgia and Anticipation

Firstfruits dedications have always been important to me.  Every new product is dedicated in a unique way.  Some involve a lot of drama and others are a very private ceremony. Yesterday I was thinking back to our biggest dedication which … Continue reading

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Can You Solve This Riddle?

Mom is not a telephone person.  Most of the time in Brazil she did not have one.  When they did get a phone, calls to the States were prohibitively expensive.  When I called her in Brazil she was happy to … Continue reading

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Firstfruits on the 9th of AV

Today was a fairly un-smooth day.  No great problems, but no flow like we usually have.  I didn’t get done the big project that was due today, but nothing seriously went wrong.  I figured that was pretty good considering the … Continue reading

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High Urgency — God’s View of Today

Tomorrow is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  If you are not aware of the term, you should do a web search as there is a mass of information there.  Simply put, it is the most defiled day … Continue reading

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