A Grab Bag of Trivia

-The interment and memorial services for my father were held last week.  There were 42 relatives present, as well as twice that number of friends.  I thank you for all the cards and e-mails on the subject but will not be able to write back to each of you.  Mom will stay put in Washington for a while then begin visiting a number of relatives before deciding where to put down roots.

-I am taking some time off later on this week to continue my personal processing.  I am blessed to be able to slow down the cadence of life in order to take time, in the moment, to connect with Dad’s life, death and legacy, and where that leaves me at present.  So many people have to keep on pounding when they would rather be grieving.

-You all have been remarkably silent about the “PTSD” album and “An MRI of Fathering” teaching.  Could some of you who have listened to those please comment on them here?  Both were very hands on products, requiring a change in how you live life to get any benefit.  Are you changing and seeing change?

-Our next new product is due out on July 24th.  That is our mysterious AHS teaching.  It is a new facet of deliverance, especially for people who have medical issues that they have always suspected were not entirely biological in nature.

-Firefox has never fixed their browser problem which makes all of our articles look awful.  They look fine on other browsers.  So Hanna has started the laborious process of reconfiguring all of them so that they will work on Firefox as well as all the other browsers.  The first set she did is the blessings for the Prophet and Giver.  These are designed around the fractal of two.  I looked at what each of the gifts needs to receive and then what they were designed to give.  If you have not read them yet, I recommend them.  They are some of my finest work in the area of blessings.  Click here or go to Articles, The Human Spirit and Blessings.

-We are still looking for volunteers in the Southern California area for brain testing if you have had strong maternal conflict or have dieted and exercised diligently but been unable to lose weight.  We have a couple of ideas but need to get some data to establish a baseline.  Testing is between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. M/W/F.  E-mail me at Friends@TheSLG.com if you would like to book a slot.

That is all for today.  Hopefully next week, there will be a more scintillating blog!

From the Hub, July 7th

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16 Responses to A Grab Bag of Trivia

  1. Evan says:

    As usual you have not disappointed, Arthur. You blew me away with a whole new area of personal healing and ministry to think about, digest and implement.
    As someone who has owned small businesses, but has at present no intention of employing staff again, I bought the MRI with personal development in mind. There was also possible utility for my wife who is just stepping down as a team leader, but thinking about a career change (out of the public school system). If anything I need wisdom to know which area to tackle first for best results. What is my critical path here?, is the question I am asking myself and Father right now, having seen at least three areas of deficiency in myself.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Evan, if God gives you directions, then clearly His answer trumps mine, but lacking a clear answer, I would suggest you start with the earliest deficit unless there is one that is causing huge distress. All other things being equal, if you are deficient in (for example) third and sixth and you try to work on sixth first, your lack of development in the third will limit your effectiveness in six. Not saying you can’t do six first, just that it will take more time and effort.

      On the other hand, if your lack of being able fight effectively is creating a crisis of victimization right now, then you might have to deal with that one for a while, immediately, to get things back down to a dull roar, before circling back around to the more foundational issues.

      A whole lot of words to say, do triage!

  2. Theresa Beck says:


  3. Sonya Brunswick, San Francisco says:

    Arthur, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. You and your family are in our prayers.
    I have been listening to the MRI CDs repeatedly. The have been so insightful. I wish I had this over the last couple of years for my hiring process. It would have made a big difference in my early understanding of some of the staff I have hired/placed. Equally so, I also saw my own areas of deficit but how Father used situations and circumstances around me to help compensate or better equip me in those areas. As a parent with one adult child and one teenager, I am definitely making some modifications for my teen in Unpacking Level and the fighting and building level. However, it would have been helpful to have some more tools to use with employees to assist in strengthening those deficit levels. Thanks so much for how the Lord has used you to bring this to bear. It is helping me quite a bit personally. I will be getting the PTSD CD’s in the next week. Blessings, Sonya

  4. Brenda LuMaye says:

    I am so sorry about your father, Arthur. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family as well as my prayers for you all.
    It is wonderful to be able to take the time of reflection and personal processing that you need to.
    It will be a time of healing, grieving and rememberance. A time for honoring.
    I know that God, our Loving Father, will be with you during this journey.
    I pray that you will be strengthened and that His angels will put a wall of protection around you and your family.
    God loves you all so very much.
    I will keep you in prayer.
    Blessings to you
    Brenda LuMaye
    (Kewaunee, WI)

  5. Darlene Alarik says:

    I just finished listening to both MRI of Fathering and PTSD. (I also listened to Fractal of Two sprinkled in between.) I am struggling with having the language to express my reaction. The MRI was very sobering to me realizing the enormous deficit of fathering I have in the natural. It explains a lot, too, the why behind my challenges. Though I have experienced quite a bit of healing and have overcome much, I realize, at best, I am only up to gound zero. I especially zeroed in on developing the pleasure center in my brain – anticipation, staying in the moment and then telling someone about the experience. Very practical! I also realize that even though I basically didn’t receive much nurturing, My Father has been at work and continues to pick up the slack. All the attacks (woundedness) and lack of nurture are irrelevant and immaterial because He is the First and the Last – He was there first, and He has the last say in all things! I have been reviewing some of the incidents and circumstances in my past and trying to reframe them through the lens of God fathering me rather than dead-end streets. Thank you for the enormous practical help! I will be revisiting these teachings regularly.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes Darlene, when we look in the natural, it can be daunting to process what we did not receive. But when we see God crafting training opportunities for us to regain what we missed then, it really changes our view of daily life. I often pushed back against the “junk” of life, only to find out it was my Father trying to help me grow into who He wanted me to be.

  6. Amy says:

    The MRI of fathering is absolutely wonderful from what I have heard so far. It is very practical and organized in a way that I feel I can digest and implement in concrete ways and with clarity. I am very thankful for the timing of this product being released now rather than later. I think this will help me greatly in my journey to becoming a fathering type of leader. It is like having guideposts along the way. It applies to me in many areas including teaching, ministry, parenting, mentoring, and counseling.

  7. Narola Grady says:

    I’m saving money so I can buy the PTSD teaching. But in the meantime, I’m going through the Fractal of Two teaching. It is creating stability within me…..confirming scripture I have read before. Arthur, I pray this period of mourning will yield great intimacy with Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Grieving is some of the toughest work I’ve ever done, but what I learned about myself and my loved ones was immeasurable. It truly is a sacred task, one where I often felt the Holy Spirit literally holding me up. That final separation from loved ones this side of heaven is very difficult. I now have more compassion for others who pass through the Valley of the Shadow.

  8. ~AnnA~ says:

    I’m praying for your time of personal processing!

  9. Stephan says:

    I find it interesting that you’re having problems with Firefox. In my experience it’s usually Internet Explorer that’s the problem child…

    I’ve looked at the blessings of Prophet and Giver, and they seem familiar. I think I’ve read them some months back. But, at the time, there was only Prophet and Giver. Is there a chance that the blessings are going to branch out to include all 7?

    And I sincerely wish you all the strength and love for this time of grieving.

    Sincere regards,


    • Arthur Burk says:

      No Stephen. I will probably not finish the series. It started out as a book, but then I have gotten focused on other things so decided to post what I had written.

      • Stephan says:

        That’s a pity. But, as I’m looking through the blessings for the Giver, I was wondering if you had anything on the specific synergy between Giver and Teacher. The reason I ask, is because I’m living in a Teacher city located in a Giver country. And I can’t help but feel that this city is particularly strategic in what God is doing in the country.

        And, also, I’ve been curious about the synergy between the 3rd day with lakes, rivers and trees and the 5th day with birds and fish.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          No Stephen, but you should work on that yourself. Jerusalem is Teacher and Israel is Giver so there is an absolute flood of info in Scripture on that synergy. Go after it.

  10. Linda Alexander says:

    I have both the CD sets PTSD and MRI. MRI great info, PTSD I started and was vey interesting but then loaned them to a friend who has two friends from Vietnam war with severe PTSD. she is loving them and will work them and their families. She is going to order for herself and I can move forward when returned. Just wanted you to know they are being put to good use. Peace and Blessing as you take some time to reflect and hear Father’s heart.

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