Firstfruits on the 9th of AV

Today was a fairly un-smooth day.  No great problems, but no flow like we usually have.  I didn’t get done the big project that was due today, but nothing seriously went wrong.  I figured that was pretty good considering the amount of “static” in the spiritual climate today.

I finished up the day with a short ministry call that went very well and gave us some new revelation, and I was headed out the door, happy to be going home, when God rearranged my schedule.

It was clearly “manipulated” on so many levels that it had to be Him, so I settled into connecting with someone who is a survivor.  They have been on a journey for many years, seen many counselors, gotten a lot of help, but I knew from a previous conversation with them that there was a major unresolved issue with one portion of their spirit.

That is a euphemism for it was totally captured and controlled by the enemy, and was afraid of Jesus.  Not an easy rumble to engage in.

She was not asking about that tonight — she just needed some help with a fairly immediate problem, not the long term healing journey.

I put my thinking cap on, since this issue was an area I had heard of but had no insight into from Scripture and no experience.

Next thing I knew, I had been drawn deep into the battle and I was going for the portion of her spirit that was most deeply trapped by the enemy.

It was hard slogging, but the careful, tenacious work paid off and eventually that part came out from under the direct control of the enemy for the first time in decades.  However, the enemy struck back a few minutes later, and we ended up in a stalemate.

They had enough power to block me from taking the spirit to complete safety, but not enough to take back that portion of the spirit, and I had enough power to block them from taking it back, but I could not get it to freedom.

So “they” and I were glaring at each other with the rather beat up portion of the spirit between us as the pawn in the battle, not able to contribute much.

As I was scrolling through Scripture, wondering what else I had that I could lob at them that I had not already used, the Holy Spirit nudged me and asked, “What about today?”

9th of Av, huh?  I seem to remember a blog someone wrote endless hours ago about the 9th of Av possibly having an anointing for breakthrough.  And when you don’t have any good ideas left, even a half baked potato gets thrown at the enemy.  Got nothing to lose, since I wasn’t winning already.

I spoke out loud and invoked the anointing for victory over God’s enemies and the anointing for breakthrough in a big way on this particular day (since it was sundown and now officially the 9th of Av!).  The demons manifested, screeched, threw her around . . . and left!

The anointing on time was enough to tip the scales in my favor and break the stalemate.  There was a little more work to do in cleaning up the minions, but right now the hostage is in the loving care of the other portions of the human spirit, and God has tucked them all away in a safe place while they rest and heal from the drama of the day.

And I am somewhere between the adrenaline high of the battle and the post-adrenaline exhaustion that should hit hard about 45 minutes from now.  I’ve been here before.

But, the King has prevailed, a portion of someone’s spirit is free, and I am excited about tomorrow.  I wonder how many captives will be set free around the world as they engage in the impossible, knowing this is a window of time for victory and transformation — and that the King would gladly redefine the 9th of Av.

So what if next year thousands of deliverance people are prayed up, geared up, and they load their schedules on that one day with the most difficult cases they have — and then they go for victory and transformation!  It could be exciting.

It is time to stop treating the day as a threat.  God was there first.  Humans spurned the treasure He placed on time, so judgment followed, but this was never God’s plan for the day.  He does not want us to memorialize all the awful things the devil has done on this day, year after year.

Let’s take back the 9th of Av for the King, and let’s redefine it around original design — a day when time is loaded with power and authority and the people of God can take on the walled cities, armies and giants that the enemy has mustered.

Start in your own life on Tuesday.  What is THE stronghold that you have been working around for years, while picking off the easier targets?  Maybe it is time for that giant to get taken out!

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

From home, finally!

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15 Responses to Firstfruits on the 9th of AV

  1. Sonia says:

    Arthur I cannot express enough to you how much I am grateful to you:)
    I honor your spirit tuned in to the corporate:) I honor your growth:) I honor your fathering, you have fathered me immensely from a distance.
    We took a hit this weekend and none of the pieces fit until the the 9th of Av was in my mail box Monday morning. I was hurting spiritually and physically and so were my children.
    I immediately went to Father. My spirit already knew the places to repent generationally. My spirit even carried some of the generational grief and loss from that time. I do have Jewish roots although many, many generations back. It was there. Thank you for your post. My spirit knew this time, this day was heavily devoured previously.You gave me the right keys to moving forward. Our health was heavily devoured in this time. We went to Father. He met me after my time of confession and repentance. There were blessings, just as you said. I honor your view, your perception from your position. I look forward to next year at this time. I will watch for the fruits of the breakthrough in my immediate family.
    I am able to celebrate breakthrough in two other areas of intercession.
    One was my sister whom I have been praying for. She called for prayer ministry and had major breakthrough in some very painful Father wounding on the weekend and then yesterday called again and received more freedom in mother wounding. I am savouring both of these this morning. I was the only one in my family to receive this type of healing and restoration until this week. I love the reconciliation work Father is doing with her. In awe of this breakthrough:)
    Another area was a friend who is also a Teacher gift. She simultaneously gave her life to Jesus, received deep reconciliation to the Father and began the process of breaking the Midianite Curse. It was incredible!! All of this through lots of phone calls doing prayer ministry over the weekend. I got to see both Jesus and Father do their thing with the Teacher gift. I learned so much!
    It was a loaded weekend! I am only now able to process it all and savour.
    Blessings on your time, on your ministry and all your blog posts. May they continue to be rich, transparent and full of light that reflects the nature of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in you,

  2. Cynthia says:

    Breakthrough in the area of understanding and respecting the authority God has put over my life. Breakthrough in area of trust.
    Breakthrough once again in issue of pride. Having to know God is God, I’m not.

    • eva says:

      I pray thad God will give you the perfect breakthrough in your health in Jesus name amen

  3. Susan says:

    My 63 year-old “unbelieving” brother asked Jesus to come into his heart early this evening. If you knew him, you’d agree — it’s a huge breakthrough. Thank you Lord for the anointing on this day!

  4. eva says:

    This report is just fantastic, I have been having a very difficult issue with time in New York and as I read this I am wondering what area of the spirit in me is still under the enemy’s control, but I am also wondering what areas of the individuals bound up spirit is under satanic control that keeps on finding ways to energize delays in my life. I am also wondering how the one individual’s time issues curses are affecting my time line and if that is even possible. I have been close to breakthroughs before and I always come up with a delay. On Fridday night the Holy Spirit spoke to me several times that the “impasse” has been cancelled. An “impasse” is a road or passage, having no exit, dead end, cul-de-sac, a dilemma. for me it has been a time dilemma delays in my life. I have done work and broke the midianite curse and more specifically the seven curses on in my life and in the life of my children. However, they are at it again, So are there any suggestions, I am desperate enough to try what ever thoughts the Holy Spirit brings to mind. Let me hear from you and again thank you Arthur.

  5. I read this last night before going to sleep. This morning as I was about to read my Bible I realised that God doesn’t just want a moralistic right vs wrong life: He wants the whole of us! Later I texted someone I know well and encouraged her, God began w/an inkling of a word for her, then showed me the giant He’s going to overcome in her life. He is great! Bless you, God! There’s no lack in you and we are your children!

  6. Donna Kelly says:

    This is landing huge and hard and I’m holding back tears. At least one part of my spirit seems to be jumping up and down and at the same time I hear a lion roar! By George, Arthur, I think you’ve done it again!!

  7. Kristine says:

    Woke -up with dream(vision) -one of those where you are coming out of sleep – It was like a slide show of children in cages – realize it was children from the holocaust. May this day be a day of setting free for them ( as they are now adults. ) May they know that the Lord wants to fill them with His Holy Spirit and that they are the temples that He wants to live in now through Yeshua Messiah. Thank-you Arthur for bring out about the redemptive side of this day or else this dream would of had a different effect on me. Shalom, Kris

  8. Deborah says:

    Thank you, again, Arthur. So very significant. Last night I wasn’t able to sleep. My dear friend’s husband was in the last stages of dying. I got up to pray. I NEVER check my email when I get up–but last night I did. Your post helped to direct me. I got a text within an hour after I got up that he had passed. What you shared helped direct me on so many fronts with this family, myself and many other places to claim in power what the Holy Spirit has for us on this day. The Lord Bless you today, Arthur.

  9. Kathy says:

    This so spoke to me personally right where right at this moment especially regarding ‘picking off the easier targets’ and thinking there has been a victory only to be disappointed again and again when the ugly rises yet another time in another situation. This just happened this very morning despite great gain in our marriage of twenty five years. We look so different this year that our sons hardly recognize us together …….but there is an issue I have been calling ‘poverty mentality’ that has blocked too much to itemize despite being debt free for years and years, including no mortgage, car loans or university debts, in the USA as Canadians or in Canada, and having no income for ten years with a few years of income sprinkled in between. BUT this morning, over a heated ‘discussion’ of ordering a reverse osmosis system, that our friends have offered to get for us at a wholesale price… ‘what more could you ask’….. and the stone blockage was ‘it is so difficult to cut through stainless steel on top of ceramic, and you have to remove a shelf that we have no tools for ‘ …….but when I asked the Holy Spirit about the poverty mentality right after the outburst, He said “UNBELIEF, that is why you cannot enter in” which I immediately spoke out loud against calling on the anointing for breakthrough to beat this ‘giant’ in our lives. My husband then turned and said on his way out the door ‘go ahead and order it I will figure out’ which if you knew him you would be sitting with your mouth gaping open in shock.
    I was given a prophetic word last August 24th that the Holy Spirit would work with me in defeating five giants in my life that He ‘would put a David type anointing on you (me) and together we are going to take the heads of the Goliaths in your (my) life off, that you (I) would speak to them with the Word of God that would come out of your (my) mouth that would be like a sword….” I would say that giant of unbelief was unmasked and targeted today in this house.
    Thank you Arthur for a clear directive today.

  10. Jessica Pienaar says:

    I agree it is time to take the giant of alcoholism out that has been causing destruction in our family for many years. 9th of Av belongs to God our King! I agree He was and is always FIRST!!

  11. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    Awesome, totally agree with you and thank you for the revelation

  12. Linda says:

    funny Arthur – around this time the Lord has really been taking me back to focus on a problem that has been on my life since I was a little girl. I have a huge problem with anger and God is faithfully leading me to people and resources that can help me. Now to address the spirit!

  13. jane62 says:

    Yay God! I am hugely encouraged by your report. Likewise I have been looking for breakthrough in a particular area, under attack since Thursday in my health, a word on Sunday convinced me now it the time. May I request your prayers for today – I am desperate!!

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