High Urgency — God’s View of Today

Tomorrow is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  If you are not aware of the term, you should do a web search as there is a mass of information there.  Simply put, it is the most defiled day in Israel’s time line, supposedly dating back to the bad report the ten spies gave about the Promised Land.  Over the course of the last few millennia, an extraordinary number of awful things have happened to Jews on this specific day.

This is a classic curse on time with a trauma bond to defiled time as well.  (Click here to order that teaching if it is a new concept to you).  Remember that a trauma bond comes when people sit in judgment on God’s goodness, which is the essence of what the ten spies did.

It is difficult to figure out the math.  For millennia this curse has been strengthened with sad regularity by Gentiles committing unthinkable slaughter, financial devouring and legal strictures on the Jews.  There is huge legal right for the enemy to do more devouring on this day because of the past atrocities.

Equally true is the fact that over the last 30 years, there has been a massive amount of prayer by Gentile believers, seeking to cleanse this time.  Identificational repentance has been done between Gentiles and Jews in many different constructs.

So in the annals of heaven, where is the marker at present?  Has it been cleansed, or is it still somewhat defiled?

It is 6:23 a.m. right now in my office in California.  Having read the crop of early morning e-mails, I can assure you that this day is not squeaky clean yet.  People with Jewish blood, whether they know it or not, are being hard hit today with hopeless despair. So I assume more repentance and confession is needed before this time is cleansed for the whole world.

Read the web, weep, repent and confess.  There is unfinished business!

The specific surface issue with the ten spies was that they allowed themselves to look at the history of the culture rather than the history of God.

Hard fact:  over the history of mankind, walled cities, giants and angry armies were not good news.  A lot of people have lost their lives poking around walled cities filled with armies that are led by giants.  So when the spies looked at the reality of the history of the culture, they were hugely discouraged, saw going forward as an impossibility, so they sowed the seeds of hopelessness and powerlessness among their people.

The two spies looked at the history of God.  There were the initial encounters with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, followed by the dramatic victory over Pharaoh and all of the impressive interventions of God in the last few years.  God was clearly on their side.  Hard fact.

At the end of the day, though, they had just experienced two years of God not measuring up to their expectations and their social contracts.  Yes, He had done amazing things for them, but He had not done THE thing that they wanted which was to get out of their tents, out of the desert, and into a homeland where they could return to the agrarian ways of their forefathers.

They anticipated a short hike from Egypt to Canaan.  Instead, God had taken them to Mount Sinai for the loooooooooooooooooongest time to work on their worship skills, establish their spiritual culture, set in place the leadership of the nation and generally lay a foundation for the coming big event.

Now they were looking at the fact that God was putting one more big obstacle in their way.  In Egypt, He took down Pharaoh.  The people’s only involvement was some minor obedience on the night of the Passover, followed by the hasty exit.  Here, apparently, He expected THEM to do the heavy lifting (or fighting!).  They felt quite violated because He did not sign off on their social contract.

So ten spies looked at the history of the culture and decided God was not good.  Two spies looked at the history of God’s intervention and decided that God was good.  Same data.  Different choices.

Today, I am quite sure this will play out in thousands of lives.  Those who have been less than happy with their progress through life will be presented by the devil with a vivid display on the big screen, with blue-ray quality and all the special effects of how the culture around them is doing well and they are doing poorly and the future looks grim.

If you come into agreement with that reality (because it IS a reality that you have not progressed as you would like to and the future looks worse than the past) you stand a high likelihood of being sucked into a pit of hopeless despair, powerlessness and self-rejection that will pummel you relentlessly — the curse on today.

On the other hand, if you can look at the grim reality of where you aren’t, point passionately at all the things you dislike about today, about your past life and about what you see ahead of you, and then, defiantly say, “Yes, all of that is true.  I don’t like where I am in life.  I don’t seem to be making progress.  I don’t see a way forward.  BUT God’s faithfulness in a multitude of small things in my life is bigger than His apparent silence in the big things in my life, therefore, I choose with my will to proclaim that God’s plan for my life is good, even though I don’t feel it.”

This is the posture Christ took in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The history of the culture said that crucifixion was ghastly.  He passionately looked at the grimness of it and unashamedly told His father He did not want to do it at all.  Not even a little bit.  Then, after being ruthlessly honest about the cultural view of things, He challenged the history of the culture with an utterly unambiguous statement that He was choosing to let God be God in His life because of His history seeing the hand of God in His life.

And notice that doing this once did not settle the issue. He had repeated visitations from the devil, inviting Him to look at the culture as more dominant than His Father.

So for some of you, today will be a knuckle busting hard fight against a huge temptation, but if you give into the temptation, you will be swept away in a tsunami of hopeless despair, powerlessness and self-rejection.

There is another picture, however, that is not often explored when the saints are contending for the cleansing of this period of time.

Our experience is that the times the devil arranges to curse are the strategic times in our lives that already came pre-loaded with blessings. So the window of time where you consistently experience financial devouring is actually the window when God desires to bless you.  The window when you repeatedly experience huge family conflict is the window when God desires your family to be knit together in intimacy.

So let’s look beyond the Israelites’ initial sin, and the subsequent travesties that the Gentiles have visited upon them.  Those are adequately documented on the web.  What might God have imprinted on this time that is equally immense and good for those of you with Jewish blood in your veins or those grafted into the Hebraic root?

Clearly victory over the Canaanites — the last major obstacle to getting their heart’s desire. This time of your life that seems to be a season of impasse, powerlessness and futility, might have been loaded with the unction for victory.

But think about sonship.  When they walked in a spirit of slavery there, God took them back to the wilderness for the rest of the 40 year slot and used that time to teach them sonship at a massive level.  There are endless lessons in the book of Numbers about God growing an entire nation into sonship, one small step at a time.

Clearly they needed it.

But was God really planning to give the Promised Land to a bunch of people with a deeply entrenched spirit of slavery?  It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

So think of all the people you know who went through dramatic encounters with God and were absolutely, permanently transformed in an hour, while the rest of us walk out our journey, one weary step at a time, spending 20 years to develop the things God developed in the other person in an hour.

Is it possible, that on this day in time there is a deposit for a dramatic lurch forward in our incarnation of sonship?  Is it possible that in the process of going forward into impossibility, lies not only access to the external “goodies” we have been longing for, but more importantly, that glorious internal transformation — a spiritual lurch into sonship?

I don’t know.  I am simply exploring possibilities, wondering on paper, seeking out the glories of God.  The devil has gotten a lot of celebration for what he has done this day.  God has gotten overlooked on the 9th of Av and that is not right since He was there first.

The one thing I know is that each day comes loaded with spiritual assets and liabilities.  We must deal with the liabilities in our family line (and our Hebraic roots) but the most important thing is to embrace the treasures that are all, ultimately, a reflection of the nature of God.

So try praying today along the lines of James 1:17.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.”  NIV

That could be adapted to a prayer something like this.

“Father, I don’t know what treasures of light You have embedded on this window of time.  But whatever You placed there has to be glorious because it came from Your nature, and because You have a vested interest in my life, since You chose to give me birth.  By faith, I look away from the reality of the history of my life, and I look firmly at the reality of the history of Your goodness toward me.  From that position of defiant faith where my spirit overrides the fear of my soul, I ask You to release in full the treasures of time that are embedded on the 9th of Av, to me and to my seed.”

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub in Anaheim

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30 Responses to High Urgency — God’s View of Today

  1. Dottie says:

    I am just reading this today (July 21) but I have known about Av 9 for a while…..and I have never seen the connection to sonship!! I am not sure if you know that the Jews believe also that the first defilement of the day happened the day Adam and Eve sinned…..and lost their position of sonship!! Thank you soo much for posting this! And, obviously, many people were affected by the day in a negative way.

  2. Bethany Thigpen says:

    THANK you for posting this!! I have been feeling all of these same feelings the last couple of days, which always begins with what “happened” in time and what is the spiritual climate- I feel things in the spiritual realm when something “shifts”- I haven’t quite figured out what to do when those things happens- Grieves my heart<3

    • SLG says:

      In terms of your feeling the shifts, Bethany, the first step is to ask the King whether you are to take a defensive or offensive posture. Sometimes when you sense seasonal changes, God simply wants you to hunker down and not get taken out. This is the teaching of Ephesians 6. The most details passage on spiritual warfare (the armor) is a strictly defensive passage. There is nothing there about taking down the enemy, strategy for outflanking him. The objective is clearly that you simply be still standing at the end of a withering assault.

      On the other hand, God may be giving you a heads up about the nature of the attack so you can clean up the root.

  3. Trish says:

    A few weeks ago I had help in breaking generational hopelessness.
    Today, as I apply the prayer for God to release to me all the blessings
    of this day, the 9th of Av, I am feeling great hopefulness.
    Thank you Mr. Burk,

  4. Jessica Pienaar says:

    Thank you Arthur for being such an obedient servant of the most high God.
    I am exited to experience the outcome of the prayer I prayed.

  5. Tara says:

    wow. this explains what I have been experiencing the last couple days. I have had thoughts of ‘this is just life’ this is my lot. ‘Nothing ever works for me”. Despair hopelessness and and inability to see God’s hand even in disappointments.

  6. Lori says:

    Thank you!
    This helps a lot. I have been in a battle for a few days and today got much worse. Wish I had seen this sooner maybe I would have had more wisdom and better outcomes but now I know what is going on. I do have some Jewish ancestry and probably should have been wiser but from now on I will be. God Bless

  7. Amy says:

    Gasp! That explains today 😀 I spent time today of all days trying to comfort someone with the knowledge of the goodness of God and the fact that they were not lost like they thought they were. I wondered why there was so much interference!

  8. Carla says:

    The enemy’s been screaming FAILURE but God’s voice tells me I’m powerful. Today too, He reminded me once again of my Jewishness when he reminded me of his Nickname For me: Chosen. (I’m half Jewish) Less than an hour ago I had just told the Lord I felt lost.  He said I wasn’t. I wanted to know where I was. How I wasn’t lost. I knew He would tell me. I didn’t want to give into the despair I had been warned against an assignment of despair against God’s people thru a prophetic word. But despair was surrounding me. God bless Arthur! I was distracted by wanting to clean out my email and there he was with his blog and God giving me the most specific answer I could ever expect. I am not lost. I am right on track. God has a good plan for my life! 

  9. don hank says:

    This will I would say definitely help me (too long to write out details). Thank you and Lord may this be seen and heeded around the world!

  10. Maureen says:

    What a glorious! joyous! and triumphant! prayer for each of us to pray…even someone of Irish descent like me (grin)…..makes me want to WHOOP! (I DID whoop)

  11. LaVonne says:

    Wow I am so glad that I read the e-mail sent blog today . I was very emotional ( more than normal) yesterday and even the day before. The feeling like I am in the minus all the time and the reality of it hit so hard again yesterday. I did get prayer at church which helped, but this really shows identify’s more of what is going on. I have been told there is Hebrew roots In my family line so that would make sense too. I am recovering from a car accident ( end of April, close to 3 months now) so there has been quite abit of emotional stuff beside slow recovery in my body (so very frustrating and depressing). Last night my car started acting up, it lost speed. I managed to cross a bridge and get it up slight hill and pulled over as I had slowed down a lot. Was able to pull over to a farm drive way. It started but wouldn’t go any where.
    So tow truck was called and it is parked at a mechanics late last night, It started for him today, but that doesn’t mean it’s fixed. Sure hope it isn’t a very costly thing, but something very simple. Have canceled Dr. Appt to day and who know about the rest of the Dr. Appts this week. Am going to reread and readjust my heart and thinking. So thankful… to all the information….given Thank you Arthur…
    Am house sitting ends today, so Now to get back home to a ladies house where I am staying temporarily, Hitching a car ride some time today..

  12. ruthiespage says:

    Oh Yeah!!! This is RIGHT ON! and to imagine and ponder the immense portion of blessing that would be ‘loaded’ for this day in time is enormous! Thank you! Yes! He WAS there first!

  13. Janis K says:

    Many thanks, Arthur. I shared this with my Messianic Jewish friend who leads a small fellowship. I thought you might enjoy her response:

    “Wow! Perfect timing. Last night I had such dark, heavy dreams but when I awoke I refused to be overwhelmed. I sensed the presence of the enemy, but I determined to continue the “little steps” in the things I am directed to work on and believe that the time of full fulfillment will come, and at the right time. This strength in me to grab onto the truth of God so quickly is new. Baruch HaShem (Blessed be The Name) YHVH.
    I read some of the comments and although on the Jewish calendar, Av 9 starts this evening, I have sensed for a while now, and had a confirmation recently as well, that the calendar is somehow one day behind when I sense in my spirit that the event is taking place.
    Tonight at 7:30 I’ve told the people of Machaseinu Yeshua [her fellowship] that they are welcomed to join me on conference call to read the Scriptures that go with Av 9, including the Book of Lamentations. Yet, my heart has not been there completely because I feel such a strong sense of hope.
    I believe we will start by reading what you have sent me, increasing the understanding of the people. I’m so thankful for Arthur Burk’s words. Excellent.
    Is is alright for me to forward this to others? Is there some way that I can get posts from Arthur on a more regular basis?”

    Enjoy the fruit, Arthur
    Many blessings to you,

  14. Debora says:

    Thank you! This is really helping me to understand, what is going on and positioning myself with determination and claritiy. I really came under that thing today and am relieved, that it’s not just me, but something I partnered with. So glad you shared!

  15. Ronda says:

    Thank you! This post provides insight that reaches far beyond today. I will be spending the day celebrating the Father’s faithful goodness and opening my life to the wonderful gifts yet to be revealed. The timeliness of this post, as it applies to a very specific situation I am facing, and what my usual response would be (certainly not one of sonship) has saved me from traveling a well worn, and not very pleasant, road. Woo hoo! 🙂

  16. Debbie G. says:

    I have recently cleansed my family lines, and was hit rather hard through the night of the 14th. Emerged very tired but triumphant. God is moving in my life, and I will with eyes of faith keep pressing on for what God has for me and my seed. There are others who do almost despair, but I refuse, because my God is bigger!!

  17. Colquhoun, Heidi says:

    THANK YOU! I am dealing with a very sticky traumma bond to time and have been working with one of Paul Cox’s people to resolve it. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially since I now know I have some hidden Jewish ancestry on my German side. Again, and I can’t say it enough…. THANK YOU !!!

  18. Barbara A says:

    Wow! I’m glad you posted this today. You just described the battle I was fighting all last night. I could barely squeak out a response to God’s faithfulness. Fortunately He had provided a small, but very vivid and emotional demo for me two days ago that I could point to. Once I landed there it was still a battle, but I had a firm footing to stand on. Sometimes I forget that it isn’t just about me :-/ Today’s post puts this all in perspective. Thank you, Arthur, for your insights AND clarity in sharing them.

    I agree with those who noted a “change” in your writing. I’m wondering if those generational blessings now bequeathed to you from your dad are beginning to bear fruit. What I noticed was a much stronger authoritative tone – I don’t mean bossy, either 🙂

  19. Roslyn says:

    A more timely writing, I don’t know if I have ever read. Specifically targeted for the many of us who were about to step off into a very dangerous place, now given the ‘about-face’, shoulders straightening, eyes brightening with excited anticipation and focused upward.

    Little wonder He encourages us to be “faithful in the little things”. He is … faithful in the little so that He might one day bring us into His “much”. I never saw that before today.

    As He is, so we are becoming.

  20. Ellie says:

    Thanks for doing that prayer! God bless you! Ellie

  21. carol says:


    Thank you for your timely and effectual leadership as a General in the Army of God.

    We did not realize that today is the 9th of Av. However, in our prayer time together this morning, we called out to our Heavenly Father, in our own language, the very essence of …

    “the process of going forward into impossibility, lies not only access to the external “goodies” we have been longing for, but more importantly, that glorious internal transformation — a spiritual lurch into sonship”

    Our God is the God of time and timing and He is GOOD. We trust You Father! And we anticipate a rich harvest of personal growth in our walk with You, Spirit.


  22. j7david says:

    Just a minor technical correction the ninth of Av begins at sundown today.

    • Venessa-Anne says:

      Well, technically, since Jerusalem is approximately 12 hours before the USA, sunrise in the USA is pretty close to sunset in Israel. Depends on where you are at in relation to Israel.

  23. valynda says:

    Will definitely be passing this info on to others who I know will spend time in helping cleanse this time and this day. I do so appreciate you reminding us to keep our focus on the Lord and celebrate the goodness of what God has done and will do on this day and not just all the bad. His ways are definitely higher than our ways. Excellent post, thanks!

  24. Stephan says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be spending some time with the Father in prayer.

    I know this is a little off-topic, but I couldn’t help but notice that you “sound different” somehow from your previous two posts. So I couldn’t help but wonder, what portion of your spirit gave birth to this blog post?

    Keep on with the good work!

    • Pat says:

      Agreed. This post does sound different. A very different use of language and more complex sentences than usual.

      Yes, thanks SO much for the heads up. My Messianic Jewish friend says the 9th of Av begins tonight a sunset so will continue through tomorrow. so we’ll want to stay vigilant and engaged beyond today. I started getting hit at least two days ago, but didn’t connect the dots because I don’t know of any Jewish roots in my family line. But hit I have been. Thanks for the encouragement. When I can name it, I’m much better at fighting it.

      • SLG says:

        Yes, Pat, I am not quite sure why, but the hits for many people did start a day or two ago.

        • Lillian I. B. says:

          Thanks for this Arthur,
          Just seen your post this morning and it has really explained a few things! Have been in some spiritual warfare and I was hit over the weekend. I am not aware of any Jewish roots; being Ugandan. I am so glad and grateful that HE was there first! May God richly bless you for the work you do.

  25. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Arthur! So very TRUE and rich. It is always good to be reminded of the GOODNESS of the Lord. And, thank you for always reminding us that He was there first!!!

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