Nostalgia and Anticipation

Firstfruits dedications have always been important to me.  Every new product is dedicated in a unique way.  Some involve a lot of drama and others are a very private ceremony.

Yesterday I was thinking back to our biggest dedication which was “Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar” in 2007.  We did a big event here at the office with a lot of “pomp and circumstance.”  There were two more dedications in Texas and one in Jerusalem.  A couple in Canada did a ceremony which took the album physically from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic.

Each team sent in excited reports of what their dedication experiences were like.  The one that landed the most deeply for me came from Jerusalem.  As some Jews watched a portion of the DVD, their spontaneous reaction was “At last!  A tool we can use to help our children who have grown up only knowing war.”

I was deeply moved.  In all of the applications we had seen for ministry to the human spirit, this one never crossed my mind, but we could instantly see the application.

Six years have come and gone, and this concept of ministry to the human spirit has reshaped large sections of the therapeutic community, not to mention impacting how parents nurture their kids.

The dedications by many people in sundry places around the world brought the blessing of God to that new paradigm.

We stand this week on the edge of another lurch forward for the Christian community.  On Wednesday the 24th, we will release our newest product that for now goes by the nickname “AHS.”

We have been working on this for about ten years.  Even though the concept is far from fully developed, it seemed that now is the appropriate time to release the teaching.  (I am already working on Part 2 since so much continues to be revealed).

This is a deliverance tool specifically targeting physical problems.  Many individuals have health issues that absolutely do not fit the medical profile and that are completely resistant to deliverance and healing prayer.  We feel we have found a whole new area of activity by unclean spirits that does respond well to a different ministry approach.

This last weekend, I had a friend of mine come down for ministry.  I have walked with him for at least ten years, aching for the futility in his life as very skilled people worked with him but could not get movement in his complex spiritual, emotional and physical issues.

It turned out to be a “final exam” for me.  He had a basket full of stuff going on and God used about every tool I have learned in the whole study of “AHS” to move him toward freedom and healing.  No two issues were the same, but each of the tools I used were solidly confirmed in his life and experience.

So now it is out of the lab, into your hands.  Gabi has been vigorous with production and the shelves are loaded with more in the pipeline.  We shoot for zero back orders!

The first of three firstfruits dedications was done by Paul and his family on Sunday.  Paul developed a bizarre set of symptoms some time back that didn’t fit anything the traditional doctors understood.  The issue was so debilitating that he was in a wheelchair for a while and the pain level was so high that just bumping the mattress when he was in bed, hurt.

Obviously this utterly disrupted his household and broadly blocked anything that resembled his fathering the kids.

He and his wife and I spent a substantial amount of time doing traditional deliverance, working through personal issues, family issues, land issue, time issues and any other kinds of issues we could imagine.

The net result was a much cleaner family line, a better connection in their marriage, a richer style of parenting — and no healing at all.

We then spent some time with the alternative health practitioners, finding many excellent tools that worked for a time, but did not hold.  He would end up back in the wheelchair intermittently.  There was little logic in why he would get better and why he would get worse.

Finally I invited him to an experimental gathering where our team of fairly nutty thinkers inflicted ourselves on a group of fairly desperate guinea pigs.  As it turns out, he became the poster child for our wonderfully messy experiment and has experienced no relapses at all since we applied these principles you will hear about in the AHS album.

At the dedication he led yesterday, he and his wife went into considerable detail, telling God how grateful they were for the freedom and changes.  Then he wrote, “The kids managed to share how happy they are to have their daddy back.”

I wept.

He has such a father’s heart.  I can’t imagine what it was like to watch a year go by where he needed to keep the kids at a distance because he was fragile.

He went on to write, “We then laid hands on the CD set and lifted it up as a firstfruits offering to Father God. We also prayed that the release of this teaching on AHS would not only be received well by those who listen to it, but that it would bring healing and more importantly a vibrant relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We concluded the celebration with a proclamation that this will be a firstfruits of more AHS teachings to come.”

Dedication Prayer

Dedication Prayer

Tonight, Monday, there will be another dedication, this time with a small group.  There are people who have had strange bone/tendon issues which dogged them for years.  No amount of prayer, deliverance or physical therapy made any difference at all.

Each of them has experienced massive relief from chronic issues so they will also bring an intense gratitude to their group dedication, grateful to have a quality of life back that they had despaired of ever having.

Then on Tuesday evening, there will be a solitary third dedication by someone who gets the prize for long, old connections.  This individual is high functioning, high profile, but had nagging soul issues.  She received a variety of ministry from various people over the years.  Sometimes it was deep, focused, professional ministry and other times it was long term mentoring by a life coach.

On the outside, she looks like a success by the world’s standards.  Inside, she knew something was not right yet and she had not really hit her stride.

While these principles are primarily applicable to health issues, she found some tangential applications to her life calling and ended up discovering ties from her to situations in two other continents.  These are not things that would have been flushed out through normal diagnostic questioning but they have made a remarkable difference for her.

So from a place of intense, personal gratitude, she will be having her own chat with Father about the AHS album and all it offers to those who are running hard after God, yet the road seems not to unfold before them as it should.

That is our emotional focus this week.

Megan is fresh back from a week of water skiing in Michigan where she managed to get up on one ski for the first time and is all excited.  She will be clearing her backlog of administrative stuff in preparation for Wednesday’s launch.

Gabi and I recorded the audio for “A Hard Life” last week, so this week she will be hunkered down doing the audio editing — her first solo album.  Her album cover passed “final eyes” proofing last weekend, so she is styling.

On Tuesday Genevieve will go over the shipping department with a fine toothed comb, getting everything ready for the Wednesday rush.

And on Wednesday Megan will come in early, load the album on Amazon, starting from scratch since they won’t let us do any preparatory background work.  Then the Download Store will go live, since that one was already prepped.  Then the Product Store goes live.  Then she will post the notice on the home page rotator and finally, post the PDF newsletter in the SLG newsletter archives for those whose e-mail service wrecks our formatting.  She will then send out the newsletter (which has some good stuff besides the announcement of what AHS stands for!)

Then we will sit and watch the inbox to see if Julia manages to score the first purchase — again!  She’s a hard one to beat.

After a celebration at lunch on Wednesday (provided everything goes smoothly and we are live by then) we will shift gears as quickly as only SLG does and do a dress rehearsal in the afternoon for our new series of brain tests.  Gabi and Megan have each been honing their part of the process independently, but we need to put the whole orchestra together and make it play, since on Friday, our first candidate will be here to explore the weight loss blockage and the maternal conflict issue.

Other than that, it is just another mellow week at SLG!

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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4 Responses to Nostalgia and Anticipation

  1. Jayne Yuill says:

    Arthur, I just want to say Thank-You for sharing your joy with us readers. You have left me feeling included at your table! Also, thank-you for “teaching moments” – i.e. thoughtful and strategic dedication. I have greatly benefitted Nurturing Your Spirit and other albums. These testimonies of AHS ministry – especially the last/Tuesday dedication – have left me hopeful and happily interested in the AHS material.

  2. Anthony Sutherland says:

    My wife and I minister with an inner healing ministry and have found “Ministering to the human Spirit” to be an amazing tool in our toolbox, especially when relying on a gift of discernment to guide the direction in which we speak to and encourage the spirit of the person to seek for and hear/see the Father, often for the first time in their lives. We have found that after the initial introduction of our spirits to their spirit the connection is made automatically at any further meeting without any additional request for “attention”. The persons ability to connect with Holy Spirit seems to increase when we have a physicalconnection, by holding hands or something similar. Skin to skin seems to work better than through clothing for some reason.
    Thanks again for a wonderful tool.

  3. Sonia says:

    Blessings on all of you at SLG! So thankful for you!

  4. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    Love it! “…just another mellow week at SLG!”

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