Alien Human Spirits

Release date finally arrived over ten years after my first introduction to this topic.

I was a bit down this morning, but managed to drag myself out of bed, do my exercises, and get to work in time for my 6:00 a.m. phone call.

Only, it wasn’t today.  It is tomorrow.  Guess my head stayed in bed this morning like my body wanted to.

I decided I was a little too grumpy for human consumption so decided to eat out for breakfast, something I rarely do, since I enjoy my own breakfasts.  I wandered down to the Mexican place where they serve a really great breakfast burrito, but they were closed at 6:15 a.m.


Is the whole day going to be misaligned?

I went to the Servant restaurant near the office and those good people put me back in alignment (surely without intending to, but I am grateful to them anyway).

When I got back Megan was here, pounding away on her daily admin routine.  She cleared the decks in time for our prayer time from 8:00 to 9:00.  Hanna broke away from the workshop she is leading in Switzerland to join us by phone.  After a verbal walk through of the day with confirmation and clarification from each team member, I taught about the tribe of Dan and the priestly line of Zadok and what it tells us about God’s nature.

Clearly my spirit was not home in bed because I waxed lyrical on the theme of how God’s nature really is, compared to how He is portrayed.  Communion was extra special for me today.  I didn’t bother to check whether anyone else was juiced by it.  I was definitely back in the game.

We scattered.  Lacy who is only onsite one day a week, headed to the library with her capacious cranium and nimble fingers to mine the treasures of the parathyroid, with the specific objective of figuring out its place in the fractal system, so we can figure out why it is so central in healing broken bones.

Gabi had a phone call with Hanna to dial in the back page of “A Hard Life” album cover.

Genevieve had to fine tune a couple of things in the shipping department, then she settled into her daily brain exercises, and some rewriting I inflicted on her.

Megan hunkered down over her long suffering keyboard and loaded the Amazon page swiftly (they need to approve it and order stock, so don’t expect any action there right away).

Download store was next, just a few keystrokes remaining from the set up she did a few weeks ago.  As soon as she finished making it live, she immediately bought it through the dummy account she has set up to test everything.  In the 30 seconds between when it was live and when Megan placed the test order, Julia scored the first order, with Dana four minutes behind her.

I don’t know whether Julia parks one of her four kids on the computer and has them check every 30 seconds, or whether her techie husband has written some software that broods over our store like a hunter, and is automatically programmed to pounce one nanosecond after things go live.

The home page announcements for our site and Australia went up flawlessly, but the store page in Australia was cranky.  No match for Megan though.

She sent the e-mail to all the distributors letting them know we were live, then posted the newsletter in the archive.

By now, Willene had placed the first order for the hard copy.  She is highly motivated because she knows one of our guinea pigs who experienced dramatic healing as a result of that.

At 11:32 Megan sent me the umpteenth revision of the newsletter to check all the live links.  They were, as usual, 100% accurate, so I gave her the go signal, and at 11:36 a.m. on the 24th of July, it went out to the world.

So the hard rush is over and I feel like a hummingbird on Red Bull.

I suspect she might feel the same.

Regardless, we shall have an erudite conversation about the best way to synchronize the data from the EAV machine and the EEG machine to find out where in the female brain the results of maternal hostility lands the most deeply.

Copyright July 2013, by Arthur Burk

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17 Responses to Alien Human Spirits

  1. nancy henry says:

    After listening to the teaching twice since I got it 2 days ago, I just want to say
    “THANK YOU SALLY, THANK YOU SALLY, THANK YOU SALLY”! I really want to say much more, but I can’t right now. Thank you all for persevering on this.

  2. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Arthur, I am not sure if this is the best place to tell this but you may decide if it is relevent with regard to AHS.
    A while ago while ministering to a lady I noticed thatat times she could trust Father 95% yet at other times she could only trust Him 5% so I began to suspect a disconnect but was unsure what it was. Later in ministry a voice spoke from her and said that ” I have had her for 40 years and am not leaving”. This was interesting so when she was “back” with us I asked her what had happened to her 40 years earlier. It turned out that her godmother had died while heavily involved in activities that were not christian in belief. We tthen dealt with all legal permissions, where her parents had assigned legal rights of guardianship over our lady at baptism (in an Anglican church ) and after dealing with all possible demonic issues and ties to the people, place, building and land I asked Jesus to come and remove the human spirit of the godmother from our lady. After a few minutes a great peace came over her. From then on she returned to her profession and undertook advanced studies, which was impossible before.
    I wonder if this may add to your thinking on AHS.

  3. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    Arthur, I am listening to Cd 3 track 4, the point that you are describing is an Acupuncture/Acupressure point Lung 1 on the Lung Meridian and a crossing point with the Spleen Meridian. It is supposed to be the entry point for Chi the energy force in Chinese and Oriental Medicine. This may be worth exploring in greater depth. I trained in Acupressure when I first came to the States in 1991. Hope this is helpful. Blessings Geoff Whitehead

  4. Louise M says:

    Hi Arthur, Ecclesiastes 11:5 says the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a pregnant woman. Numbers 19 explains touching dead bones makes the sanctuary of God defiled.In the valley of bones the breath and spirit were needed for resurrected life where God will make His sanctuary in their midst ( Ezek 37). The bones house the spirit of man and they house the Spirit of God; blood and Word. Satan could not touch Jesus’ bones as they were holy even unto death. What do you think?? Thank you for your wonderful mentoring and insights of wisdom.

    • SLG says:

      Louise, I think all of those things are clues, as well as the fact that the blood is manufactured in the bones (which we have been reminded of by at least 50 people so far) but none of those really fit the model. The key issue was not the preservation of the bones per se, but their not being broken. So we are holding on the back burner the issue of the skeletal system as a whole and drilling down on the dynamic of a broken bone. We are looking at all the dynamics of a normal break, then compound breaks, etc. What would happen to the rest of the body if a bone were broken vs. not broken. So far, it is a mystery. Broken bones normally heal well. And when there is a messy break, either because the body chemistry was off before the break or it got infected, it still primarily seems to affect the area around the break. We have yet to find an ah ha moment about a broken bone affecting the larger picture. So, we keep exploring.

      The verse you referenced in Ecclesiastes is quite intriguing. It is translated many different ways with wildly different meanings, one of them being the spirit in the bones. I put that one alongside Elisha who retained the residue of his anointing in his bones after the soft tissue had deteriorated in the tomb. We also have found a little nuance with the whole issue of AHS. So far, all but two have been in soft tissue, but one that we in a bone claimed it was the victim of murder. Interesting.

      So we continue to poke and prod and rotate the data until something clicks in. Thanks much for you comment, and for digging deeper than the blood being made in the marrow. Kudos to you for a thoughtful addition to our research.

      • Elizabeth says:

        perhaps you already know this, but I started poking around about bones:}

        “The skeletal system is comprised of many bones. In particular, your skull has 22 bones and your back has 33 vertebrae. Your rib cage has 11 true ribs on each side. There is a twelfth rib (on each side) but is not considered a true rib because it is not bone.

        11, 22, and 33 are precise numbers. They are also multiples of 11. I couldn’t even begin to calculate the odds of these numbers being encoded within our DNA through any process other than intelligent thought.”

  5. Alan B says:

    You have piqued my interest again .. as you often do. AHS .. what exactly are we talking about here? Is this something like “Sixth Sense” ghosts that attach to another living human? I have often wondered at the difference between “demons” and “unclean spirits” .. but just assumed they were the same. I simply must get your new cd series. Thank you again for not stopping or just staying in the same tunnel. Keep it coming!

  6. Tracy H says:

    Now you have me thinking about bones! The valley of dry bones, the bones of the passover lamb, the Saviour’s unbroken bones on the cross, bones as manufacturing centres for our cells, bones as the framework to which our muscles attach themselves so we can move and bones as the ultimate alkalinising system within our bodies. Lots to think about.

  7. Laraine Harris says:

    Hi Arthur, I have been listening to your teachings for some time now and love them, and have been helped many times, particularly in my marriage and relating to to others, thank you so much.
    I heard many years ago on a prayer day for our city, Aboriginal Pastors say that they discerned that there were human spirits in the area and that it can happen when there is a traumatic death.
    I don’t know whether that helps confirm what you are experiencing. Shalom, Laraine.

  8. Julia A says:

    Sorry, Arthur, you were wrong. I have an “unfair” advantage of a gift of keen sense of timing from the Father that He had me hone over the years (it was tough work), that now it is easy (and fun). I am still working on my patience for His timing, though 🙂
    I started listening to it already and it blows my mind how you can do deliverance through the CD teaching. Good stuff!

  9. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Sorry Arthur I forgot……I was amused when you said the store page in Australia was cranky!!! I am an Australian, cranky is such an Aussie word. I didn’t think an American word……..I laughed!!! I got the point, Also I liked your hummingbird on red bull…….I got that too! Thanks a lot. Sarah Elizabeth.

  10. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Good Morning Arthur,
    About the bones…….Why is it only the bones remain after death? No matter how many years pass? And my other question is, interesting if you are cremated, the fire has to be turned up to burn the bones, everything else goes quickly, just not the bones. Jacob came to mind, interesting He dislocated the bone out of the socket when He struck him, He didn’t break any bone. No doubt about you, you certainly do set me to thinking about things!! Thank you, as they say “use it or lose it” Have a wonderfully productive day, Love Sarah Elizabeth.

  11. jsvetec says:

    Hope I am the first Canadian to get this amazing series. Fantastic communication for this launch. Congrats to the team.

  12. Brenda LuMaye says:

    I got quite a kick out of your saying… ” you feel like a hummingbird on red bull” Now this is funny!
    Thanks for the good laugh today. It sounds like a busy day, and I am happy for you that you were able to get back into alignment with your day. It sounds as if your day was very productive and God may have thrown you a few curve balls but you hit them with precise timing and you hit them right out of the ball park. Yay!!!!!
    I am new to replying to your messages. But it is so great to connect to those who are on the same page. Blessings to you and your team.
    You can breathe now. 🙂

  13. Katie says:

    I got the newsletter, and I think I have a piece of the bone puzzle . The red blood cells are formed in the bone marrow which as you know, the life is in the blood. I was reminded that Joseph wanted his bones taken to the promised land. Also the bones remain after a person’s death-as in Elisha’s bones which still carried the anointing of life.
    Also concerning shared grief, I was reminded that the Israelites did this. I am glad that you have been blessed in this way.

  14. Linda H says:

    Love it when you give us a peek into your day…thank you for sharing.

  15. Colquhoun, Heidi says:

    I have always been self employeed but if I had to work in an office, yours sounds great! It sounds full of life and new things. Even the mundane sounds wonderful. Be blessed … all of you.

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