Death or Sheol?

One of the big issues for us as we wandered around the issue of alien human spirits (AHS) was how they could still be there in people who had gone through so much deliverance.  The answer is found in Isaiah 28.

The column on the left pertains to demons and the column on the right to AHS.  This is language from the NIV.

Death                                    Sheol

Covenant                              Agreement

Lie                                         Falsehood

Refuge                                  Hiding place

A tested stone                      A precious cornerstone

Justice                                  Righteousness

Measuring line                     Plumbline

Hail                                       Water

Sweep away                          Overflow

Annulled                               Will not stand

Rise up                                  Rouse himself

Mount Perazim                    Valley of Gibeon

Work                                     Strange work

Task                                      Alien task

Each of these words has much wisdom to offer as we dig into the original.  The central point here is that on the left you have a legal arrangement, such as my entering into an agreement to lease a building from you.  When there is a breach of the lease, you go to court, invoke justice and the lease is annulled.  It is a legal action because the original deal was based on the law.

The agreement with the Sheol on the other hand, is more like an agreement with a loan shark.  He does not go to court if you violate the agreement.  The enforcer from the loan shark just comes after you to break an arm or a leg or whatever it takes to collect the debt.

This is one of a host of things we have learned about the limitations of deliverance.  It is a powerful tool for demons.  They work on legal ground revolving around lies, sin, rebellion and all those other things we are familiar with.  You deal with demons from the perspective of legality.

On the other hand, an AHS has an agreement with Sheol and you can’t deal with it from the perspective of justice.  It requires righteousness.  It is a whole different ball game.   The first time I asked Jesus to come deal with an AHS and they doubled over in laughter over my request (and Jesus didn’t show up) I knew I was up against a whole new paradigm.

Eventually, Jesus became very engaged in the process, but it required a massive mental shift from justice to righteousness before He would partner in these situations.

Take another word.  On the demonic side you have a lot of lies.  This word portrays an absolute that was reversed.  I said I was not there on Tuesday, when in fact I was.  There is a reality, a fact, that is being subverted.

The falsehood is more like a Ponzi scheme.  There never was any reality to the deal.  It was all an illusion without substance.  It is not like a bank that got embezzled.  There was nothing there to begin with, except debt.

So we have a stiff learning curve ahead of us as we practice dealing with two different processes, depending on whether we are dealing with a demon or an AHS.

You might want to look at the New Testament deliverance.  Sometimes they are referred to as casting out an evil spirit.  I believe this is a demon.  Other times, it is an unclean spirit.  This is probably an AHS.  Any living entity in us that is not part of our original God-given design is alien — an offense to God.

Notice how often the term unclean spirit is used in conjunction with general healing as if Jesus did the two things at once.  We have found that many AHS are the direct contributors to medical issues.

I encourage you to dig in and explore the things I shared in this new album.  I am not dogmatic on many issues which are still unclear.  On the other hand, as in the list above, there are a number of Scriptural passages that teach us new tools for addressing this old dynamic.

Those who are walking in long sought after freedom are vigorous witnesses that the principles work, once we let go of the concept of justice.

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

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11 Responses to Death or Sheol?

  1. RussF says:

    Thank you Arthur for seeing yet again what traditional assumptions have not seen.
    Because of this thread, I’ve been looking at the Isaiah 28 passage using an online Hebrew study aid:
    I am not a Hebrew scholar. But I am curious.
    The Hebrew words translated “agreement”: kho-zeh (Strongs H2374) in Is 28:15 and khaw-zooth (Strongs H2380) in Is 28:18, generally have to do with “to look, to behold, notice something conspicuous”. Kho-zeh is often used for prophetic seers. The only time either of these related words are translated “agreement” in these Isaiah 28 (KJV) passages.
    So what was Isaiah’s and the Holy Spirit’s intent in using these words relating to Sheol?

    • SLG says:

      Good question, Russ. It feels to me as though it references Sheol’s ability to serve as a matchmaker, seeing the gifts and callings in an individual, and then assigning the “right” AHS to that living person. But that is just my guess from the context and the experience.

  2. don hank says:

    Very much enjoying the new album. While this is strange in the west, Culture In middle east sometimes talks about having “walk ins”. I have heard that in Egypt it is to such an extent that even Anwar Sadat believed he had gotten one maybe just before he got elected. (Heard this all over 15 years ago, so forgive me for the lack of details). While this could be a demon, I believe they believed it was a AHS to “help” them. But anyway I will go listen to the last 20% of the album and Thanks SLG!

  3. Do you think that the Living water Jesus talks about to the woman at the well is the source of “carrying away”? It’s interesting that hail beats down. Water flows; different kinds of movement.

  4. Dawn Veldman says:

    I am ordering this series for sure. Just a thought though; would shape shifting come into play here and if so where? (e.g. reptilian spirit)

  5. Tracy H says:

    An observation: the list on the left appears very logical, unemotional, clear cut and “solid” (for want of a better word) whereas the list on the right seems quite emotive, esoteric and “open” (again, for the want of a better term). The comparison that comes to mind immediately is the comparison between the right brain and the left brain. Right now I am finding this quite difficult to encapsulate but could it be that righteousness vs justice could be interpreted as Yeshua’s New Testament reinterpretation of the commandments vs the old Mosaic definition of the commandments? Yeshua’s fresh definition of the ten commandments added the humanity to the law as received by Moses but at the same time, it certainly raised the bar and probably confounded the pharisees (the legalists). What I think I am getting at is that it is quite simple and easy for most of us to avoid murdering someone (thou shalt not murder – the Moses version) – it’s clear, comfortable and unequivocal. Easy…relatively…like dealing with demons who will up and leave with the right legal tools. It’s a bit more messy to avoid speaking ill of someone or wishing them away (thou shalt not murder – the Yeshua version). Messy…relatively…like dealing with AHS’s. It seems that the H in AHS is what makes the removal of these entities somewhat “messier” and more challenging in the same way that it can be infinitely more challenging dealing with people than computers. I feel a bit frustrated because I have an idea of what I am trying to reason out here so I hope you understand the rather tatty thread. Thanks again for valuable insights, Arthur.

    • SLG says:

      Tracy, the left column represents a legal or truth encounter. The right necessitates a life rooted in righteousness to do a power encounter. A sinful lawyer can win a case in a court of law if there is good evidence and good law, even though he is a crook. But you cannot go up against an AHS with the legal system. You have to be pretty well anchored yourself.

      • Tracy H says:

        Totally – something akin to earned authority, although a bit deeper, I think.

  6. Pat says:

    Well Arthur, as usual, you’ve raised the bar for us. I’m still working on the new album and already know it will take several listens before I “get it.” This sounds a lot like what we’ve always considered an alter. It sounds like it could answer the problem of people who just can’t get rid of the DID, no matter what they do. Do you address this in the series? Can you give the short answer here? Thanks for continuing to push us into new dimensions.

    • SLG says:

      Yes, there are many similarities between an alter or “part” and an AHS. And yes, there has been a lot of damage done by “integrating” an AHS into the core of the person, thereby legitimizing a virus in the system. Big issues there that require some serious revisiting of our D.I.D. methodology.

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