Acidic Blood Issues

Did you know I am a bit of a cynic?  Too much stuff out there just does not make sense the way it is presented. One of those is the whole blood pH proposition.  Here is my logic trail.

Everything we eat goes to our stomach first where it gets a savage acid bath.  Then it goes to our small intestine where the chyme becomes alkali.  My first question was how anything could retain its original pH configuration long enough to arrive at the cells, when it is yanked both directions by the digestive track.

You can spend a few hundred dollars on water treatment systems to change the pH of your drinking water a fraction of a point, but then that water that is supposedly 7.5 or so gets dumped into your stomach where the pH might be as low as 3.  How can that “calibrated” drinking water possibly survive the acid bath intact?  Doesn’t make sense to me.

The second flaw in the whole argument is that there are a lot of people who eat a “proper” alkali diet and do not have corresponding pH changes in their body fluids, while others who eat massive quantities of sinfully delicious — I mean terribly improper — food, have perfectly good pH.  There just is not a high enough correlation between diet and pH on the street to be overly convincing, despite the endless shilling of the alkali diet people.

So I turned the formidable Lacy loose on the subject.  She promptly came back with a jewel.

The core issue is not the pH of a food when you eat it, so much as the molecular construct when it is digested.  Lemon for example is a highly acidic food, but because of the construct, when it is broken down in the small intestine, it leaves a very high quantity of alkali ash behind compared to other foods.

So the sundry lists of foods for alkali and acidic diet suddenly came under scrutiny, based on the science used to allocate them to the proper list.  Are they on one side of the great divide or the other because of their natural pH before you eat them, or because of the amount of alkali ash they will form in the digestive process?

But still, even with a list of foods that comply to that construct, there simply did not seem to be an adequate correlation between diet and blood pH.

Upon further digging, Lacy reported that really it is the pancreas’ job to handle the pH in the small intestine and suddenly there was a world of opportunity out there.

The pancreas represents the Giver fractal.  The Giver is usually engaged in highly disparate worlds — such as the fish and the birds on creation’s fifth day.  And in the body, the pancreas gets to operate as both a gland and an organ.  Go figure.

As a gland, it pumps its “product” into the blood stream:  insulin in this case.  And as an organ, it pumps its product into another organ:  highly alkali pancreatic juices into the small intestine.

So it is the Giver pancreas’ job to monitor the pH of the small intestine and release the appropriate amounts of pancreatic juices into the small intestine to accommodate the diet.

This opened up a whole realm of new possibilities.  So when our beloved Sally wrote (she with the multitude of talents, neuroses, critters and diseases) I was ready.  Here is her first e-mail.

I just listened to “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts” and was wondering if you knew what part of the spirit takes care of the alkaline/acid balance of the body.  I was told years ago that my blood was too acidic.  I tried to make it more alkaline but wasn’t successful.  Since then I have had breast cancer.  I went the route of having the entire breast removed and a few lymph nodes and did no chemo or radiation.  I have learned that the acidic environment in the body breeds cancer and that cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment.  Since I eat and drink more alkaline and know people who eat whatever they want and their bodies aren’t acid I was wondering if it has something to do with my spirit.  Just hoping you could give me some direction.

I wrote back with some background on the pancreas then offered her my prized half baked potato.

The pancreas is Giver.  If your pancreas is not pulling its weight in this area, I would follow the trail of Giver.  Are you a Giver and are there unresolved issues with your gift?  Were either of your parents Giver, or do you have conflict with a Giver close relative?  Is there a Giver in your circle of influence who is jealous of you?  Or is the Giver portion of your spirit un-nurtured for some reason?

If there is not an outside influence of toxic Giver, and your Giver portion is in good shape, then you can instruct your Giver portion to tune up the pancreas, get the biofeedback loop dialed up, and change that pH in the small intestine so that it affects the whole blood stream.

You may wish to explore the Giver blessings here to see if your Giver portions leans into them with delight or squirms a bit.  That would be a simplistic way of seeing if there is an issue there.

Now Sally is no slouch.  She got on it, put some skin in the game, faced the uglies and did the disciplines.  Gotta love Sally.  Here is her report.

Thank you for replying and giving me help.  I found that the Giver part of my spirit was wounded.  It’s amazing that after I went thru stuff with Giver and read a blessing every night and asked Giver to tune up the pancreas that my pH balance is alkaline now.  It happened within a few days and has remained the same no matter what I eat or drink.  I am looking forward to your new album.  Also, I am getting a lot out of the Fractal album.  I know it is making a big difference in me.

Go God!  When we get our spirit tuned up and properly reflecting the nature of God, there is often a cascade effect in our bodies.

Sally gave me permission to share this with you.  One victory is just a data point, not an authoritative conclusion.  We would love to have a few more of you experiment with the concept and see if we can get a solid pattern on this one.

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

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21 Responses to Acidic Blood Issues

  1. carol says:

    I love your ability to “break down and put back together” so-to-speak … as I follow your trail of deductive reasoning, I am developing the ability to divide, discern and then weave together a much larger (and often very different) picture.

    I have the teaching “Your Heath & the Redemtive Gifts” … EXCELLENT! And I laminated and carry with me the orange handout “Ten Body Systems and Endocrine Syetem.” Appreciate this material … wondering Arthur, if you have generated any further details or generated a more extensive list of RG asssociated with the body or body parts (say the various divisions of the brain)?

    Blessings to you and the entire SLG Team!

    • SLG says:

      Yes Carol. Frontal lobe, Prophet. Parietal, Servant. Temporal, Teacher. Occipital, Exhorter. Cerebellum, Giver. Brain stem, Ruler. Basal ganglia, Mercy.

      • Sonia says:

        Thank you Arthur, the list above is going to be very helpful:)
        I have posted the orange handout on my fridge. There is immense and yet no language to quantify the value of of you and your team’s work in this area.
        Blessings on all who have and will continue to participate in this area.

  2. kimberlymruth says:

    Arthur, do you think the pH balance is an accurate claim for skin? So many soaps and beauty products tout the perfect 5.5 pH in their products.

    • SLG says:

      Isn’t pH a measurement of liquids, not solids?

      • Neridda says:

        pH can be measured for many substances, both solids and liquids. eg, soil, foods, paper…
        For myself I am interested in the applications for skin and a variety of skin conditions. I am currently leaning toward skin as Servant- (much like the atmosphere it creates a boundary and safe place, cleanses, controls temperature…) of course, identifying the RG is the ‘easy’ part, doing something with that is where it gets harder…

  3. Christie says:

    Hi Stephan,
    The mouth could be prophet but this has little to do with digestion. Chewing food is merely preparation for digestion. Sure, the enzymes in saliva help to break food down but the chewing in the mouth itself is more closely connected to the central nervous system and a whole lot of muscles. Chewing is similar to breathing in that we don’t really have to think about it that much. When you reject food or savour it, I would say that this has more to do with the mind. If anything, I would say that the mouth is a passive recipient of what the mind chooses. Your mind chooses what you decide to put in your mouth and what you choose to savour or reject. Involuntary rejection of food is a different matter (like throwing up) and this happens further down the digestive path. I’m no doctor, just sharing my thoughts.

    • Stephan says:

      I agree that the mouth has little to do with the absorption of food. But, I don’t think that means that it’s not involved in digestion. Chewing is an incredibly important part of digestion, because it breaks through the outer skins of foods that are often difficult to digest. It also breaks the food into small pieces which increases the surface area exponentially, allowing the digestive enzymes to get into the food.

      And my understanding is that the primary role of the prophet is to dive into the initial truths, preparing them to be absorbed by the body, but usually doesn’t dispense the truth to the body him- or her-self.

      Usually, the truths that the prophet “breaks open” are picked up by either a teacher, who can refine and present and communicate it effectively. Or an exhorter, who can communicate it to massive amounts of people, or a mercy who can present the truths in a way that it can be received by broken, wounded individuals.

  4. Lynne says:

    Thank you so much for this insight ! I am going to dig into the Giver blessings ! I have another question … Osteoporosis can be exacerbated, and possibly caused, by being too acidic. I have issues with being acidic (no matter the diet, etc) and also third generational osteoporosis concerns. I know through your teachings that the bones represent the Ruler. My question – Are there any interactional issues between the Giver and the Ruler (both positive and negative) that might shed more light on this ?

  5. Bernita says:

    Yay! So Excited! I am going to jump all over this Arthur. 4 years ago I developed what the Doctors could only conclude as hives/inflammation and over a period of 1 year I was sent to many types of specialists to determine what was going on in my body but no one could figure it out. So I basically had no choice but to take steroids to control the pain and swelling. Until my husband decided to make an appointment for me to have a live-blood analysis. Here the Doctor found my blood to be extremely acidic and I was put on a 6 week cleanse. No dairy, sugar, yeast, flour, slim on the fruits, and no meat (occasional turkey/chicken). Within 3 days my condition cleared up and after 2 weeks it completely disappeared and never returned. I had energy that I hadn’t felt since I was a teen and thought I would never have again. At the end of the 6 weeks I had a re-evaluation and the Doctor was astonished at the results. My blood cells looked AmAzing, and she knew that I stuck to diet. I was like, “of course I did this is my body, my health , and my life, and I am way too young to be having health issues! I have to take care of myself” Since that time I have introduced most foods back into my diet but have not been back to have another live-blood analysis. I would naturally assume that I am no-longer alkaline b/c I find myself having ups/downs too regularly and have not been eating enough alkaline-forming foods in the past 4 months and my energy level is only average. I can feel it in my body when my blood is alkaline- and it feels ALIVE. So this time I am going to take your approach and do some work with my Giver portion to see what happens. I will keep you posted on the results 🙂 and “Thank-you Father for this new revelation!”

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have had the same issue and definitely have had Giver issues. I cannot wait to listen to the blessings and tune up…what freedom!! Thank you once again- unexpressible joy over a long time issue.

  7. Dayle says:

    Could this also apply where the pancreas is not producing enough insulin?

    • SLG says:

      Dayle, so far we have not had success in restarting insulin production, however, anyone who has pancreas problems should check all of the Giver dynamics in their lives, for sure.

  8. Shelley says:

    Well then, I have another question for you. My stomach secretes low amounts of acid since childhood. What redemptive gift is the stomach and where do I find the blessings for that portion of my spirit?

    • SLG says:

      Shelley, I don’t know. We have not gotten there yet. However, if I had to shoot in the dark, I would guess stomach is Prophet, since we tend to do a lot of the basic initial digestion of hard spiritual truths for others to refine. If that guess is right, the Prophet blessings are in the Articles section of our website. The first six are about what the Prophet needs to receive from God and the next six are about what the Prophet is made to give.

      But first spend some time exploring the condition of the Prophet portion of your spirit and see what unfinished business needs to be addressed.

      • Kim says:

        In regards to your response to Shelley, can you be more specific regarding how to go about exploring the condition of the a portion of your spirit. I am working with some health issues with me and my children and getting confused with the idea behind nurturing/unpacking spirit and nurturing spirit to bring healing to the body. Would a poor condition of a RG portion of someone’s spirit cause a physical ailment in a corresponding RG organ?

        • SLG says:

          Kim, there are a mass of physical problems that are purely biological. However, there are some that are affected by the condition of your spirit. We have a goodly supply of materials that explore the principles involved. I would suggest you listen to “Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar” and then “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts.” That will give you an introduction to the concept.

          • Kim says:

            I have listened to those and much more…I think I have so many concepts whirling in my brain and am looking for some clarity. I think where I was struggling was the teaching (that I have heard) that your spirit is perfect and is a place where the demonic can’t reach. I was led this morning a YouTube video of yours that addressed that teaching as unfounded. So when we are dealing with our spirits, we should be addressing 3 areas: nurture/unpacking, healing of any wounds or trauma, and the spirits ability to heal body/soul. Correct? And wounds or trauma to our spirits can manifest in our bodies as illnesses. Correct?

            • SLG says:

              Kim, in I Thess. 5:23 it clearly speaks of the need to cleanse our spirit, so as much as we would love to have a spirit that is all peachy the second we get saved, it just does not seem to line up with Scripture. And yes, to all your other questions. Not all spirit wounds will show up in the body, and not all health issues are related to a wounded spirit, but there is some correlation there.

      • Stephan says:

        Arthur, I agree that Prophet does much of the initial digestion, but doesn’t that mean that the mouth is Prophet? The part that sinks into a new truth, deciding if it is good or bad, nutritious or rotten, healthy or poisonous. It is also the part that celebrates the food, tasting, enjoying and savouring it. Or if it has a particularly “off” taste the mouth spits it out, rejecting the food entirely.

        Then, it gets passed to the stomach, which might be servant: The food gets purified in the stomach’s acid, where “unclean things” are destroyed. It softens the food, making it easier (more comfortable) for the intestines to work with. It also has the ability to ‘taste’ the glucose, carbohydrates, proteins and fats and let the brain know how nutritious the food is. The servant has a knack for remembering what each individual requires.

        Then it gets sent to the intestine which is obviously teacher.

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