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AHS: Is it a Canaanite Issue?

The album on Alien Human Spirits has been out for about a month now and we are getting a lot of valuable feedback. It has been fun to watch the people who are driven by intensity.  There are a number … Continue reading

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Mateo, Pente and the Fruit of the Spirit

Mateo got started on the wrong foot before he even got here.  It takes a lot of talent to mess up from out-of-state, but apparently he is exceptional.  He had announced himself previously as an Exhorter and Genevieve was over … Continue reading

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Trust, Portals and the Cost of a Legacy

“Sally” shared the following story of her journey through “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals & Kidneys.” I notice that I am steadily more capable of things like trusting when it used to be more “white knuckling” it.  My ability to trust God and not fear in … Continue reading

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Strategic Alert for the Weekend of Aug. 10th

I have watched with concern as the spiritual dynamics have spiraled down this week.  My metric is the e-mails coming in from around the world. The volume is high because the pain level is high and going higher each day. … Continue reading

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