Strategic Alert for the Weekend of Aug. 10th

I have watched with concern as the spiritual dynamics have spiraled down this week.  My metric is the e-mails coming in from around the world. The volume is high because the pain level is high and going higher each day.

There is enough data on the table now for me to say confidently that there is a global battle and my sense is that things will continue to deteriorate for a few more days.

On the surface, the pain seems to be incredibly diverse.  There are health problems, relational problems, spiritual issues, mental issues and blockages of every imaginable kind.  However, the bigger issue seems to be a war over time.

As our team has pondered and prayed seeking understanding, a few possibilities have emerged for engaging productively in this battle between our Great King and his ancient enemy.

First is the issue of time shifting, where the enemy attempts to take us back to a previous time in our life when we were defeated.  This seems highly probable in the lives of some people who have had high victory in a particular area, then seem to have lost it this week, for no apparent reason.

Second is the possibility of a seasonal shift.  The norm as we move from one season to another is that we go through a tight spot.  In spiritual transitions, especially when we are moving toward our birthright, the tight spot is a challenge to our foundational beliefs.

It seems as though just before God releases uncommon grace to us to enter the new season, there is a wholesale assault on the core truths that we built our lives on during the previous season.

Third is the possibility that there is some defiled time globally due to an accumulation of bad things in human history this week, either on the visible social level or in occult activities.

Regardless of whether one, all or none of these is the case, we need a strategy.  I suggest two weapons to start with.

First is the weapon of truth.  When the enemy messes with us, he usually follows it immediately with an accusation that it is all our fault, particularly that we are no good, and will never get out of this mess because we are lacking in everything necessary for a victorious life.

When we take our pain out of the shadows, put it in the middle of the room and shine a light on it, that takes some of the power away. Simply sharing with one other person that you have lost your stability, don’t know why, and are not in a good place, seems to help a little bit.

For those of you who felt the slippage start around the first of the month and have seen it accelerate the last couple of days, it is very helpful to observe that there is a global assault and that this is not just about your choices.

Finally, it is absolutely crucial that we differentiate between our pain and our essence.  It is right and true to say, “I am in a crazy amount of pain.  I have blown up at my family four times in the last 24 hours.  I can’t seem to connect with God in any way.”

It is not right or true to come into agreement with the enemy by saying to yourself, “I am a loser and will never be able to get it right.”

So face the truth that things are not working for you, but don’t curse your design or your future.  That will not help.

Second is the weapon of time.  A number of years ago I was driving through a spiritual battle.  I can’t remember the place or the nature of the war, but I do remember God saying that I needed to learn to use time as a weapon.

That was a totally new thought for me.  I was very familiar with defiled time as a weapon in the hands of the enemy, but I had no clue in the world what time as a weapon would look like in my hands, hammering the enemy.

We still have only scratched the surface years later, but I believe that it would be strategic for us to fight for time and not just react to the pain that is in our face.

So what does that look like on “Monday morning” or Thursday in this case!

First of all, I have learned to celebrate by faith the complexity of time.

Space/matter is incredibly complex.  We have continents, mountains, people, molecules, atoms, electrons, quarks, leptons, gluons and ultimately the “God particle” known as the Higgs boson.

It is my conviction that time is equally complex.  We have macro divisions of antediluvian, B.C., and A.D.  There are the four seasons, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

There are the redemptive gifts of seasons (layered like the redemptive gifts of land) which we only barely understand.  There is the gender of time that changes four times throughout the year.

Then there is the individual life story of each human being that draws from the spiritual dynamics of past time and contributes to the spiritual dynamics of the future generations.  Each person has a unique story line that takes into account all of the sophisticated dynamics we know about, and a thousand more we have not discovered.

So start with faith.  Even if we only understand a fraction of a fragment of the majesty of the complexity of holy time, proclaim to God that it has to be extraordinary and worship Him for the original design of time.

Then celebrate by sight.  Set aside some time for you and God or you and your community to scour the history of your life to see every time God used time as a weapon on your behalf.  How many major events in your life hang by a thread of precise timing?  If you had not been at the water cooler when Joe mentioned to Fred about the situation at the Little League game, you would never have . . .

After the worship (and only after the worship) you go to war.  I assume that you are familiar with the tools for cleansing time from the album “Trauma Bonds to Time.”  Cleansing our personal time lines in the various ways listed there matters immensely.  Defilement on time is a bungee cord hooked into our back, limiting our progression toward our birthright.

But our time line is not all evil.  We and our ancestors have done many good things in the month of August.  Granted we don’t know what they are.  We don’t know what flavor of sanctification is embedded on any particular day, for any individual.

But God does!  His record keeping is impeccable.  In the same way that He knows all the virtue that has been accumulated in our generations and can dispense it strategically in our lives, so He has the perfect record of the authority on time that has been accrued.

Spend some time celebrating (by faith) the virtue coming to you via your national heritage, racial or tribal heritage, your family line and your own choices.  I wonder what it would look like if we could physically see all of the earned authority on time that has been accumulated for your individual life during the second week of August?!

Then invite God to use the resources you and your ancestors have accumulated as a weapon against the enemy.

Now that I have brought data and principles to the table, let’s join them to discernment.

During this week, there have been a number of incidents in the spirit realm, indicating that the King is on the move and He has big plans for this week.  In the natural, things look more grim than glorious, but the discernment is 100% opposite the data.

So ponder this picture.  Two years before Mr. Bush gave “the” order to invade Iraq, he began building a massive staging area in Kuwait.  In other words, he had already made up his mind to go in.

Likewise, if the King has been aware for millennia that He was going to run a major operation this week using time as a weapon, wouldn’t He be planning ahead?

How many billions of righteous acts has He prompted His people to execute with precision and passion during this week in history?

Clearly He knows the exact flavor of the enemy’s hold on time during this week.  Just as clearly He could set the table for His people to do actions that were precisely in the opposite spirit to the iniquity the enemy has at his disposal.

What would the spiritual tenor of this week be like for the entire globe, if God’s people overtly invited God to use the virtue on time that they are stewards of, to come against the works of the enemy?

But why stop with mere victory?  The US did a pretty good job of destruction in Iraq, but the two presidents involved have not been overly effective at rebuilding a peaceful, thriving nation.

Our King is much more skilled than those presidents, so I assume He not only wants to rout the enemy on the playing field of time, He also wants to build on the playing field of time.

So again, by faith, having almost no concept of what it would look like for time to be redolent in the glory of our King, let’s ask anyway that He would use the treasures of time not only as a weapon but as a tool to establish a fortress of righteousness on the time of this week.

To wrap it up — our pain is very personal.  However, the battle is global and it is being played out on the playing field of time.

Some of you are already casualties of the battle and can do no more than hunker down and try to not get wounded again.

Others are eating serious personal pain, but you are still in the game.  I encourage you to shift your strategy away from survival and freedom and begin focusing on taking the battle to the enemy through the King’s use of time.

And for those of you who are not in pain this week, I strongly suggest that your time line is loaded with virtue.  That is why you are immune from the attacks hitting others.  I implore you to not sit calmly on the sidelines, rejoicing in your safety, but to bring your assets to the battle for time, because we should all be carrying the pain of our brothers and sisters who are pinned down at this time.

Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

From what was supposed to be a peaceful retreat for research, but the  God of All Strategy positioned me on an extraordinary piece of Giver land with a huge anointing for controlling timing.


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41 Responses to Strategic Alert for the Weekend of Aug. 10th

  1. ruthiespage says:

    We are on board. We had a major skirmish with the enemy the day this blog came out. BJ read this first and called to tell me to read it. It helped so much to put our little skirmish in perspective. Realizing this is global, we were excited to have been honored by our King to be included in this battle for the Kingdom. This blog was a ‘heads up’ for us to remember it’s not all about me! but about His Kingdom. Thank you Arthur, for pulling us together as His Kingdom army to stand against our common enemy. Gives insight and releases spiritual energy to move forward.

  2. Roslyn says:

    Dear God, Thank You. Dear Arthur, thank you, too.

    What an incredible time this past week has been.

    For several days, I almost thought that I was 17-19 again (not a good thing at all). Too long and too personal to go into here, only to say that I don’t remember in the past 20 years (at least) feeling as “low” or near complete hopelessness as I was experiencing the days prior to this blog posting..

    All I know is that on that fateful day that was the KEY to a major upheaval (in good way) there was still enough “me” in me to open the email containing this blog; I probably didn’t even do that part. I am sure that Holy Spirit led me to the mailbox.

    After reading the blog, everything began to fall into place. Looking back, I don’t know if I was yet able to actually pray but I did know that what I read was His Truth.

    The first thing I did was the first thing that the article mentioned; I told somebody. I then began taking the steps as outlined, as best I could.

    SUCH INTENSE, thorough and effective healing on many, many levels and for issues began and continued for three days.

    It’s it’s almost unbelievable and yet I just lived it so I have to believe it.

    Instead of disaster, ruin and gloom, I am now sailing high in our God, free now, finally, of things I did not even know were still there but Father did. He had to allow the pain so that I would find these answers. Okay, so there was pain. But He also provided the big “way marker” (Arthur’s post) to point in the way that I should go.

    Then He had a series of circumstances all set up the previous week-end that would lead to the revelation, release and healings, healings, HEALINGS that transpired. Not only healings for me but blessings for those involved as well.

    And THEN … He blessed me with a lovely and very unexpected gift that absolutely melts my heart in God … a prophetic painting that Father told the artist to paint just for me. (I am the one who ever is over-looked in the prayer line and almost never, rarely if ever, receives unexpected gifts, or … any gifts. And this one from Holy Spirit through the hands of His beloved.

    I soooooo hope that many others are experiencing some levels of relief, healing, freedom or rejoicing . it feels so GOOOOD!

    Thank you, Arthur, for being willing to pay the price that brings honor to our King

    Oh. Robert, if you are still reading this blog I want to tell you that today I was reading Job 38 – 41 today and thought of you.

  3. JoAnn Hamilton says:

    I got this email from my sister in Christ & has helped so much. Thank you. What is the book you mentioned about repenting , I would like to get it. I have been sensing a storm coming & for us to prepare this email has given me better direction on how to prepare & fight the battles that have blind sided me. I see clearer now on how to deal with these assaults on my family. Lord help us ALL redeem our time for The Lord God Almighty !
    Thank you again & God bless you & your ministry.

    • SLG says:

      JoAnn, I am not sure what you are referring to in terms of a book about repenting. Where did I mention it? I am running a bit too fast these days and seem to be forgetting some of the trivia, so if you give me the context of my comment, I might be able to find it.

  4. David Cosier says:

    Thank you, as well, Arthur. This week I have actually experienced several times of losing my balance. This is unlike me. I usually don’t fall down, unless I am spun around several times. I get the sense that something is happening in the physical dimensions. This morning, the Lord told me to read Numbers 23. In this chapter it tells how the enemy repeatedly chooses to curse God’s people, but God changes each one of those curses into blessings. I look forward to seeing how God will equip us with the resources and strategies to help all of mankind. I expect these shifts to increase in frequency, and in intensity, in the time to come.

  5. jimalseth says:

    Aug. 10 is an exciting date for me. Thirty three years ago on this date I came into the Kingdom!!

  6. Jenny Svetec says:

    Over the past six weeks, I have sensed that a great shift on time is happening. I expect the Body of Christ is entering a season of profound blessing on time. I feel like a season of suddenlies is just about to break over us. Sudden answers to prayers groaned about for centuries. Sudden culmination of events. Sudden changes of governments. Sudden shifting of circumstances. Sudden changes of law. Sudden shifts which have been orchestrated by God inch by inch in preparation for these weighty days. I sense countless miracles and countless resurrections are coming on a global scale, advancing the Kingdom of God in ways not expected.

    Arthur’s amazing heads up,given his clear ability to assess things on a global level is really crucial for the Body, because truly, the war is on for our perspective or the eyes of our heart.
    After great labour, sudden answers may be unseen, unnoticed if we are caught up in fabricated distractions by the enemy, convincing us we have lost ground when really, we about to secure huge portions of “ground” in the spirit for the Kingdom of God.

    I sense that the Holy Spirit is about to astound the world with that same power of resurrection that raised Christ from the dead, and that the miraculous will dovetail with anointed timings again and again as He advances His Kingdom for His Glory.

    Here lies the beauty of Arthur’s strategy to reflect, worship and then move forward. If our eyes are on all the great things the Lord has done, and our hearts are filled with worship and awe at God’s timing, we will be ready to see what God is about to do and in fact, declare what we see before it is seen. But if our eyes are on pain, or discouragement or failure, if our hearts are weighed down by the trauma of the current assault, we will not be ready to see the glorious display of God’s power that is coming.

    So let’s stand strong with all the aching and discouraged and bless the Body with a great expectation of time redeemed. Just as Jesus strode fiercely into the temple and upturned a commercial system, re-establishing the temple as His Father’s house of prayer, I sense the Lord is fiercely upending a system of delay, re-establishing time for His Father’s glory. We are all going to be amazed.

    Lift up your heads and behold the Ancient One – for He is mighty to save and He will.

  7. jsvetec says:

    Excellent strategies, Arthur. Reflect, worship and then war, for King and country! I see great advances for the Kingdom as we push hard together for all that the Lord has been dreaming about for this age. I sense that by the power of the Holy Spirit, with the same fierce power of the resurrection that defied death and decay two thousand years earlier, time is now being refurbished, set straight, and established for the anointed purpose of the King. I sense a turning over of the tables, a reordering of timing just like the same fierce intent when Jesus, as Son of God denied further access to using the Gentile courtyard as a marketplace as He drove out livestock and overturned tables and re-established the temple as His Father’s house of prayer. This painful labour is tough but worthy. We lovingly stand on guard as one Body as we marvel at what the Lord is doing on such a global scale.

  8. Teresa says:

    Update: This morning, our company email provider – one of THE top providers – has had their email service knocked out. This thing is affecting communication on a large scale. Does this indicate a weaving in of the Leviathan element?

    • Janis K says:

      Reference: Teresa: “This thing is affecting communication on a large scale. Does this indicate a weaving in of the Leviathan element?”

      Update: In our family business, the electronic communication between fire alarm & central station has gone severely wrong in two major accounts in the last week, runaway signals for days, problems even the manufacturer’s techs are scratching their heads about, no idea nor obvious cause. My husband finally solved one yesterday, a single cracked resistor on the main board. The other not solved yet. These are the Communicators of the alarm industry. But communication is breaking through in personal relationships.

  9. Roslyn says:

    It makes all the difference in the world to know that this is a global onslaught that many, many others are experiencing.

    It would be absolutely impossible to attempt to describe the level of pain and even hopelessness (I am the original “come on guys, we can make it” gal not given to hopelessness no matter what) that of this entire month.

    Now, after reading this Life Saving piece, I see that there is a reason to square the shoulders, pick up the Bible, put one foot in front of the other and join the army once again … marching on, dancing on, not only to Victory but blessing and redemption for others.

    A very special, very tender, heart flowing over with gratitude to Holy Spirit for prompting Arthur to write this article and for Rosa, who He already had prepared, standing in the gap in prayer for those of us who are barely able to lift our heads.

    I so want to sing “Onward Christian Soldiers” and shall, as I look for the teaching on redeeming time so that I might load my ‘weapon’ and pull down those strongholds

  10. Rebekah says:

    I stand in awe at the God who can simultaneously speak globally and yet so personally. I’m taking the battle to the enemy through the King’s use of time! Thanks Arthur for this post!

  11. I feel I am finally in the air above the assault. It has been a long time coming. We have been ambushed again and again and nothing has really changed except that after working through your nurturing your spirit CD’s, we are not even looking at the circumstances but are full out going after the enemy and his lying self. Standing with the many who are suffering and being blind-sided like we have so many times.


  12. Rosa says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, I will stand in on behalf of those who feel the struggle. Believe me,I know what its like.I marvel at how,what feels like the first time in my life, in the last three months, I seem to be either flying stealth, or above the clouds, I am not being affected . I dont remember when I last felt so…good. At peace. On a new level.Close to God. Protected. Favored. Hearing His voice. Even when life in general isnt always hunky-dory. Its just wild,the complexity of life, and yet the simplicity.

    • Heart flooded with gratitude.

    • Rebekah says:

      Rosa – I’m so happy for the wonderful place you find yourself! I too am in a wildly dynamic season, and this war for TIME seems to be a splendid catalyst in an already rich brew. It’s good to have you through your weight in with us!

  13. Teresa says:

    Love the wildness of Kingdom life! On Tuesday I randomly cancelled weekend plans at home and reserved a room for the weekend on a lake in a neighboring servant state. Left work earlier today, arrived at the resort, checked into the room, and pulled up this blog! Have been actively cleansing land and time for a while now. So yes, I’m in! Arthur, thanks for facilitating. To those of you experiencing pain, grace to you. Praying for you. For all of us, what great anticipation as to what our Ancient of Days has in mind for the next few days!

  14. Jim Alseth says:

    Thanks for this Arthur. Like so many have mentioned, it’s encouraging to find out “it’s not just me.”

    You’re not kidding the sparks are flying in the unseen. When I got to work today at the hospital for the afternoon shift I came into a province-wide network outage. It’s just starting to come back as I write…

  15. Marion says:

    Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling. Mine started Tuesday and my husband phoned and reminded me about defiled time. I can see that in my life but I also wonder about the bigger picture? If I remember correctly Ramadam has just finished even though I don’t know the complete significance it seems like it definitely matters in the spirit realm.

    • Hannah says:

      I agree with you about Ramadan, Marion – I was thinking the same. One only has to look at the incredible pain, suffering and struggles that are currently going on in the middle east and the islamic world to know that the strongholds of islam must have some significance. And personally speaking, this article has made sense of what I have also been feeling over the last few days. At least now I know that my own pain is part of a bigger picture, and can look forward with hope rather than despondency.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hi Arthur – many thanks for posting this – life affirming to see the bigger picture on this one!!! When the onslaught started it all seemed so familiar (like the symptoms of a bad cold) … but then none of the tested remedies seemed to be working this time. I finally realised in desperation that I’d misread the signs and this WAS NOT A COLD (e.g. something I’d encountered before and just need to get better at/grow more in understanding, etc) but something far more malicious and I needed NEW WISDOM. After (finally) praying for wisdom – the answer was: help those that hate you: meaning a couple of long standing failed relationships where the enemy had set up camp – and was building a city. The unusual part was that these were not the relationships I thought needed fixing in my life. The people were/are dangerous, can (and have) definitely hurt me and were showing no signs at all that they had any concern for my wellbeing, they are not close family or friends, I was/am completely expendable to these people (in their eyes, anyway). I prayed for strategy and then followed what God said to do. This was a few days ago – and the payback was immediate: an open heaven, restoration of joy and a clear line of sight in the current battle plus the opening up of significant connections/resources, including further wisdom and strategy. This action of (forgiveness? restoration? obedience? courage? other??) has also triggered the release of seemingly unrelated items that had not responded to anything else for sometime. I’m not sure of all that God is doing in this week, but riding the waves and facing the giants seems to be part of it. I’ve always thought that when David stood over Saul in the cave and didn’t kill him it was because he didn’t want to kill him. After this week I wonder if he really did want to kill him in order to protect himself (as he knew that Saul intended to kill him), but in a moment in time God gave David wisdom and he saw Saul as God saw him and then he was able to forgive and no longer fear Saul. In any event, I think that God is providing the opportunity to settle scores this week – big time – and sometimes those scores are settled with His love: “I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.” Hos 11.4 (ESV)

  17. Narola Grady says:

    Thank you, Arthur. This week has been a series of spiritual fights for me. I was puzzled and upset because I have tried to cleanse this particular time period in our family line. And my husband and son and I have been trying to intentionally lean into God’s covenant as a response. It’s helpful to know there are others in there with us, along with more food for thoughtful kingdom action.

  18. Caroline says:

    Thank you. This gives me such a bigger, better perspective. I thought it was just me!

  19. This makes me think of certain prayers sessions I have been a part of where it feels like God wants to hear us agree with Him and say “YES!!!! DO IT!!!”. There are many of us who have followed closely with the cleansing and sanctifying of time in our lives. So, the idea of not only agreeing with what God wants to do but also inviting Him to use all of the resources we have built up resonates very deeply. Thank you for the perspective and strategy.

  20. Bethany says:

    I felt the “shift” Monday morning- and I knew something was going on in the spiritual realm with regards to time- THANK you for posting this because it is right on time!!!!!!! Now, with my strategy in place, it is time to partner with my King and be dangerous 🙂

  21. Elise says:

    Thank you! I absolutely believed it was me. The last 10 days have been completely filled with how much of a failure I am and I’m at the point of praying that God would end my time here on earth. It helps to hear that it’s an external, global atmosphere rather than an internal, essence condition.

  22. Ronda says:

    The battle this week has been just strong enough to leave me a mess, but also with an awareness (and rejoicing over the fact) of progress made. What would have decimated me even a year ago, has simply been painful at this point, and there has been a lot of truth holding me back from the precipice. Rejoicing over your insight and instruction and the faithfulness of our King! Thank you for framing this in a way that answers many questions and leaves much hope for even more victory! Looking forward to glory stories as the plans of the King prevail.

  23. c9ndy says:

    I’m very encouraged by this blog on time. While I’m not hurting others around me are. This gives me insight and tools and direction to continue fighting. Thanks. Love our King

  24. jane62 says:

    Thanks so much – I made a note on Monday – Defiled Day! – So this is not just me or here …
    The strategy is very much appreciated

  25. Robert says:

    This answer will not be in all likelihood be what you had in mind. . But I have felt what you have written in your email with great intensity starting back in early July and began to culminate in the beginning of August and have cresendoed it seems at this time.

    One thing that you have not addressed is the longevity of God not moving in people’s lives, we don’t want to face that or say God is not doing something, but for me it is a fact and for many others, many many others, but people are afraid to say God is not holding up his end. I am talking years and years. Do we have the courage to be real to say what is real, to say well these are the facts, and look at those facts and admit them, to see them and face them?

    Many have learned to live in denial, to always say well God will come through, but he doesn’t, he hasn’t, and I think that for many, maybe some, certainly for me, giving to him what I have given to him over the years and not to see any return, you reach a point, where words don’t mean anything, only actions matter.

    if you knew my situation and what I have done in my search for God, journaling, 1600 books read, videos by the hundreds, learning, growing, investing, being alone, doing all that I knew to do , these are many years of a lack of movement on Gods part, while this answer may not be what you want to hear, it’s an answer to your message that there are situations where nothing has worked no matter what has been done over the years.

    I have 4 masters, 3/4 of a doctorate, and have invested whole lot of time with God over the years, I have studied, I have grown, I have invested way way beyond the norm, in fact there are very few who have invested what I have invested to grow in God and the areas of interest I have. I am talking ten to twelve hours a day.

    I have been accumulating all the material you and Megan have released on time and began studying it a month ago, I also have huge access to understanding the enemy working on time because of someone I am dealing with that has provided a flood of the way the enemy uses time with enemy super soldiers. So I am in the process of digesting all of that and then I get this email from you.

    It’s not just this time; it’s about the lack of many things over the breath of time and the continued lack of movement from God. and I think the national situation in America is also part of the equation, No matter how much prayer goes into things, things only are getting worse, We have no leadership in America and the country is feeling that in a huge way and then that affects the rest of the world.

    There is very little real leadership in the church, if we had true leadership, the country would not be in the situation it is in. I am talking leadership in the church that stands up to the government and calls sin sin.

    I am going to take your email and sift it out and see what it is saying to me in conjunction with the material I have been accumulating on time. It will be interesting to see what response your email gets on this subject. But I have this feeling that longevity of waiting and God not coming through may be a theme that runs through the equation and how that all affects time and issues of time.

    I have kind of given up on God in the sense of; he is going to do what he is going to do. I have learned that over the years when continued disappointed from him has occurred. By giving up on him, I mean I have let all the dreams go. . I am living here today in this point in time. I don’t know what the future holds and I am unsure of Gods actions for me. I thought I knew his plans over the years but nothing materialized, just study more and grow more was the apparent answer. Well that answer has kind of run out energy to accept.

    Arthur, this is about real people, with real issues, with real issues of God and just who he is for them, for me, for others, We want to see the real God stand up and be our God in the sense of do something for us. Show us your favor God, Where is the God of blessing and favor. That is what I want to know.

    I have given everything I am and have to God and have lived my life devoted to him. What he has done in terms of favor does not compute.

    Maybe what I am trying to say throughout this answer, is I am tired, not because of life per se, but more because of the lack of movement of God to fulfill promises and I have a feeling that that is the issue on time that is at the crux of what you are writing about.

    And the lack of movement has taken its toll. I don’t think I am alone. Yes there are lots of components to the time set of issues, I got that, but over and above all of that is God. And He just doesn’t move when he decides not to, but we have this idea of him that he should. So we get set up for lots of issues.

    But it takes real honesty and courage of the heart to admit these kinds of things, because it’s not the kind of thing that people wants to hear – but its real…..

    I have decided one thing over the last month or so and that is I am going to understand time like few ever have, it’s the one thing I want to do now.

    There is a phrase in the bible that is often overlooked but I believe holds significant keys to beginning to understand time. it occurs several places in the bible and I end this response to your email with that phrase. “in the fullness of time”……….

    • dorisann says:

      I really feel your pain Robert. I pray that this concept regarding time will be the final key that unlocks all of your frustration. A couple years ago I went thru a complete purging of all my dreams and hopes and God set me on a clean playing field. It was what I call an abortion, and Arthur so kindly reminded me that it takes 9 months to prepare the womb for new birth. SO I waited. I am now seeing the fruit of that purging. He is doing amazing things in my life, I am in a place where all the pain of my life is now showing it’s purpose. My arsenal is huge as a result of all that I did and studied and experienced. Now I can walk on the stage and be effective. So know that there is a huge blessing on those last 5 words in your blog.

    • Carla says:

      Thank you. Yes. I’ve been struggling in the same way, not in a good place, but not quite ready to kill my dreams, while I process the reality that not everyone gets a ram in the bush here on earth. And yet God says I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. So… you encourage me. You’ve already walked through the place I am in. You’ve let your dreams go and yet… you are still pushing on and learning more, discovering more about God. In the fullness of time…

      • Robert says:

        For time one thing the enemy does is he takes blocks of memories and by various mechanisms converts those memories to his timeline which perverts the godly time line,

        You will find that if you deal with “blocks of memories” as an single entity , it will affect movement of time, DID issues and timeline issues, Key is to recognize how you cursed your own set of memories in the block. This opens wide an extremely fast track of healing once renounced and the memories blessed. Do this by block (grouping of memories) where you in some way cursed yourself for those memories, its amazng what happens to blocks of memories when they come back onto the godly time line..

    • Eileen says:

      I feel for you Robert and can relate to your struggle. Until about two months ago I had been striving to keep my head above water financially, physically, and spiritually, becoming so tired. Finally when all my energy and personal strategy was exhausted, I cried out to The Lord “what do you want me to do Lord? Please show me where you want me to go!” Then I gave it all back to him. I surrendered my will and my life and all of my dreams to him and just waited for his answer. Within a few days I got my answer. It started with a Holy Spirit conviction about a sin of disobedience to him. About eight months prior he had led me to the local Christian Mission to volunteer, and while I started the process of becoming a volunteer, for various reasons; some valid and some selfish I did not continue to volunteer. I got distracted by the pressures of looking for a job in my field and the volunteer position did not seem like a good fit for me anyway. So I just continued doing things my way with no success. That was my sin; doing things my way, instead of staying where he had sent me, I went back to my old ways. Sounds like a small thing, but it side tracked me from the path that God had chosen for me. Shortly after I returned to volunteering in one of the Mission programs, the director of the Mission told me about a job opening they had, and asked me if I wanted to apply. So I did, and God opened that door for me. Now I am doing what God created me to do. I’m serving Him by serving His people; the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the homeless. I am working hard and loving every minute of it! I now know where I belong; living out his will and purpose for my life, and in his love. There is no better place on earth to be!

      If I could say one thing to help you find your way, I would tell you to stop striving so hard in the flesh, and just surrender ever part of yourself to God. Ask him where he wants to lead you, then when he gives you his answer, just trust and obey. I hope this helps you in some way. May the Lord bless you with the peace that passes all understanding!

  26. Cecilia Kunzmann says:

    Dear Arthur, thank you for writing this post. I can relate to most of the points mentioned above especially moving from one season to another or spiritual transition, and on top of that we physically moved to Singapore from NJ last week. As a family we experienced this tremendous emotional roller coaster since Wednesday. We tried to make sence of this dramatic shift and the constant feeling of doubt. We also find ourselves pushing back spiritualy all the time, almost like a South-African rugby scrum, kicking in their heels. At one point we blamed culture shock and Ramadan, but it is clear to me now that there is much more going on. It is time to change the battle plan! His grace is enough.

  27. Michael says:

    AMAZING! Just read this and Arthur, I am completely blown away. I am leaving for Phoenix on Sunday the 11th. This came about 3 weeks ago at the Lord’s direction. I grew up in Phoenx, not at all fond of the desert–not my favorite place on earth, but my oldest son and his family live there and I’m needed for a “time”.
    I have often asked the Lord how He “redeems” time and “restores what the canker worm has stolen” knowing that He is true to His word, but void of understanding as to how.
    As I have pondered why Phoenix? Why now?
    For the past 15 months the Lord has been speaking to me about 2 related incidents that should have accured but didn’t. One 48 years ago in August the other 47 years ago in December. As a result the entire course of my life was changed.
    He is taking me back to Phoenix (the bird arising from the ashes) to redeem that time for such a time as this!

    • Janis K says:

      “He is taking me back to Phoenix (the bird arising from the ashes) to redeem that time for such a time as this!”

      I love this! I and two significant others have been engaged for several days yet again in very difficult dialogs, with old pain surfacing, old life habits being revealed, old choices exposed by the Spirit of God so no denial is possible, and it’s a daily walk …. what choices will be made TODAY, because TODAY there is always a fork in the road to choose, not so much actions but our own mental and emotional perspectives, choosing to align with God’s perspective. Actions follow. Circumstances have conspired to force this time (Time) to be very intense, night and day. But at the core, it’s about Redemption of past wrong choices with the future crafted by our Father, aligning us with His plans and design (and of course, He always knew!).

      I had no idea that this was warfare on such a scale. Thanks for the Alert Notification, Arthur. The Central Station at work!

  28. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Arthur for this ‘heads up’, for your counsel, instruction and mandate.

  29. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    It finally all makes sense ….. thanks for the insight and strategy!

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