Trust, Portals and the Cost of a Legacy

“Sally” shared the following story of her journey through “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals & Kidneys.”

I notice that I am steadily more capable of things like trusting when it used to be more “white knuckling” it.  My ability to trust God and not fear in rocky situations is steadily improving.  I love that.

I am also becoming less weary.  I’ve noticed that I have more energy and can chase my son around the yard.  I just find myself running and then realize I never used to do that.  I feel I am getting my youth back.  Even though I’m technically “young” I’ve often felt older and worn out somehow.  I don’t crash so much after minor expenditures of energy.  I seem to bounce back easier.  It is like a choice I have to make.

The deposit is now growing to trust or act out of energy rather than weariness and I get to make that choice and step into new levels of energy and trust that were not there before.  So it is a steady process of making right choices and there is extra grace and provision for it as well.

The impact of this CD album continues to mystify me.  At times I wondered if it was just a placebo effect, but the depth of transformation in so many people proves it is far more than that.  But how do you get from blessing the adrenals to having a capacity to trust God, not just do “white knuckle Christianity?”

Beats me, but I am delighted to have accidentally helped Sally!

Another wonderful accident is the apartment that our new intern, Mateo, is moving into.

I had envisioned his being in the same Exhorter complex where the girls are.  It is a large place with high turnover.  When I called to see what they had available, I was shocked that the answer was nothing!  They had no vacancies and none on the horizon.

That was an unexpected wrinkle.  We went into problem solving mode and in no time found a place about half a block away.  Megan inspected the available apartment.  I approved it over the phone, sight unseen.  She started the paperwork.  I faxed my signature in from halfway around the world.

Eventually we started furnishing it and it took on a life of its own.  Megan, Gabi and I all found it to be a remarkably positive place.  Now “positive” is a carefully chosen word.  It is not ideal in the objective sense.  It is upstairs.  The A/C in the living room does not cool the bedroom particularly well.  There are some aberrations in the electrical.  It is, after all, an old apartment.

But it has a big draw for all of us.  Worship is uncommonly easy there.  So is resting.

I was surprised at how much money and effort I personally invested in setting up the kitchen.  For a bachelor pad, all you are supposed to need is a can opener and some paper plates.  Goodness knows the boy has more than that in this kitchen!   Wonder why?

We are not sure what the redemptive gift of the complex is.  Genevieve voted Ruler.  I thought Prophet, then shifted to possibly Servant.  The two Mercies are staying out of the fray.

But it sure does seem as though there is a strong portal in the kitchen.  I have always been busy working when I am there, so have not had time to sit and soak in the portal to see what flavor it is but it certainly is a big draw.

Every two weeks, the whole staff gathers for an evening of doing community.  Mateo is in charge of creating and hosting some sort of event during the week of Sept. 29th.  It will be hugely interesting to see what he has learned about his new pad by then.

He flies in on Thursday afternoon the 22nd.  We have a welcoming party that night designed to utterly wreck his image of our company and on Friday he will be thrown into the deep end of the pool.  His e-mail address is  Why don’t you write him a welcome e-mail.  Share a little bit about yourself and how you found SLG, and then bless his entrance to a new experience.

I am on the road again briefly and will miss the drama of the release of a new album tomorrow.  I think this is the first product ever released when I was not home.  And that is quite fitting since this has been Gabi’s project.

It is her first ever start-to-finish project.  I provided the content, but she designed the album cover, the CD labels, recorded the teaching, edited the audio, produced the masters, loaded the CD printers, printed and burned the CDs, then assembled the albums.  And now she will brood over the morning drama on Wednesday as Megan plows through the last seven steps, releasing it around the world.

Then Gabi will watch with bated breath to see who orders the first download and the first hard copy!  It is fun to birth a new product.

The album name is “A Hard Life.”  The CD titles are:

1.   Cost of Social Status

2.   Cost of Obedience

3.   Cost of Leadership

4.   Cost of Ministry

5.   Cost of Greatness

6.   Cost of Legacy


Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

From room 623, on the road again

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6 Responses to Trust, Portals and the Cost of a Legacy

  1. Cheryl says:

    Arthur, I hesitate to comment on your choice of words here (you being the wordsmith) however I feel the need to put in perspective the connotation of the word “draining. The “draining” of which you speak is a good thing- in that it is a draining of all the old ungodly beliefs and things that hold us back. In that vein it is not unlike a detox diet, where one has to go through a certain amount of uncomfortableness before one reaches the end. I vote for servant in this respect as to your shot as to the redemptive gift. Personally, as an exhorter, I find that if you look at the truth that we are actually made up of with a bit of all the giftings with certain ones having predominance that the ones next in line to the right and left (as it were) seem to be those that have the most influence. Or perhaps it is just me. I have given this a lot of thought ever since Loretta kept saying to me how overwhelming the servant portion of my spirit she felt. I give a lot. Servant and Giver are to my right and left, so as the Exhorter learns to be so overwhelming and desparate and give a little, so the Servant and Giver portions of my spirit get to express themselves. In some instances it is because of the woundedness of my Exhorter portion I think that these two seek to be dominant. Either way, if you are between Prophet and Servant, go with Servant 🙂 I hope to hear much on this gathering of which you speak!

  2. dorisann says:

    I have tears in my eyes looking at the titles of the CD’s for A Hard Life — guess I need to go there next. Arthur, you are doing some really deep stuff right now and it feels like the time in my life I need it the most. Thanks— (I think) can always trust you to have your pulse on the next new thing I need. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to absorb all that is happening and your focus keeps me focused. Thanks again!! all of you!

  3. dorisann says:

    I have just started listening to the Fractals of Two CD and stopped myself from listening to more than one blessing, based on your warning Arthur! I really wanted to move on quickly but am heeding the warning about physical responses. Looking forward to the positive responses I get to share. I am also quite impressed with all that you do to prepare a home and a position for a new employee. You really do make an investment in your people at SLG. It must be a wonderful place to go every day. Blessings to you all.

    • SLG says:

      Thanks, Doris. Yes, we do invest a lot in our employees. We expect an awful lot from them too, but we do what we can to make this a place where they can thrive. There is a lot to unpack in each individual, and it gets to be draining hard work very quickly, so we try to see to it that the outer environment is not a drain on them while they are rebuilding their inner environment.

    • Debbie G. says:

      I am 2/3 through the album, I am working on disc 4. There are some practical things that you can do to help as the toxins are released. 1. Goldenseal, a strong herb that is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, if you are not pregnant or nursing a baby. take a couple capsules every day. Bentonite Clay. 1 tbsp in a glass of water 1/2 hour before a meal. Makes chalky tasting water, but it has properties of attaching to toxins, and helping usher them out of your body. These things may or may not help you, just suggestions.
      Right now the Holy Spirit is working on the fear in my life, and I am looking forward to seeing what he wants to do with what I am learning. Its become part of my morning routine, and I really really look forward to it. Everything I have listened to from the SLG has radically changed my life.

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