Mateo, Pente and the Fruit of the Spirit

Mateo got started on the wrong foot before he even got here.  It takes a lot of talent to mess up from out-of-state, but apparently he is exceptional.  He had announced himself previously as an Exhorter and Genevieve was over the top excited at having some reinforcements for her tribe in the lonely world of Prophets and Mercies to which she has been exiled lately.

Then, four days before he came, he announced that he was a Mercy after all, not an Exhorter.  Genevieve is in counseling for her sense of abandonment — not the Exhorter’s favorite way of suffering.

Gabi and I met him at the Orange County Airport with no fuss.  He arrived with a commendable modicum of dunnage.  We got it all in the back of the Ford.



Traffic was heavy so we had a long, slow drive north.  What normally takes about 20 minutes was closer to 60.  He dashed through a supermarket in true male style gathering enough raw materials for the weekend.  Gabi had been contemplating liking him, but when he emerged from the store with no frozen pizza in his bags, she realized they would never be really good friends.  Some things are very important to her.

I gave him a tour of the neighborhood then we schlepped his baggage and groceries up to his apartment in a single trip and left him to process the visual overload.  You are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.



Genevieve thawed enough to walk over from her apartment to the traitor’s digs to bring him back to their place for a company dinner.  I thought Gabi did herself proud on the grill and the hostesses’ decor at the table was original and very engaging.  Mateo is apparently a hard one to impress since he defaulted to talking smack about his culinary expertise.  He is going to need to invite the girls over to his place very soon to match the words with deeds.

After dinner Megan broke out the Pente game.  I whipped each of them in turn (twice) just to reaffirm the alpha male message.  Megan was furious with how quickly she lost the first game.


I then retired from the field and Megan took each of the other three down the painful road again in her own inimitable style.  Genevieve now has PTSD on top of her abandonment issues.  She did not know that on SLG game nights, the fruit of the Spirit are not allowed in the house.  Her appeals to Mercy Megan for loyalty to their friendship fell on deaf ears.

She is still a bit shaken from watching the left brain Mercy and the right brain Mercy square off across the board with all the gentility of a couple of mujahedeen intent on jihad.

Mateo then took the board and managed to squeak out a win over both Genevieve and Gabi, and got so full of himself he demanded a rematch with Megan who promptly did a masterful deliverance on him, powerfully setting him free from the spirit of pride.

Then we seamlessly shifted out of our Attila the Hun mode and became gentle, sanctified humans again.  We did one round asking each person to share what one of the biggest surprises was about their beginning with SLG.  Mateo said it was finding bath soap and zip lock bags included in the accoutrements of his apartment.

(Note to self:  This is not your quintessential bachelor!)

The second round was the favorite fun memories and the last one was their dreams for the time they are at SLG.

On that note, I broke up the party and wobbled home for a long night’s sleep.

Fun and games are officially over.  Today Mateo will learn to work like a Hebrew slave with Gabi as his ruthless Mercy task master.

Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, once again!  Yay, rah rah, hooray!  I am tired of airplanes.

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6 Responses to Mateo, Pente and the Fruit of the Spirit

  1. Janis K says:

    Thanks for the great story, Arthur. All the real people seem very very real! Lots of fun to read.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Will you give Mateo straw for his bricks? 🙂 Welcome Mateo!

  3. We had great fun preparing the way for Mateo’s arrival. When we were decorating the apartment, Genevieve and I were speculating on how many months the decorations would stay up. But you never know. A guy who can appreciate Ziploc bags and bath soap could have some interesting surprises in store. And I suspect that there is a Pente match or two still yet to come. Mercy stubbornness doesn’t give in so easily!

  4. Deborah Rivera says:

    Masterful writing and heeps of fun, welcome Mateo, looks like you are in for a great experience!

  5. barbarakski says:

    Welcome Mateo. Look forward to getting to know you.

  6. jimalseth says:

    Whoa. You, tired of airplanes, Arthur? Welcome to the tribe Mateo!

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