AHS: Is it a Canaanite Issue?

The album on Alien Human Spirits has been out for about a month now and we are getting a lot of valuable feedback.

It has been fun to watch the people who are driven by intensity.  There are a number of individuals who stayed up and listened to the whole teaching that first night and then immediately engaged with AHS in themselves or a loved one and had smashing success.

Those are the Rambo types.  Love ’em but that is not representative of our whole tribe.

A second group is methodical and not to be rushed.  One lady wrote that she listened to the whole album three times before starting to engage with the one she knew she had.  When she began dialog with the AHS, what she heard was so overwhelming, she had to stop the conversation and come back to it another day after she processed it emotionally.

This happened several times until she had enough data to deal with it.  But in the end, her slow, meticulous process paid off and she is rejoicing in freedom now.

A third group makes an attempt and utterly fails.

And a fourth group simply does not do DIY and immediate writes me for the list of the top three practitioners in their neighborhood who can deal with this for them.  (That list does not exist, by the way).

I want to explore the third group because that is where the treasure is.  There are a couple of reasons for failure and they are miles apart.  One very common reason is that people used deliverance techniques because that is what they know, and those don’t work.

The e-mail commonly reads, “I went through the generations and rejected and renounced all AHS in the blood line and commanded the angels to come remove them and nothing happened.”

No doubt.

Admittedly it is a significant paradigm shift to move from a standard deliverance model to this very different approach, but at the end of the day, I simply have not heard stories of deliverance models working here, so if you really want some relief, you will have to explore in depth the tools offered and learn a very different approach.

The second reason people fail in their first attempt is because God wants to teach them some things that I don’t know.  The picture is of Israel after Joshua retired.  When he was in charge, the army of Israel was unstoppable.  But when he stepped down, the individual tribes had to learn how to take out the insurgencies that remained, without his strategies and his faith.

As America has learned in the Sand Box, taking out a standing army is rather doable.  Eradicating a stubborn remnant of guerrilla warriors is a very different matter.  Time and again, the Israelite tribes made an attempt or two to fight, but when they lost, they decided to live with the problem.

And that decision to accept defeat since they could not win on their own, without Joshua’s help, opened the door to a world of larger defeat later on, century after century.

I have watched people decide both ways.  There are parents who have engaged AHS in their kids, won big a time or two, and then hit a wall that does not seem to move.  Nothing I know or they know is making a dent in the problem.  Some quit.  Some call for the professionals.  Others keep going back to the Lord, seeking new tools, new ways to weave together old tools to solve the riddle.  Kudos to them.

There are individuals who are working on their own issues.  They have the maddening problem of half a miracle.  They use the tools, have enormous success with one or two, and then the next one they engage just doesn’t budge.  Their choices are to give up, wait for the non-existent professional, or step up and keep fighting and failing until they get it right.

There are teams of friends who have agreed to pool their ignorance.  One such duo has had a solid run.  Several ministry sessions produced measurable life change.  Today they hit a wall early, chipped away at the problem for a while, and then accidentally made a “wrong” move and the AHS shut down vehemently and they had to quit the session (for a short time).

Why does God allow that when we come with sincere hearts, seeking freedom?

Bookmark this answer:  I don’t know.  I just know that He does.

So working within that reality, I have committed to a lifestyle of massive, repeated failure in every necessary point except totally giving up.  Along the path of continual resistance to the Canaanites of every variety in my life, we have some successes.

I have a person I have walked with for over ten years and another for over 20 years.  They each have issues I have not been able to solve.  They each have huge skin in the game.  I have gone to war on their behalf endless times, and on their resistant issues, I have consistently failed to win.  And . . . I am still in the game.

At any given time I have a collection of people around me who define my failures by their battlefields.  It would be easier for me if they would go away, but because they stay, and because I keep fighting, new revelation eventually comes.  It comes slowly.  It comes painfully.  It comes long after I think God should have given it.

But at the end of the day, a lot of the cutting edge revelation around the world comes from the men and women who have enough legitimacy to fail repeatedly and not give up as they pursue their own local bunch of defiant Canaanites.

So here’s to all you who have been picked by God to war against the Canaanites.  You will receive no pity from me.  It is hard, exhausting, demoralizing and seems very unjust when the guy standing next to you just did a ten minute thing and got rid of his AHS.

But at the end of the day, God believes in you (and in me) and He has called us to stay in the game, failing as often as it takes, until the grace comes for us to solve the unusual riddle and defeat the enemy.

After all, this is Sapphire.  We ARE about revealing God’s poly-variegated wisdom to the principalities and powers.  Ephesians 3:10.

So pull back from the battle for a day or a week when it gets too draining, then lean back in, asking for a fresh allotment of grace and some new wisdom to do something different with your Canaanite issue.  There really is no other viable choice.

Next blog will be about building authority against the AHS.

Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

From home, on Sunday evening

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9 Responses to AHS: Is it a Canaanite Issue?

  1. nancy henry says:

    Having never seen this blog before, I was stricken with amazement when I looked at the left upper corner of your latest blog and saw the title of this one. It correlated with the impression my daughter had last night during ministry to her dad (my husband). The Canaanite issue has been something we have really been concentrating on, and to find out it is most likely AHS related was exciting. God ordained that not even one Caananite must be allowed to remain. We must remember, WE ARE THE PROMISED LAND! I zipped over here and read your article, and found a lot of credibility in it , both in what you know for sure and the admission of all the “I don’t have a clue” pieces. Isn’t that just the way Holy Spirit so often works with life and heart issues? We press on as He leads us. Yes, the quick victories are fabulous, but I think we learn grow and mature (grow up) when we make it through the “valleys of the shadows of death”. I keep reminding myself, it is a shadow of death, not the valley of death itself. I will hang in there, too.

  2. Kim Forman says:

    Okay this has sent me on one wild journey. I know it to be truth have seen great fruit in the last wk 1/2 after getting the set but still have some questions? So the morning I got the blog my spirit reacted as if this was life and death. I ordered it before 8 am, then I went into a place of great repentance and as I prayed in the Spirit different native tongues like tribal or ancient tongues came forth? I am as white and blue eyed as they come. I heard my spirit telling me that the Holy Spirit was repenting for every portion or people group (canaanites) that were in my lineage. Then when the release came I saw something leave my spirit? This was all before I got the set in the mail. Okay so my question is because I am an Exhorter before this happened when I would give correction it could land the other person in bed? As if this AHS had a weaponry that injured the spirit of the other person? It could be something as simple as directing someone that the timing was off and it would cripple them causing the exhorter portion of their spirit to shrink back.. I flow in love and see redemptive value and gifting, so?? I build up and have been in the deliverance and inner healing for 20+ years………Whatever this was( antichrist AHS) had special weaponry used to injure the spirit of others. One person had walked with me for 15 years in covenant and I was in one of those seasons where God was getting my root growth greater than my branches and I corrected her and she has felt like she was orphaned and it caused her to back up and we just today after 5 years of warfare honoring covenant yet not being close, were able to get freedom. I repented and freedom came? What the heck was this AHS? I know that my father had ancient egyptian roots so I know there was nephilim in my blood line. This AHS attacks the spirit and does great damage. I sure hope it can not return. Flip side is in God and the anointing I bring life?????Any opinions, directions, revelation. I am walking around in this revelation like a deer in the headlights. Kim in Orange Help Arthur Help!

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks very much for this. After seeing about 2 days of dramatically significant and sustainable change in our daughter since dealing with her AHS while she slept, I was devasted to see many of her negative behaviours return for no apparent reason other than “the AHS thing didn’t stick or I did it completely wrong.” I since gave up and gave in to the thought that I simply am not qualified to do this stuff. How encouraging to read this! I don’t know why I stop pressing in but I am grateful for the nudge to keep going. Thanks Arthur.

  4. Nico says:

    “So pull back from the battle for a day or a week when it gets too draining, then lean back in, asking for a fresh allotment of grace and some new wisdom to do something different”

    Oasis, an absolute oasis for a weary warrior feeling lost in a desert.

    The thought to take a break when the heat is on has not crossed my spent mind…and it feels completely counter intuitive, yet it is absolutely the best possible next course of action.

    Thank you for this

  5. 1haadon says:

    Having just become acquainted with SLG this year, I have yet to tackle the AHS collection. I’m on a fast course to catch up, although I must say a very joyful one for puzzle pieces that have been laying around are being set in place.
    And how fitting, that a few weeks before recommendations to listen to some of the blessings, Ephesians 3:10 was highlighted in my brain. We serve a faithful Father and I suspect He will continue to pour forth His wisdom and understanding among His kids.
    Very Blessed,
    Mary S.

  6. Ellen Cooke says:

    Churchill said is aptly to never give up……. Thank you for sharing the story and the journey behind the story……. and for never, never never giving up!

  7. Pat says:

    Thanks, Arthur. That’s the “atta boy” I needed today. As you know, a friend has had some amazing success in dealing with one or two AHSs in me with “way beyond belief” success. It’s been a couple of weeks and I just keep pinching myself (figuratively) because something feels different. Oddly different. I had grown so used to the pain that it feels funny to have it gone. But gone it is! Some remaining, more stubborn pain seems to be drifting away, a little here and a little there like a wisp of smoke. I have no idea why… I think that’s the thing that frustrates me the most. While I’m thrilled to be pain free, I want to know WHY and I just don’t understand the theory well enough to explain it. To myself or anyone else. As you have taught, we know the rules for demons. When we follow the rules, we often get good results. Often enough to think we know the rules. Many of us carry a very large toolbox when it comes to deliverance, generational issues, inner healing, etc. With AHS, you (Arthur) may know a few rules but most of us are out here with a very tiny toy toolbox with very few rules. We don’t really even know how to carry that tiny toolbox. To me it feels like very carefully, between thumb and forefinger, and on tip toes. Ten years from now we’ll look back and smile, but for now, we keep chipping away at … we’re not sure what … looking for another tool. There must be one somewhere… It just feels so nebulous! Can you tell this teacher is struggling to catch up? Oh well, if you’ll excuse me, I think I see a Canaanite in the bush…

  8. Thank you for your honesty! After encountering many ministries with “the answers” it’s nice to see someone say not sure yet on that one. Blessings!

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