AHS: Who Has Authority to Evict

In the album “Alien Human Spirits” I laid out the proposition from Isaiah 28 that we broadly deal with demons through a legal construct and with AHS through a power encounter.

Since the release of that teaching, the results people have gotten are very uneven.  Many have had extraordinary release and freedom and many others have utter failure in dealing with AHS they know are there.

Some of the failure can be traced directly to hubris and failure to use the tools offered, but at the end of the day, it is clear that two people, doing exactly the same protocol are likely to get wildly different results.

Among the many reasons is the issue of earned authority.  Some people have it and some don’t.

From my limited perspective at the beginning of what promises to be a long, winding journey, with many back steps and course corrections, I believe the foundation of our authority over AHS lies in the statement “The Package is Good.”

The “package” I am referring to is the resources you received from God.  You have a spirit, soul, body and birthright that all came from the hand of God.  Everyone has some good stuff and some junk in those four categories.  Every person was placed by God in a family context that was imperfect — some mildly so and some horrifically so.

When we are born, our spirit is not usually unpacked yet, our soul is rather incompetent and our body does pretty minimal performance.  Over the years, we improve in all three categories, but we live with an awareness of what we are not able to do.

I do Bible studies pretty well but am inept at music.  I can find my way around Anaheim rather easily but am tied to a GPS in Chicago.  Day in and day out, we are assaulted with an awareness of what we can’t do, don’t know how to do, lack the ability to do.  Powerlessness is our never silent companion.

Against the REALITY of all the stuff we can’t do and may never be able to master, comes the relentless lie of the enemy that our incompetence is because ‘The Package” that we received is in some way deficient, inadequate, lacking, less than we should have had.  It is a veiled accusation against our Maker who did a lousy job of putting us together.

My belief is that every package is good — right in some way that God can see.  God knows our place in history and the challenges we will face.  What He has given us is what is needed for that mess.

Now hear me clearly:  that in no way means He has equipped us to accomplish all of our desires or all of our culture’s expectations.  We might, in fact, live a pretty horrible life, but there is grace from without and life from within for the life we are called to live.

The major rub is the question of whether we have unpacked our package.  For the most part, we have not.  And in the face of our failure, we have the temerity to accuse God of giving us an inadequate package, or at least to listen to accusations from His ancient enemy.

Let’s go back to the Garden, the serpent and Eve.  The package God gave her was unequaled, so far as we can see.

She was designed to be the mother of all mankind and be the resident matriarch at the family reunions of several billion people.  She was designed to walk with Adam as a co-regent and to take the Garden to the furthest extent of the world.  She was designed to incarnate the nature of God as a model for all of her sons and daughters.

When she met the serpent on that fateful day, she had not quite unpacked all of her potential.  She was having a very positive experience with the Garden and her husband and her God.  Nothing was hurting.  Nothing was lacking.  She was having a good life.

The serpent had her look into the future and he pointed out that the time would come when the data she had would not suffice to solve the problems she would face.  This was absolute fact, and she agreed with it.

Now, those facts can require one of two actions.  IF the package is good, then she needs to double down on the task of unpacking the package so that the resources are accessible when the future arrives.  If the package is bad, then she needs to hustle up and find some external resources to supplement the short order that she received from God.

I believe #1 was true.  She believed #2 was true.

And based on her decision that the package was bad, defective, limited and inadequate, she took immediate steps to resource her database with outside treasures.

It seems as though we have a couple of different trails for AHS in our lives.  A good many of them are interlopers — no legal right at all.  They just have really good taste, saw some treasure in you and decided to hop on board and mooch.

But there is a second group that clearly came in through negotiation with your spirit or some portion of your spirit.  The line is, “You have a great calling, you are not on track for everything you want to do, my gifts are similar to yours, if you let me in and we combine our efforts, you will go far, far, far.”

As soon as the God-assigned human spirit comes into agreement that its package is not good, and that it needs outside supplementation, it has lost a huge amount of spiritual authority.

This seems to explain the powerlessness of the original human spirit.  In our world there is a definite home field advantage in most cases.  The big dog from the other side of town backs down to the mangy mutt who is barking from a place of authority on his own lawn.  But again and again I have watched the God-assigned spirits back down in the face of interlopers.  I believe it is because the original spirits have compromised themselves on the issue of the package.

So back to the success/failure rate.  I think both parties in the equation contribute a lot to the dynamic.

When an individual who has an AHS has a deeply rooted sense of being less than, of being inadequate, of being short changed by God, I think they will have greater difficulty getting rid of the aliens — especially if the spirit has cut some deals the soul is not aware of.

But the bigger burden lies with the one doing the ministry.  THEY have to have a deep conviction of the goodness of the package God gave them and the other person.

I see this theme all the time in the tone of the e-mails about AHS.  Some people write, “I tried A, B and C and got totally whipped.  Things are worse than before I meddled.  I know this is my battle to fight.  What can I do better or more effectively?”

They believe their package is good, it just needs some more unpacking.

Others by contrast spend a page trying to convince me how powerless they are, and therefore, they must come see me immediately because their package is not good, and will never be good enough.

I believe this is why I have had such high success in dealing with the AHS.  Long before I admitted they existed, I was a champion of your design.  After spending a number of years celebrating basic design, I discovered the potential of the human spirit and became quite evangelistic about unpacking the treasures in everyone’s human spirit.

That lifestyle of believing that God makes amazing packages and the effort spent in looking for the treasure and unpacking it has given me high authority in this particular area.

And it is not just me.  Here is one gentleman who took the material on AHS that I released and added it to the information he already had and began tackling some hard cases, getting stellar results in most of them.  He wrote me this e-mail about his biggest failure.


“I am used to breaking my own broncs in harness with my wife when someone points a field of them to work with, like AHSs.  But I am a bit baffled.

“I am used to seeing significant changes that stick, or have reasons for unsticking.

“Sally however, has . . . (a bunch of junk) . . . that is not resolving.  While a couple other things resolved quite dramatically including clear brain.

“Every new insight into other “rights” or protection rackets for AHSs gets relief for some hours, then the next day it is all back.

“This morning we found some . . . (more stuff). . .  I won’t know improvement/regression until tomorrow.

“Do you have any suggestions or insight on what to try next?”

You have to love it.  His basic presupposition is that his package is good, and his wife’s package is good, and their combined marriage package is good enough to take on just about any new learning curve, no matter how hard it is!

He had great success with a number of really tough people (but of course he did with a belief in his package being good!!!!) and then ran into someone whose situation baffles him.

Now notice, his basic assumption is that is it still his job to finish!  Love this guy’s attitude.  He simply asked me for more tools to do the job.

This is the mindset that has high authority over AHS.  He knows their package is good.  He knows they are called to be on the cutting edge of bumbling around, unpacking new things and he is willing to experience seasons of failure by taking on the hard cases.

This is the power of the word “yet” in our community.

When someone says “I haven’t figured it out YET” they are saying that they believe the package is good, they just need some more time to unpack what is there and to find the answer that God has placed there for them.

So run an anti-virus scan and see how many areas of your life you feel shortchanged by God.  Where do you feel He gave you less than you needed for life?  Every one of those beliefs that the package is not good needs to be replaced with a focus on unpacking the treasures that He did place there that you have not seen yet.

Copyright September 2013 by Arthur Burk

From room 620 — the one with the drippy faucet in the steel bar sink

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11 Responses to AHS: Who Has Authority to Evict

  1. Brant says:

    Thank you for this Arthur! This article describes what I believe happened to me during circumcision, when I went into semi-comatose state during the procedure. Nine years ago the Holy Spirit began to start doing deliverance on me before I knew what it was, and since then I’ve been doing various deliverance and inner healing. Since last year I’ve been feeling that my root issue and answer was involving a Fallen Son of God or AHS. A spirit that gained access to me and has been projecting into and tormenting my soul while overriding my spirit. This became more apparent after many discernment deliverance sessions. I’ve recently listened to Developing Your Spirit, and looking into your other products. Thanks again beloved of the Lord!

  2. With this idea in mind, I wonder about a connection between AHS and time. There is certainly a time component involved with an AHS, in the sense that they don’t follow the normal path. Somehow they get back into time again instead of going into eternity, even though they are lacking the time vessel that we call the body. The disconnection from time occurs in much the same fashion – rejecting the package of life. So, I wonder if the two work together to provide the platform and the “container” (the alternate body) for the AHS to stick around.

  3. RussF says:

    I’m part way through AHS (in CD 5 now) and I’m very thankful to find this blog. I had a dream the morning of June 24th 2013 that has mystified me – and led me to explore the AHS topic. I’m sharing it because it may provide a data point for further research/understanding of the dynamics of AHS:

    My dream:
    I’m in a large modern architectural house – lots of curving lines, glass and open space. I’m not sure if it belonged to me. It was relatively unfamiliar to me. I heard some sounds during the night that concerned me. And I went to investigate in the daylight. On top of the house – and towards the back, I observed people – couples, singles, and even people with children coming in through entrances in the roof. There were several (2 – 3?) different access points. I was given to understand that they were temporarily lodging here – that there were rooms below (that I did not see) – perhaps even suites.

    I also saw that there were people who were sometimes near the access points who posed as representatives of the “establishment” – asking the prospective lodgers for payment to stay (for lodging fees). But, I knew that they were not legitimate. I felt upset that they were doing this.
    So, who are the ones illegitimately collecting “rent” for access? AB has referenced the work of Tom Hawkins (see the pdf “The Cosmic Hierarchy” by him) – could they be cosmic beings, demons, other AHS? In this case, it seemed to be about temporary lodging – so is this even an AHS situation?

    • Jon Shumaker says:


      One session reported a related message. I ask the Lord to have the AHSs move in front of the body guarded by angels as they get removed, for batch processing later. When I finally got around to talking to this group they said to the person quite loudly, “But our rent is paid!” “We paid a lot of rent to live here!” So I then asked the Lord to evict the rent collector (probably an AHS based on the “feel”), who said he paid the rent to the “bigger guy” outside. I was not after more information, but it sounds like a similar scam to your dream.

      Another set held up their tickets claiming they had paid. Same meaning I think.

      Both sets were very unhappy when they were informed it was all illegal, and none even listened to the speech on asking God for mercy. The persons reported their whining fading in the distance as the angelic removal teams with death angels took them away.

      So yes, I think you had a dream about AHS management. They all see it as temporary, expensive and their right since they are paying someone for it.



      • RussF says:

        Your observations that relate to my dream are a great gift – and a relief. Thank you! Now I have hope and confirmation to pursue freedom along these lines.

  4. Joyce says:

    Are there any external resources that you would suggest to give a direction for unpacking those resources within us?

    • SLG says:

      Well, Joyce, most of our materials on design are intended for that. So you have the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals as a foundation, then the niche anointings in the Mercy Season teaching and the whole spectrum of design of the human spirit in the Developing Your Spirit album. But the main product we have for unpacking your design is the Sapphire Training Center. That is specifically what it is designed to do — help you find out who you are and unpack it in your real life setting.

  5. LorieP says:

    Hi Arthur – I hadn’t heard of you until you landed in Billings, MT. I wish I had been invited to the small group you met with before you left. You have profoundly influenced me with your challenge at that meeting to do a 90 day media fast. I did and even now have limited my media exposure to a Sherlock Holmes or a cooking show once in a while and only a portion of the newspaper.

    I have listened to AHS and have put it down and will pick it up again. I have no one to work with on this so am processing all that was in that set. I kept saying “Really?!” “Oh my!” and “Now what do I do?!” In the meantime, I have listened to the cd’s on Fathering for businesses and think it is superb and should be marketed for parents. I am 62, kids grown, on their own, one just finished his doctorate in Electrical Engineering and looking for a job. (He married to a college professor and has two daughters ages 4 & 1). I took notes and sent them on to him. What a fine time to find out all the places that I messed up. So I prayed into the situations that came to mind as I listened and I trust that God will clean up those messes. Thanks for it.

    Now I am listening to The Hard Times and realize that I have had it sooooo easy and that I have privatized my faith walk with God – I am moving into transparency in order to leave a legacy and will get back to AHS shortly. Thanks for your time and research these many years. Blessings. Lorie Pelatt
    Billings, MT

  6. Rob says:

    ouch, thank you

  7. Genevieve says:

    I think such a mindset is powerful, and I think that it’s interesting how you’ve determined that it has significant authority over AHSs. It’s the people who believe so firmly that the package is good who can diligently search for more tools because they know that there must be an answer.

    • Calvin J says:

      The honor of the package comes from the Almighty. He has created us by, for, and in substantive love. Valuing our package come sultimately from focusing on Him at all times. It is not a value obtained in isolation, but in connection with Him. So we learn in those places to put His interests above our own, to honor, to learn self-discipline, and extreme generosity. All this puts us into the glory of God and into a yes to His Kingdom. And AHS and every other obstacle cannot stand against God. They cannot stand against Love. It may take investment of time and attention. It will require the investment of my life and your lives in doing God’s will. But we will not be stopped. We work hard for the honor and love of God to be revealed. There is no one greater than the Father. There is nothing so inexorable and persistent on earth as us believers working hard for God’s freedom to come on people. There is nothing so glorious and beautiful as our fight for people’s lives. Kudos, Arthur! The Kingdom of Love establishes itself, and it will not be moved.

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