God, Plumbing, AHS, Skin Problems and Megan’s Brain

The facts.

-I was away at the retreat center I often use when I need to dig into a big subject in quiet.

-The plumbing back at the office broke, spewing a stinky mess all over the kitchen floor.

-The girls cleaned it up and did without plumbing since I was gone.  I fixed it when I flew back into town today.

-In the process, I discovered that the “professional” plumber we paid to rebuild that section of plumbing a few years ago had done three things flagrantly wrong.

My choice.

I can be angry at the plumber for being inept and doing really inexcusable work where it could not be seen.

I can be very impressed with the fact that God bubble gummed the bad job for so long.  It should have caused a big stinky leak a long time ago!

I hope the angel that had several years of utterly gross drain pipe duty gets a splendiferous assignment after this one, but I am grateful for his excellent work holding together the non-excellent work of an overpaid human.


Have I mentioned lately that we have an amazing team of really gutsy DIY people out there?  I have been astounded at the glory stories that have come in from people in all walks of life who have taken the beginning principles from our album, engaged their AHS, had problems with the process, pushed through and found relief.

We have been enormously enriched by their experiences — so much so, that in a few weeks we will be releasing Alien Human Spirits Part II.  I have never released a Part II of any new teaching so soon, but there has been an explosion of insight through the various ways you all have tackled the issue so I will share this “crowd sourced” teaching with the crowd.

You guys rock!

Skin Issues

One of the tubes simmering over a Bunsen burner on a back bench of the lab has to do with skin issues and the spiritual dynamics associated with them.  At this point, I am in need of about six guinea pigs from among you since our team in the office has simply splendid skin and are utterly useless to me on this issue.

This will be a two month project (unless you mess up the whole study by getting well in the first week).  You need to be very familiar with our teaching on the redemptive gifts and on working with your spirit.  And you need the self discipline to engage this issue for a few minutes every day.

My preference (of course) is for weird skin issues.  If your doctor has tried everything and nothing has helped, and he has no explanation for why your body does not respond the way other people’s does, we might be interested in your patch of irascible derma.

Drop me a line at Friends@TheSLG.com to tell me your story — briefly, please!

Prayer Request

We could use some help figuring out a technical problem.  I would like to be able to cut and paste a section from an EEG into the Brain Renewal Blog and into some video clips to show you some of the really outrageous stuff we have been seeing.

So far, our cursory looks at the software have not shown us how to do it.  I really don’t want to have to put a 60 minute session up there and tell you to scroll to minute 47 to see the wild, weird goodies.

Would you pray for Megan’s amazing Technicolor brain so that she can find a new way to make the software do something the designers thereof never intended us to be able to do with it?!

You would be the beneficiaries of her perspicacity if indeed you were able to enhance the aforementioned noun.

Copyright September 2013 by Arthur Burk

At home, nicely showered after the stinky plumbing job

(Didn’t I go through deliverance for being a plumber?  I hope I can find the warrantee from that deliverance ministry.  This just isn’t right.)

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8 Responses to God, Plumbing, AHS, Skin Problems and Megan’s Brain

  1. jane62 says:

    This blog just makes my day, … after day, after day!!! Thank you…. Laughing again

  2. Curt Lyons says:

    Hi Arthur,   I’d try a control-printscreen or a function-printscreen to grab the ekg image from the screen…   Blessings,   Curt  


  3. Denisha says:

    When I read your need for the EEGs Randy came to mind. I think he said with his last job he did just that. He made a program do something that it wasn’t intended to do. Maybe drop him a line.

  4. rustyandjanet says:

    Re: EEG cut and paste. Have you looked at Camtasia? It is screen capture software for video that runs on Mac and PC platforms. Easy to use and you can grab individual frames as well.

  5. Rebekah says:

    What do God, Plumbing, AHS, Skin Problems and Megan’s Brain have in common…..? Arthur Burk of course! I’m praying for a sonic boom anointing on Megan’s amazing Tecnicolor brain!

  6. Teri Johnson says:

    hmmmmm….. Plumbline Ministries / breakthrough / mess all cleaned up / NEW Plumblines /
    clean & pure & non-clogged water coming through the portal-pipeway-plumblines….this is really GOOD & you will notice a difference 🙂

  7. Heidi Colhoun says:

    How awesome that you are a trained plumber! You may have had another bad plumbing job you would have to contend with later on. God is good. None of our training is ever wasted!

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