New Staff, Portals, EEGs and a Complaint

We welcome two new members to our team this month.

Ryan has come on full time to build games for us.  He is working off site, but has earned my respect in his first couple of weeks for his ability to team with us from a distance.

Our first game will be a diagnostic tool.  My experience is that there is significant spiritual skill set out there in deliverance, but often there is a weak link determining exactly where the open door is for the enemy.

I have sketched out a skeletal version of the game and Ryan is experimenting with existing platforms to see if we can find something out there that does what we need it to.  We might have to start with a clean slate, but he is checking the market first.

Mary Jo is our new onsite intern.  She starts on Monday and brings a significant background in science which will help us in our endless research on the human body and related topics.

In addition to that, she will be writing a workbook on the seven curses and blessings to make it easier for people to drill down through the smog of pain to the actual behaviors that opened the door to the curse, and the righteous ones that need to be incarnated to walk in the blessing.

This is a new venture for us, but one we have pondered for a long time.  We are looking forward to her owning this large project.

Her first personal project is to learn about land dynamics, especially cleansing land.  She feels this is an area of her design that she needs to invest in heavily in order to unpack.

As it turns out, it will be a baptism by fire!

In the apartment that Serina shares with Genevieve, there is some sort of negative spiritual dynamic in the land in Serina’s bedroom.  We have not been able to identify it or resolve it yet, although we are leaning toward it being a leyline.

Anyway, since it was eating Serina’s lunch, we have decided to move her out of that room and put Mary Jo there so her theory could become practice in real life terms!  Serina has gone back to Europe briefly to take care of some business there and she moved out of her room before leaving.

Watch this space for the adventures of Mary Jo and the defiled bedroom.  Who needs soap operas when you have SLG?

Meanwhile, Mateo has inexplicably gotten quite crosswise with the portal in his apartment that Serina thought was incredibly healing and energizing for her.  He and the portal have settled for an armed truce lately which is rather inconceivable to Serina.

So . . . since we had to acquire another apartment anyway, we are getting a new apartment for Mateo and moving Serina into his old apartment since she liked it so very much when it was being set up.  We shall see whether she and the portal get along as well when she is living there, as when she was just unpacking stuff.

But . . . Mateo loves the land in the apartment complex there and begged not to be moved out of the area.  It is just that one apartment that isn’t working for him.  So we secured another unit in that complex in hopes that he will be a happy camper on all counts.

On another front, everyone owes a big thank you to Rusty for his suggestion of Camtasia for our video issue.  Mateo downloaded it and played around enough to know that it will override all of the security features of the EEG program and allow us to copy a short segment to put in the blog.  His first attempt was pretty primitive, but it was good enough that we know we have options going forward.

Next week he will teach what he has learned to Mary Jo and in the near term we will begin to share with you some real time pictures of what is going on in the brain.  I am quite excited about the options.

And now the complaint.  The latest edition of the America’s Cup is over.  And the Oracle team came from behind to beat the New Zealand team in an amazing way.

They did it by hiring a British strategist.

Now I have no desire to demean Ben.  He clearly is world class and will be deservedly celebrated in the history books for a long time to come for the unbelievable come-from-behind win.

But did America have to win the America’s Cup race with a Brit?


Something is just not right about this picture.

Copyright September 2013 by Arthur Burk

Westbound at 36,000 feet on flight 2383

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10 Responses to New Staff, Portals, EEGs and a Complaint

  1. Stephan says:

    Hi Arthur,

    I just wanted to comment on your comment of the ‘brit’ being an excellent strategist…

    In my journeying with the seven portions of my spirit, I asked each portion to identify themselves, as I wondered if they called themselves “Prophet, Servant, etc.” or, if they had names seperate from the description of their gift, and the Ruler portion of my spirit chose to identify himself as “The Strategist”.

    • I find that a very interesting name for your Ruler portion. My experience with my Ruler portion was seeing it in a business suit and briefcase, ready to do business. There was a strategist feel as well as a willingness to do what needed to get done. Working with each portion has been tremendously rewarding!

      • Stephan says:

        Interestingly enough, I also experienced my Ruler portion in a business suit. Though, I found him somewhat dual-natured. If anything, he sort of reminds me of a suave, tuxedo-wearing demolition expert –
        He has the side that carefully, meticulously plans and coordinates the explosions for a long period of time with incredible precision, but at the same time, when it’s time to act on the plan, he is very decisive (no hesitation whatsoever) and he seems to be completely unfazed by the unpredictable, chaotic nature of the events that unfold outside of the clinical ‘planning room’. Sometimes, he even surprises my prophet portion in how elegantly he can read and adapt to new situations. (Provided that there was a plan to begin with).

        Though, if I may ask: How did you experience your servant and teacher portions?

  2. Fran Sellman says:

    Hi Arthur
    Re the Americas cup. The question i am asking is why a country has to win something that is about their nations pride by importing the skills of other nations? Could they not find the skills in America? What is America not believing in themselves at this moment in time that they truly need to have their own self image upgraded of how God sees them. Just a thought.
    Love the workbook idea too. Blessings Fran

  3. Lee Ann says:

    Wow! Your work is incredibly cutting edge. There are so many people who are in need of being set free; some of which have tried the more traditional deliverance methods and haven’t yet seen complete freedom and wholeness. I am amazed by the amount of new teaching that has been released in a short time. I’m excited by each new release!

  4. Tony says:

    Also the skipper of the American boat was an Australian along with 3 of the crew, and it is 30 years to the day that the Australians won the Americas cup. First time in the history of the cup that it was won by another nation

    • Frank Toowoomba Australia says:

      As a new Australian an export from UK 30 years ago I liked the Aussie win of the cup then . I think I like this even better! ( There is more than one way of skinning a cat!!)
      Pedro Fernandes de Queirós in 1606 named Australia Australia del Espiritu The great southland of the Holy spirit . The effect is infiltrating the world!

  5. linzi roberts says:

    Dear Arthur,
    re America Cup. Yes there is something very wrong. However, I see it as very prophetic. You failed to comment that America had an Australian skipper, a number of Aussie crew and only one American on their team.
    I do appreciate your ministry and others I know have also been blessed. Although I have to say that sometimes it is over my head. Shalom Linzi

  6. Narola Grady says:

    Arthur, I have been fumbling around in this very area (workbooks for SLG principles) for awhile. Glad to see it is being pursued in your office. It really helps to be able to break these teachings down into bite size pieces and go after them one at a time.

  7. nancy henry says:

    The new workbook sounds like a stellar idea! I have thought this would be a good thing for other topics you have teachings on. Good for you…good for us! Thanks for your tenacity and compassion, what a nice mix. Bless you, nancy

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