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Reaction, Overreaction and Fractals

The response to the lichen blog was a bit over the top.  Most of the comments I refused to approve.  In addition to that, a lot of people took to e-mail to straighten me out. The opinions were all over … Continue reading

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Introducing Jonathan Harris: A Software Farmer

The Farmer and Farmer Review is a blog dedicated to asking wonderfully penetrating questions about business ethics in the sphere of technology.  With the gracious permission of Jonathan Harris, I am reprinting an entire post from their site.  Jonathan and … Continue reading

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Is SLG a Fungus, Algae or Lichen?

And more to the point, what should we be? This morning I went to the hill that was calling my name yesterday.  Anticipation soared. At the top of the steps, out of sight from below, was a park.  I wandered … Continue reading

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Day 2.7 Bait and Switch; Bad/Good News

Thursday was pretty predictable — a frenetic scramble around the office to tie up loose ends so I could leave on my trip without them.  You all know that I am extremely persnickety about my public persona.  It is hard … Continue reading

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God’s Revenge for Cotijuba

It is Thursday night, October 24th. Megan is home listening to music in the dark, topping off her emotional tanks for tomorrow’s tour de force.  She has been flawlessly efficient the last three times we have released an album and … Continue reading

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AHS in the Brain

Removing something foreign from your nature — be it demon, curse, covenant or AHS — is supposed to make a difference.  Most of the time the difference is minor, but we really celebrate the big lurches. We are finding that … Continue reading

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Heart Issues, AHS Part 2 and Pente

First things first. The other day, in the presence of several witnesses, Mateo beat me at Pente.  He did it fair and square.  I have no excuses.  I deliberately took a risk and he spotted the opportunity and pounced on … Continue reading

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Rookie Intern at SLG

Greetings from Sunny California. What a journey and delight it has been to get to Anaheim and start my first week at Sapphire Leadership Group.  Mine was a three week jaunt from Northern California to “So Cal”…as it is called … Continue reading

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