Rookie Intern at SLG

Greetings from Sunny California.

What a journey and delight it has been to get to Anaheim and start my first week at Sapphire Leadership Group.  Mine was a three week jaunt from Northern California to “So Cal”…as it is called around here.

No, it is not that far from one end of the State to the other that it should take three weeks to make the trip, but the Father saw to it that I had ample time to wrap up loose ends, visit friends and spend sufficient time with each of them before arriving here.  One made the comment that He was getting all my “ducks in a row” before establishing me in a new place.  There was much to be done in a relatively short amount of time, and each day I would cross something imperative off the list.  I was astounded at all that was accomplished.

So, the day arrived for the last stretch of the drive and journey.  I timed it so that I would roll in around 2:30 and avoid any traffic jam on “The Five”…Right????  Wrong!!!!!  And by the way, what’s up with putting “The” in front of any of the freeways here…”The 605,” “The 57,” and so on.  Does anybody know where that originated?

Anyway, it was bumper to bumper traffic the last 10 miles and when I got to my exit…it was Closed!!!!  Oy Vey.  Well, on to the next one…and I’m finally off the freeway and routed back to my original destination via a detour in no time.  Well, in no time around here…I finally arrived at my new abode around 4:30.  It only took me two hours to navigate the last 10 miles and a detour of my journey, but I MADE IT!!!!  Welcome to the LA area freeways, right???!!! LOL

The good news is that everything is conveniently located where I live and I don’t need the freeways to get around my neighborhood or to work.  Yes, there is a God and He is good!!!

I was greeted by my new roommate Genevieve who showed me around the complex and made me feel so welcome.  Soon after, Mateo arrived to help me unload my car.  He just kept making trip after trip to unload all my belongings, and scratching his head in wonder.  I think that you can fit three grown men in the trunk of my car, and to him it seemed bottomless I’m sure.

I commented that I had seen the picture of his luggage posted on Arthur’s blog when he had arrived about a month earlier.  It didn’t seem to me like he had brought much!!  He responded with, “I think Arthur would have something to say about this on his blog for sure!!!”  Too bad Arthur wasn’t in town to see it unfold.  We got that taken care of, and in short order, Megan came by to take me to dinner.  It was a delightful evening out, and all in all, a wonderful welcome.

Lots to do to get settled after that, and before you know it, Monday morning is here and it is my first day at work.  Arthur had warned me that things usually begin with intensity each day, so be ready, and he wasn’t kidding.  We’re off to a running start, and “Boy Howdy” (Did I mention that I am originally from Texas?), it’s been a fun and wild ride!!!

Mateo had set up my computer and there were already greetings of welcome from the staff and many of you who are friends and supporters of SLG.  What an amazing way to get started!!!  Thank you so much.

Arthur has laid out various projects that I will be working on which require new (at least to me) and amazing software to accomplish.  Megan and Mateo are bringing me up to speed in the IT end of things.  At the week’s end I am able to do many of the tasks necessary to get started on each one of them.  They are incredible teachers and there is much more to learn, so the “brain bleed” continues.

One of my assignments during the week was to get acquainted with the area libraries since I will be involved in much research.  Arthur lent me a GPS, and I was off to Cal State Fullerton, Anaheim Main and Buena Park Main Libraries.  It was fun to make my way around to the different cities and get a feel for the Redemptive Gifts of each while “Gracie Garmin”…my nickname for my new best friend led the way.  I came back with a layout of each Library and two Library cards (Cal Fullerton will only let students check out books so no card from there), ready for the first research assignment.

Ok, now for the serious and important stuff…Mateo keeps TRYING to hand off that rookie baton to me, and that dawg just won’t hunt!!!!  There is back and forth banter throughout the day and even after hours, and it just doesn’t seem to stick.  Perhaps he isn’t seasoned enough yet at SLG, and it’s just not time, but it just ain’t happening!!!!!

Stay tuned for the next episode in the saga of the “Rookie Intern at SLG”…

Until then…

Many Blessings,

Mary Jo

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14 Responses to Rookie Intern at SLG

  1. Cheryl says:

    You don’t say what part of Texas you are from, but I was in Austin this time last year and got lost. I stopped to ask directions and said to my helpful angel that I had been on “the” 183 when he stopped me and said “ya’ll must be from California!” Ya’ll so proud of your freeways you put “the” in front of them!”. I was laughing, and later realized the reason: if I say “take 210 to 2” it doesn’t make as much sense as “take THE 210 to THE 2” does it? Otherwise you just hear 2-2-2!

  2. barbarakski says:

    Hey Mary Jo! Welcome! I really enjoyed reading your post….I like your sense of humor. God’s blessings on your time there with everyone and blessings on your research and other assignments…

  3. Jayne Yuill says:

    Welcome Mary Jo! I exhort you =D [big smile] to resist that Rookie label ! Yes, we here in Alberta say “the” Whitemud, “the” Anthony Henday…. but for names only.
    Re: freeway names: your “So Cal” friends don’t know any better. They have not been taught. Fortunately, you can teach them.

  4. I love to see God’s timing demonstrated in how He got you here and how much effort He put into orchestrating all the elements that were outside of your control. It will be fun to be a part of the process He has for you in this season, as you do more than work a new job … you LIVE it!

  5. Welcome to your new home Mary Jo. The adventure of fresh starts has worn off now that I have done that several times. But, it can be exhilarating and I hope you will find it so. As a former So Cal resident [Pasadena], the freeways are definitely a strong remembrance. I remember the 101 being packed regardless of the time of day; even 3 AM. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have been soundly rebuked about the use of “The 5.” Around here it is the “I-5.” Looking forward to watching you “unpack” what Papa has in store for you.

  6. Welcome Mary Jo, I’m from LA, so while I laughed at your “dawg won’t hunt” line, but I have no idea what you mean by it! About the “the” in the freeways, here’s one: why do the British NOT use the, as in “the hospital”. Don’t know if you’ve heard this, but instead of saying, “He’s in the hospital.” They’ll say, “He’s in hospital.” So “the” can really give away where we hail from:) Anyhow, sounds like you well suited for your environment. I hope you shine!

  7. Teresa says:

    Welcome, Mary Jo! I’m especially looking forward to hearing about “The Adventures of Mary Jo and the Defiled Bedroom!” Do keep us posted.

  8. Dayle says:

    Welcome Mary Jo from here in Cambodia. We look forward to following your journey and receiving what you bring to SLG.

  9. Alexandra says:

    Welcome Mary Jo! I’m a So Cal native currently living in Sacramento and still can’t figure out why locals say “80” when clearly it’s “The 80.” In any case, I wish you a fabulous stay down South. Blessings to you as you embark on this life-changing journey. Hang on to your hat!

  10. Love your comments on the freeways! You are so right! The “the” is not needed. We only use it for freeways with names like Eastshore, Bayshore, Nimitz….

  11. bbthigpen says:

    Mary Jo, I am currently in grad school with access to library databases and journals galore and have found them HUGELY helpful in my own personal research- let me know if I can be any assistance to you ( I LOVE researching myself) and would be glad to help or get things for you that you guys might not have access
    to right now? Its only for a season 🙂 Email me if you want to chat anymore about it- WELCOME to the team!!! Glad to have you 🙂

  12. Lorie Pelatt says:

    Welcome Welcome. I live in Montana so I laugh when you describe “The” highways. I stay home if we have a back log of 5 minutes. Blessings as you join the rest. I also look forward to the gifts that you bring.

    • Jayne Yuill says:

      I remember visiting a farm-woman who lived on the Montana-Alberta border. Over the entirety of one day, eight (8) vehicles had passed by… and they knew something BIG was going down! …Actually, a fugitive from the US had tried to sneak over through the coolees [canyons for those who may not know!]. He was quite relieved to be found after five days … no doubt encountered rattle-snake gridlock on “the” Whiskey Trail!

  13. Kim says:

    Welcome to the mix, Mary Jo. I look forward to seeing and experiencing what flavor you add to the SLG, and what our gracious Father unpacks for you. Cheers!

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