Heart Issues, AHS Part 2 and Pente

First things first.

The other day, in the presence of several witnesses, Mateo beat me at Pente.  He did it fair and square.  I have no excuses.  I deliberately took a risk and he spotted the opportunity and pounced on it, beating me unequivocally.  Kudos to him for learning strategy quickly.

On another note, AHS Part 2 has been recorded and Serina edited it in record time.  The sample copy is now in the belly of a UPS plane somewhere, wending its way toward Sandy for final eyes and ears proofing.

This album has very little theology in it.  For the most part, it is the nuts and bolts of how to deal with them.  We cover special situations like AHS in the brain or in the hip or beneath the left lung.  There are parameters for a spouse or a parent doing deliverance on a non-participating family member.

The biggest block of new information is AHS in the land.  We have found a consistent pattern of a person being tied to an AHS at a portal in the land.  Some big releases have come about through that info.

There is a whole CD on diagnostics.  There are many more markers for AHS than we knew a few months ago.  We have also gained quite a bit of knowledge about how they get in to begin with.

So all told, it is a packed eight-CD album with tools, tools and tools.

Mateo is wrestling with the dynamic tension of just-in-time-inventory versus the horror of his running out of supplies if there is a big rush for this album.  If he allows us to descend into the unthinkable swamp of back ordered products, Genevieve is flat out going to refuse to answer the phone for a week or so.  SHE has no intention of taking the heat for that debacle!

Speaking of Genevieve, she is burning through an unusual amount of adrenaline this week as she watches the days tick by toward the big release.  The company that leases us the postage meter has contrived to crash their entire website a week or so ago.  So far they have not been able to resurrect it and all their meters in the field are utterly inoperative.

If they don’t fix their sorry mess by the time we go live with AHS 2, she is going to be working like a Hebrew slave for a few days and this is NOT the way she likes to run her highly efficient shipping department.

In other news, we are winding down the brain testing project about mother/daughter conflicts and weight issues.  After a predictably messy start, we found a pattern that has held steady in the subsequent tests for the mothering issue.  We have just two more tests to do, then we will end the project and write up the results in the Brain Renewal Blog.

On the weight side, we did not get validation of our hypothesis, but did get a valuable piece of side information that will help a few people with metabolism problems.  Watch the newsletter for that one.

So we are moving on to the next project — the spiritual dynamics of the human heart.

Mary Jo brings a significant background in science and medicine.  She is busy researching the four chambers of the heart, looking for clues that will help us decipher the fractal of four.

At present we lean toward thinking that it is double two, but it could be one plus three, or three plus one, or a stand alone number all of its own.  Two plus two is our current favorite since the heart does have two sides, two atria, two ventricles and there is a definite receive-and-give cadence in the twos of the heart.

Still we have an open mind to the other options.  I ponder the one plus three.  One could conceivably see some parallels with the Trinity in the function of the four chambers.

Mary Jo will be looking at the variations in the physical heart.  For example, although both sides have an atrium and ventricle, they are not equal since both the calibrating devices (the sinoatrial node and the atrioventricular node) are on the right side and there is no equivalency on the left side.

Another incongruence is the distribution of major blood vessels.  It is not one vessel per chamber of the heart.  Perhaps in the pattern of which chambers have more vessels we will find some clues to the proper fractal.  After all, it was the duality of the first five lobes of the brain that was the final confirming factor that we were on track with the fractal of seven so it may be some outlier data that will confirm this fractal for us.

While Mary Jo is grinding away there finding data for me to chew on or challenge, Megan has been tasked with making her happy little box of silicone test the spiritual dynamics of each chamber of the heart.  While the inventor of the EAV never intended it to do that, I figure that if she could ferret out a way to do that in the brain, then doing it for the chambers of the heart should not be too hard.

We will start out testing our ever present supply of in-house guinea pigs.  If at least some of them survive, then next year we will roll out another testing project for people with good physical hearts, but who are challenged in the area of love.  Either they can’t love God or they can’t love themselves.

We will run the range from highly healthy people who mysteriously cannot feel the love of God or give love to Him, all the way to people who are involved in self-hatred on the physical level such as drug abuse, anorexia or cutting.

We know from working with survivors that the spiritual heart pain they experience is very localized.  It is not in the whole heart.  It is one chamber at a time, or different kinds of pain or torment in different chambers.  We hope to eventually have a clear picture of what spiritual vitality is supposed to inhabit each chamber.

And for my part, I am doing the Scripture research.  We are in a multi-year project looking at the 800 or so verses in the Old Testament that show the human heart doubling up on some soul and some spirit functions.  I will be taking a couple of weeks soon to dig further in this treasure chest of wisdom.

I am a man of the land and God has consistently allowed me to do the granular digging at the home office, but when it is time for revelation, He takes me to specific land.  This time I will start out on some Mercy land then end in a highly energized Exhorter city.

Hopefully early next year the Venn diagram of Mary Jo’s, Megan’s and my research will be sharp enough to give us a track to run on.  Right now, it is just one monstrously large project, too large to realistically wrap our arms around.

But every time I choke on the size, I go back to Ephesians 3.  We were designed to have our Exhorter King living IN our heart.  What would it look like if we had a well developed protocol to move from where we are to that amazing reality?

Copyright October 2013 by Arthur Burk

From home.

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6 Responses to Heart Issues, AHS Part 2 and Pente

  1. bbthigpen says:

    As far as the heart goes- have you tried looking into how the heart is formed during conception? David Chamberlain’s book Windows to the Womb does a great job of explaining the architecture of heart- My thought is that since the womb is where it all starts, seeing his fingerprints seem to be easier 🙂 Cardiovascular Embryology is another great place to start- the two endocardial tubes fuse into a single primitive heart tube- They start out in a horseshoe shape then divide into two then fuse into one.. Its fascinating!!! Yea, loving watching Gods handiwork!!!

  2. Looking forward to what God gives you on the different pieces of land. It is beautiful to watch God bathe this project in different flavors of His nature. He clearly has a vested interest and I am excited to see what unfolds over the coming months. My little box of silicone ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet!

  3. Amy says:

    I have been waiting for AHS 2 since I finished AHS 1. I believe this album is going to bring clarity for why my spirit is strongly tracking with this particular series. The fact that I knew this album was coming soon, before the initial announcement causes me to wonder at what it holds for me. That truly was an unusual revelation.

  4. Lize says:

    God never stops to amaze us. I constantly stand in awe of new revelation and findings you post. I am especially excited about the help on metabolism problems, soon to come.
    Blessings to your whole team.

  5. Jayne says:

    Don’t worry Arthur – I’m sure Mateo’s win was probably not prophetic. At all. Funny, though, how I (this is true) completely unintentionally happened upon the blog “Earning Authority Over the 6th Head” while attempting to click on today’s blog. I think at least one of us needs to (re-)visit the win/lose scenarios.
    A million thanks, Arthur and team! It was a great joy to listen to AHS “1”. Looking forward to AHS “2”!
    Re: “Walking” (AHS CD 5 track 7) and Abraham: I immediately thought of Job 29: “…When His lamp shone above and upon my head and by His light I walked through darkness; As I was in the [prime] ripeness of my days, when the friendship and counsel of God were over my tent… When my steps [through rich pasturage] were washed with butter and the rock poured out for me streams of oil!” (Job 29:3,4-6 Amplified)
    In his initial “prime”, Job left a spiritually “oily” residue of the presence of God wherever he walked. I’m thinking: Like any other foreign/introduced substance on the ground, undoubtedly it would end up in the water/aquifers. This makes our feet at least a double threat to the enemy, as Jesus (the Rock pouring out the oil) gains Dominion over land, and exerts Might in the waters.

  6. Maureen Charron says:

    ACK! How do you handle excitement-overload?!!

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