AHS in the Brain

Removing something foreign from your nature — be it demon, curse, covenant or AHS — is supposed to make a difference.  Most of the time the difference is minor, but we really celebrate the big lurches.

We are finding that most of the time when we deal with an AHS in the brain, there are surprising results, far beyond the problem we are trying to solve.

The e-mail below is from Sally who has been working intermittently with her prayer partner “Janice,” both of whom are new to the wild and wacky world of AHS.  They have dealt with some issues that were screaming, got immediate relief, then had to circle back around three or four more times to root out less obvious ones that became visible once the screaming issue was gone.

Here is her surprised result.

Dear Arthur,

I mentioned that I believed I had another AHS and Janice and I prayed it “out” during September.  Since we prayed I no longer get the back spasms that were so debilitating.  Praise God!

The other is that I had in the back of my mind what you said about people changing habits, preferences, etc. after an AHS has left.  I somehow felt I should keep an eye out for changes.

I’m delighted to report a couple of things.  One was an acceptance ‎that I ate badly (not huge quantities) but small amounts of very calorific food or drinks.

Part of the reason for this was that I had a problem swallowing food, particularly meat, salads, fruit and breads.

So I would chew and swallow, but my esophagus would constrict‎ and I would choke, not be able to swallow it down and it was very painful.  Many times the only way it would dislodge was up and out.

So I took to eating easy things like soups‎, buttery pureed veg and sugary drinks so I didn’t feel hungry.

I always had the impression it was a petulant child and that may answer the questions about these eating habits.

But since we evicted the AHS, I realized that the choking was diminishing (it has now stopped) and I started to crave fruit and salads.

Meat will never be a great feature as I still don’t like it, but I am now able to eat a chicken breast without choking. ‎

I decided to join Weight Watchers to “formalize” th‎e changes and learn the “rules” of eating properly, as well as to lose the result of years of poor eating habits.

Aside from the ‎physiological changes, I am surprised to find that when I’ve eaten and reflect on the meal, it’s the salad or fruit that come to mind as what I most enjoyed!

Gone are the rich food and sugary drinks!  And I don’t miss them at all.

We’ve been away for a week and eaten out a lot.  Making the “right” choices was like second nature and not hard at all!

And the heartburn that became my constant companion since dealing with my shared AHS is now a thing of the past!


A week later she wrote this addendum:

Lastly, there are a range of strong tasting vegetables (like bell peppers) that are becoming part of my “salad experience” that I am really enjoying!

I am still astonished when I pass up pies only to dish up salad and later reflect with great enjoyment on taste, texture and freshness.

Such food has‎ ceased to be the unappetizing and unenjoyable punishment for being overweight.

I have also come to terms with the fact that actually I do NOT have a sweet tooth, and it is not a “hardship” to pass on dessert.

I cannot emphasize enough what an enormous mind shift this is‎; I believe God is pointing these thing out because it is crucial not to perpetuate habits that were never meant to be mine in the first place.

It so happens that this is taking place when we have been end to end with social engagements and enjoying the hospitality of friends at “all inclusive” buffets.  So I KNOW I would rather have a plate of salad or fruit than a pastry – the easy option.

* * *

Again and again we have heard variations of this story.  People wrestle with an issue for years with consistent failure.  When they finally give up trying and learn to accommodate the failure in their lives, they are immediately assaulted with the accusation of what bad people they are.

In the end, it is often an AHS that is driving the aberrant behavior, which is why none of the disciplines of the Christian walk work.  You can’t nurture an AHS.

Copyright October 2013 by Arthur Burk

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6 Responses to AHS in the Brain

  1. Genevieve says:

    Nancy, I agree. I think that sometimes we don’t know what an AHS has done until we spend some time reflecting on it all. We can’t simply hit a rewind button.
    Sometimes it seems as though the aftermath of eviction holds a lot of answers, providing we pray for them in the right way.

  2. Julian F says:


  3. Amy says:

    This is such a wonderful testimony!

  4. Genevieve says:

    There are so many people with habits and characteristics that they don’t want to have, but each time they try to change they meet a ridiculous amount of powerlessness. Eventually, they want to just give up because it seems impossible. Every method they try leads to failure and drops them right back at the starting point. I have even been to the point where a habit similar to something like not being able to eat right gets mentally justified. Even though I know it’s not the best thing, something inside says “It’s a little messed up, but this is good for you.”
    That’s an AHS. These things are meddling with not only people’s lifestyles, but also their mindsets.
    Could it be that after an AHS is evicted, we have to somehow locate the manipulated part of a thought process and fix it? Is there a different empty spot that needs to be filled?

    • nancy henry says:

      Genevive, I was wondering the same thing this morning after some deliverance ministry for a loved one. I prayed about it and felt, for now, at least, I was to pray for Holy Spirit in conjunction with original design of the person being set free, to fill that space. I asked the Lord to help me not to try to fill this void in any way. I want him to be wholly and completely him, as God originally planned.

  5. nancy henry says:

    Wow! So good! My heart rejoices when I hear of, or see a person set free from habits, fear, torture, doubt…..really, anything that isn’t ordained of God!!! I am so excited for what the future holds in this “undefined”, out of the box ministry!!!!

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