God’s Revenge for Cotijuba

It is Thursday night, October 24th.

Megan is home listening to music in the dark, topping off her emotional tanks for tomorrow’s tour de force.  She has been flawlessly efficient the last three times we have released an album and has no plans to wreck her reputation tomorrow.

At the morning meeting tomorrow, the edict will go out that she is untouchable until noon.  No calls, no questions, no interruptions, no crises to solve, no demons, no AHS, no prayer requests allowed until noon.  Buoyed by the prayer time, she will settle down for a calculated assault on her astoundingly long suffering keyboard.

By noon, the dozen or so things that need to be done will be done with panache and AHS Part 2 will be available to the world.  Lunch celebration will include the team raiding my private reserve of ice cream and indulging their palates with some well earned delicacies.

Genevieve is spending the evening praying vast blessings on the download website and wishing a spirit of impatience on the entire Sapphire tribe resulting in the need for immediate delivery of the teaching so there can be an inordinate number of deliverances done by sundown the world over.

Doing shipping without a postage meter means schlepping a dozen bins down to the post office and standing in line for each one to be stamped there.  The postal clerks do not enjoy that either.

She plans to reward herself for the hard day’s work by taking the album home and listening to it all by Saturday evening since she did not get to hear it being recorded.

Mateo, having failed to procure the new postage meter in time, has wisely fled to Texas for the weekend.  While there, he will celebrate his 18th birthday with family, but he is quite conscious of being out of earshot of Genevieve tomorrow.  He has probably figured out a way to block all text messages from her phone.  His hope is that she will recover some level of ebullience by the time he slips quietly back into town.

His new found disdain for the abysmal customer service in the very limited postage meter industry is immense.  His shock at the blatant lying and manipulation by salesmen is amusing.  And his frustration over SALESMEN who stonewall customers, don’t return phone calls or e-mails and fail for days to close a deal is quite intense.

He has had his first exposure to the germ of cynicism that finds such fertile breeding grounds in the business world and politics (and medicine, and religion, and sports, and. . .) unless one guards his heart carefully.

He expected stonewalling with our old vendor as we sought unsuccessfully to get customer service for the broken meter.  But to be standing there with his hand outstretched with money in it and have a SALESMAN treat him as a certified nuisance was quite the troubling experience for him.

He is now more patient with my relentlessly pushing our company to raise the bar on our customer service.  It is so far short of what I want it to be, and he is beginning to appreciate the emotions of a frustrated customer!

Serina is, as usual, well out ahead of the curve.  She has stacks of completed albums on the shelf in the shipping department, and a generous supply of printed CDs ready to be burned and assembled swiftly if there is a run on the new release.

So she will be ignoring the frenzied activity of the day while her head is immersed in her new graphic project which is very dear to her heart.  After two projects that were primarily about her learning all of the mechanics of album making, she is now able to do a project that tugs on her heart immensely.

The calm, focused atmosphere in her office will be a remarkable contrast to the intensity of the rest of the office as Megan announces each step as it is ticked off.

Mary Jo is going to be experiencing her first product launch from the sidelines.  Her primary focus will be to get the skin project up to speed.  She is running point on this one.  We had some logistical challenges that just got resolved on Wednesday.  After whipping that project into shape, she will continue her research on the heart.

I, meanwhile, am enjoying a Boeing 777-300, as I fly Eastbound.  I had read about the new bird and finally am on one.  It is a nice upgrade from the previous 777 which is still one fine aircraft.

There is quite a back story here.

Cotijuba is not a household name for most.  It is an island in the southern leg of the mouth of the Amazon River.  I lived there from age seven to nine.  In those two years we experienced the death spirit visiting our family in so many different ways.  While the Amazon jungle is not user friendly to the careless on any day, there was clearly a spiritual dimension to the quantity and nature of the assaults against our family.

I have lost count of the number of times a ministry session for either deliverance or inner healing ended up finding the root in something that occurred during those two years on Cotijuba Island.

It was quite a paradox for me.  Before I discovered demons, curses and such like, I would have rated Cotijuba as one of the most fun seasons of my childhood.  There are, in fact, many, many special memories from that time.


But there was a sinister component to that time as well and I paid a high price for those two years.

In the end, the greatest casualty was the Exhorter portion of my spirit which got pretty savagely trashed.  In retrospect we realized that Cotijuba was an Exhorter island and the damage done to our horizontal and vertical relationships there was immense.

I have trudged through a lot of healing and deliverance and rejoiced that those two years did not have to be definitively formative for the rest of my life.

Meanwhile, The God of Vengeance has been keeping score and working on His revenge strategy, positioning key players along the way.

One major play God ran was to take me to the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It is an Exhorter city, in an Exhorter nation.  The instructions were for me to drop by Malaysia while I was in the orient on other business, since God had a gift for me there.

I am always up for a treasure hunt and this one was a dandy.

The gift turned out to be the concept of tracking the human spirit in the brain through the use of EEGs.  That concept has continued to unfold in the years since then and will impact a multitude of people’s lives for decades to come, bringing life and liberty where it was lacking.

The Exhorter gift’s finest hour is to reveal some new facet of the nature of God that catalytically unlocks the knowledge we already have.  The Exhorter land in Malaysia certainly did that for me.

Now God is poised to do it again.  I am on my way to an extraordinary Exhorter city, in a Servant nation.  This city is usually considered one of the top ten best cities of the world to live in.

I have no contacts there.  I have no idea what gift God has for me.  I don’t know where I will find it.  Or how.

It is a treasure hunt.

And I am up for it.

My spirit obviously knows some stuff my soul doesn’t, because there has been a remarkable level of excitement over this trip from the time God had me buy the ticket.

Who knows what God will do to the Exhorter portion of my spirit while there?  Who knows what new perspective of the nature of God will dramatically shift my world view and open up vistas I had never even considered before?

So while the rest of you are eagerly indulging in “old manna” — stuff recorded over two weeks ago, obviously already dated before we even released it — this old trail blazer will be engaging in third level synchronization on Exhorter land, looking eagerly for tomorrow’s revelation, while God evens a score with His ancient enemy.

After all, if He liked the Exhorter gift well enough to give it to His Son, you could certainly expect Him to be in high dudgeon over the enemy using that gift to steal, kill and destroy.

Copyright October 2013 by Arthur Burk

Airborne over Kansas, headed toward healing and hope

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17 Responses to God’s Revenge for Cotijuba

  1. Teresita Galarosa says:

    Dear Arthur, I’m from the Philippines following you and your teachings. I accidentally deleted your email to me about the Alien Human Spirit together with the Ad of your new products will you please email me again? Thank you Hope you will. You’re truly a blessing to the body of Christ!  God bless, Tess

    • SLG says:

      Teresita, all of the Newsletters are available from our website. Go to the home page and look in the left hand sidebar. Click on Newsletters.

  2. Barry Leisegang says:

    Well after accepting Jesus as Lord I had the Death spirit visit too. She told me I belonged them and that I could not become a Christian.She told me if I served them I could have anything I wanted, money, cars, boats, wimen, anything…..that’s when God said “choose” I was only eight and I chose God. I bear the scars for that. Choice for I had to fend off the enemy and from that day on I was in a war, not just that I was at the front. The attacks were worse at night. I have spent my life looking for wholeness. Not finding much understanding in the body of the church.

    I am d. I. D. But more whole now. I am listening to A. H. S. And am wondering about a correlation to Paul cox’s. Elders. That can be righteous or unrighteous… ?
    Thanks for being there….

    Scarred warrior saint
    Who is looking forward to testing a. H. S. Teaching

  3. carol says:

    I can appreciate the excitement in your spirit that your soul may be wondering about … enjoy the journey!

  4. nancy henry says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the gift you get! (should you choose to share) You have such an attitude of expectancy, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!!!! I ordered my AHS2 today and am also excited to dig into it……MORE TOOLS!!!!! Let the dismantling and re-construction continue. Thank you for being a “freedom fighter”.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been listening to my download for an hour or so…WHEW! So happy it is available. Was praying for this process to finish soon, as I have a feeling it will answer my remaining questions. These sessions are shedding light I sorely needed. Thank you all!

  6. Amy says:

    Will AHS 2 be on amazon.com soon? I am attempting to order the album from Canada.

    • SLG says:

      Amy, we have submitted it to Amazon, but they are slow, so it might be a week or two before you see it there.

  7. Kevin Green says:

    “if He liked the Exhorter gift well enough to give it to His Son…” By Son do you mean Jesus, and That Jesus was an Exhorter in his soul when he was human? or do you just mean in His Spirit?

    • SLG says:

      As a human, Jesus was redemptive gift of Exhorter, yes. Like the rest of us, He had all seven gifts in His spirit, but His soul was Exhorter and you see this in His style of ministry.

      • Amy says:

        Previously, you had wondered if Jesus may have had all the redemptive gifts in his soul, correct? What are some more of the reasons that you currently believe that Jesus was redemptive gift of Exhorter?

        • SLG says:

          Exhorter gift of Jesus can be seen in the following blurb I did for a friend.

          Some Exhorter Characteristics of Jesus Christ

          -He was restless. Even though He had a home and office in Capernaum, He was often on the move, sometimes away from home for months at a time and seemed to thrive on it.

          -He spent periods of prayer time alone, but generally never went anywhere without a cluster of friends around Him.

          -Because of His uncommon excellence, He occasionally drew the attention of high level people in religion, politics and business, and was quite able to hold His own with those people.

          -Even so, He didn’t aspire to upper class snobbishness, and regularly hung out with everyone from middle class people to social misfits with the greatest of ease.

          -His social reach was so great He had to compartmentalize His relationships, because a lot of the people who got along with Him very well, didn’t get along with His other friends.

          -He was a natural leader and people found it a joy to let Him lead.

          -He was trusted with authority at a much younger age than many of His peers.

          -He had minimal formal education but was incredibly well informed about a very wide range of subjects.

          -He was not pugnacious, but could hold His own in any verbal dual, especially with lawyers.

          -He was very skilled at dodging traps that were laid for Him.

          -He often worked very late to the consternation of His family and friends.

          -He overcommitted so often that there were days when He was exhausted in the middle of the day and would sleep while others around Him were working.

          -He was odd with His schedule. He was very controlling in general, not allowing other people’s expectations to define what He did, or where He went, yet on a whim, He would change plans to accommodate someone in need.

          -He was broadly alienated from His family, and there was no specific issue you could point to. They just didn’t get Him, but He had to be true to His calling whether they approved or not.

          -He seriously underperformed on the social niceties of His culture, but found deep fulfillment in real friendships which did not demand social frippery.

          -He was highly knowledgeable about the political dynamics of His day, but chose to rarely talk about it.

          -He often took the hard jobs that other people dodged, and excelled at them.

          -He was a relentless teacher, without the credentials. He was ever ready to coach someone on the art of life if they wanted instruction.

          -He had no tolerance for people with control issues and was especially astute at talking without telling them what they wanted to know, when they were trying to scope Him out.

          -His life was so varied and full of unusual experiences that He could have written some stunning books, but He preferred to invest in living life big, rather than reporting on it.

          -He grew up in construction, but left the trade when He left home, and never looked back.

          -He was not a racist, but was quite willing to speak to other races about the deficiencies in their way of life.

          -He had a keen sense of humor and could whip out the quick, pungent one liners on the fly.

          -He often made opportunities out of what other saw as a blind alley.

          -He had a great mind for analysis and could take the same data His peers and opponents had and could synthesize it in a highly effective way, seeing conclusions that they had not seen.

  8. Irene B says:

    A YES for the upcoming adventure…

  9. Stephan says:

    It’s always interesting to read your posts, Arthur. (Now I know what a postage meter is.)

    I have to confess I have often wondered what the Servant_X_Exhorter dynamic would look like, as I haven’t really managed to catch my servant and exhorter friends in the act of interacting with each other. Though, that’s probably because I’m usually the one who’s missing from social gatherings.

    One of these days you’re really have to get around to releasing a set of teachings on the pairings in gifts. It would be a HUGE help in instructing the spirit how different bodily functions are supposed to synchronize and fit together. Not to mention all the other relationships that would be covered. And, to think, it’s just a measly list of 21 possible pairings…

    Regardless, enjoy Vienna (that’s my guess, based on your vague clues), may you return from your journey richly blessed.

    • SLG says:

      Stephen, Vienna is indeed Exhorter, but I am of the opinion that Austria is Mercy although some people there think it is Ruler and others think it is Servant.

  10. Kathy says:

    way too exciting! jumping up and down on the inside!

  11. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    Very cool! Happy hunting.

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