Reaction, Overreaction and Fractals

The response to the lichen blog was a bit over the top.  Most of the comments I refused to approve.  In addition to that, a lot of people took to e-mail to straighten me out.

The opinions were all over the board.  Some people knew exactly which ministry I need to disappear into and others were horrified at the idea of my merging with anyone.  Some were gentle and some bombastic.  Some questioning and some absolutely dogmatic about how things should be.

So three comments from me.

First, the Fruit of the Spirit are still a part of the Bible.

Second, in the blog I was just thinking out loud, showing how I process clues from the Lord.  This was not an announcement with finality — just an exploration.

Third, I do hold SLG very loosely, even though that concerns many of you.  It is just a platform, a tool, a mechanism to serve the King.  Should the King have something else for me to do, I WILL lay it down in a heartbeat.  There is nothing at all tangible that I hold dearly.  So no matter the offense to the community, even SLG is expendable for Kingdom work.

Now that the push back is out of the way, let’s pick up the story again and continue to explore the process.

I circled around the bigger picture for a while that night and it became too speculative and confusing.  When that happens, I try to drill down to the solid pieces and simplify the picture.

So I ended up with these solid components.

-There are two living parts that can exist separately to some degree.

-Each piece is quite different in design and purpose from the other.

-They are immensely life giving to each other.

-When they are working together, they can accomplish amazing things (eating rock!) and endure incomparable hardship.

With that extreme simplification, I began circling around and ended up looking at the fractal of the redemptive gifts.

My sense is that the mycobiont could be Ruler.  It provides the structure that houses the whole, and it does the heavy lifting, breaking down the rock that hosts it.

The photobiont would then probably be Exhorter.

The synergy of the two creates interesting possibilities.  I started looking for Ruler and Exhorter components that might be or should be in relationship.

I wondered if God was talking about my spirit.  I know that in the last six months the Ruler theme has come up repeatedly.  Project after project has been set in the Ruler key of music.  Is this a call from God to spend a lot of time working on the Exhorter portion of my spirit so that some form of synergy between Ruler and Exhorter could emerge?

I really looked at the land issues.  Anaheim is Ruler.  California is Exhorter.  We have never really seen anything productive from that pairing of gifts in terms of our company.  Broadly, California has not been user friendly to me.  We have a very small number of people who track with us, and the handful of times we have tried to do events, they have been seriously subpar.

Is God getting ready to unleash something in terms of land that I need to observe, or be catalytic to, or perhaps benefit from?

I looked at body systems.  Musculature and bones respectively.  Nothing really shouted there.

Is it new people in our world?  Do I need to be alert to new Ruler or Exhorter relationships outside the company that would form this kind of synergy?

All of those remain viable options.  Also the ubiquitous Option X — the one we have not thought of yet.

The one about land issues in the city and state intrigues me but I don’t feel any urgency to be catalytic to anything.  But I will start monitoring things a bit more closely.

So for now, I am holding it all loosely, assuming that I need a few more Scrabble letters to figure out what the word spells and what I am to do.

I am back home now getting ready to lean into one big project I need to have done before the end of November.

Copyright October 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the jury pool room in Superior Court

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19 Responses to Reaction, Overreaction and Fractals

  1. Meg Rolph says:

    Hi Arthur, I can’t help but reply on these posts. Firstly, my husband, best friends and I are avid listeners to your ministry. We have ordered your ipod, listened to most of your entries, listened to youtube videos, and continue to order your new material. We have been changed and have grown in our walk with the Lord since coming across your work. All that to say, whether or not you form a symbiotic relationship with another lifegiver (you being either algae or fungi) or not, I can’t help but believe that your form and individuality would not be compromised, but only enhanced. There seems to be little swaying in you to morph and be changed to anything different than how the Father has designed you to be. So much of your prophetic strength and ministry is to call out individuality, therefore I can’t give in to the fear that a union between you and something/someone else would be anything other than glorifying to God’s ministry. My husband is a Prophet/Ruler and I am an Exhorter. The first years of our marriage were VERY difficult because of the fear that I would be lost in his strength. After years together, I can only say that our relationship has only enhanced our individuality and the union has created greater spiritual incite, authority and ministry together.

    I thought it was very interesting that you marveled at the algae and fungi on a ROCK. Have you thought about the revelation of a rock being where this union was attached? That is hopeful. A prophetic symbol of a union based upon Christ Jesus.

    I love all of your thoughts. Thank you!

  2. Maureen says:

    Good to hear that the negative feedback isn’t going to stop you from thinking out loud and sharing /blessing us with it. Sounds like some people need to lighten up and quite possibly Lighten up too.

  3. Susan says:

    I love that you posted how you process the way the Lord teaches you. I think it’s amazing. I also love that you do hold SLG loosely and trust Him to do with it as He pleases. We who follow along are all the better for it. You have blessed me and my family in innumerable ways over the last decade and we feel honoured that you “include us” in your learning and growing processes. They (the processes) are almost as edifying as the tools you come up with in the end. You go Arthur!!

  4. Barry says:

    I am fairly new to Sapphire and most recently I am new at following your blog. I so very much appreciate the transparency that was shown in demonstrating some of the ways that the Lord communicate with us even through lichens. Please don’t stop! What you display brings me much encouragement as the Lord has often communicated to me in rather unusual ways when I am careful to listen. I do have to admit that I have learned so much through Sapphire in the last year and a half in terms of healing, ways of moving towards wholeness, and understanding who I am, that the thought of this group no longer existing did cause me some concern. Then I realized that it was God who led me to Sapphire and it is Him who has provided these things for me through Sapphire. If He chooses to take Sapphire out of the picture or change things some how I just have to trust that He will provide these things in some other way. I have been learning this throughout my entire walk with the Lord. If I am not mistaken I am pretty sure this is a trait that Sapphire demonstrates and teaches itself. Thus I see your “loose hold” on this group as something that displays, not an irresponsibe throwing away of something, but a careful regard to place God first and honor His wishes for Sapphire more than your own, or that of your supporters. I really appreciate that. Thanks!

  5. Scott Cross says:

    I truly enjoyed the last 2 post (not the I do not enjoy the others as much but sometime a pondering cast out thoughts lands and these last 2 did for me.) I lived in SoCal for almost 6 years and loved deeply Orange county and Cali. I was audibly told it was time to leave SoCal and did so gladly for my Father. I still hold deeply in my Spirit this land and what it can and should be, however is was not always so kind to me while living there, quite the contrary.

    “When they are working together, they can accomplish amazing things (eating rock!) and endure incomparable hardship.” What a life giving thought and action when it is allowed to happen. I remembering learning about Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel (grown out of the Jesus People movement) and John Wimber with the Vineyard both in SoCal. How secure they were in themselves and allowing/making a platform for other to grow and thrive because of the relationship(s) they cultured. In a since I can see you modeling this at the next level.

    Thank you for who you are and what you toss out to us to ponder and think on…I love the edge that moves me to think (go) beyond where no many has gone before.

  6. Lisa Lavia says:

    I’m a ruler called to work with many exhorters … this is a great model and (finally) puts a lot in perspective (as we see so few examples of the two gifts working well in tandem). Thanks so much, Arthur. This really is awesome.

  7. Rebekah says:

    Thank you, Arthur, for allowing us to tag along on your process. It is an honor to be sure!

  8. Jayne says:

    I very much appreciate – in this blog and the initial Fungus/Algae/Lichen blog – your explanation of how you “process clues from the LORD”. Thank-you.
    Also, some time ago you had mentioned that you were using some exemplary mind-mapping software. Just wanted to ask what that is.

    • SLG says:

      Jayne, you can find it at A bit pricey, but for a thinker, it is incredibly cheap, considering the payoff in more cogent processes.

  9. carol says:

    Hello Arthur,

    SInce California has not been all that user friendly, what do ya think about Prophet (I think) NY State and Exhorter City somewhere near Teacher Ithaca ? :)) Doesn’t the East Coast sound inviting with the 4 seasons and all? Wish it were so!

    No need to post this – just want to say that I appreciate the training in 3rd level synchronization. You consistenly teach us how to fish in addition to feeding us a feast – by this I have grown so much.

    Thanks for who you are and what you do!

    Blessings …

    • SLG says:

      My perception has been that NY City and State are both Giver. What do you see that says Prophet? Just curious.

  10. Diane Johnson says:

    I have only so far read the first few paragraphs of this blog and felt strongly compelled to write. Arthur I believe you and your team are being used by God to bring something exceptional and desparately needed to the wider community and I applaud you for your honest, painstaking work, and the generosity of spirit that chooses to share so much with the rest of us. Above all I applaud and admire your single minded focus on honouring our Great King. You truly are a Noble Subject, and I for one (in a tangible Monday morning way) am hugely benefitting from the awesome treasure you produce. God bless and thank you Arthur. The world needs more like you x

  11. Lichens, Algae and Fungi…. Oh My!

    So all three have common properties.

    All three can and do exist separately as well as all can co- exist.

    All three ecologically thrive in either a mesic, xeric or hydric habitat.

    Mesic is more moist. Zeric is an environ with a small amounts of moisture. Hydric is an environment of complete saturation, flooding and ponding.

    All three natural environs have parallels that conjure up a picture of the three monotheistic religions on the earth.

    But Lichens are known from the testing in outer space as pointed out, which are not just able to survive but to continue to photosynthesize( growing and multiplying).

    If the destiny of Adam’s race(us) is to be fulfilled, God’s ultimate eternal inheritance, eventually it is going to be a compilation of all three religions. As all three are built on separate alphabets birthed in separate times that make up the religious environments( modern nations) on the earth.

    This is all to happen( destiny fulfilled) about the same time as the restoration of the tribes of Israel as defined in Ezekiel. The bones are the missing alphabet necessary to inform the tribes in their messages contained in the walls of New Jerusalem) just near the maturation process of Adam.

    Lichens were classified after the space testing to be extremophiles, being able to survive the harshest environments on Earth.So what is an extremophile?

    An extremophile is an organism that thrives in physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on earth.

    Lichens are transportable in space.

    I am lichen the possibilities that Adam’s race has yet to see what is still unpacked in the ancient treasury of DNA. Same DNA found in the earth’s first forms of life.

    All of this may be part of the meaning of Jesus parable in Matthew 13:52.”He said to them, therefore every scribe who is instructed in the kingdom of the skies, is like a man who is the master of a house, who brings out new and old things from his treasures.”


  12. LorieP says:

    Even though my first thoughts when reading the lichen blog were ones that said “Oh no, I hope he doesn’t give up what he’s doing because it is so helpful”, I knew that if God asked you to leave, you would. And that is how it is supposed to be. Thanks for letting me see how you process things as it is so different from how I do things and you always come up with good insight that makes me say “Why didn’t I think of that”?

  13. Donna Kelly says:

    So sorry to hear of the bombardment. If we are constrained from pondering, dreaming or thinking out loud, we will limit the heights, or depths, to which we will reach. Besides, anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes around you or your writings and teachings would know that you are not given to rashness and instability.

    This may fall flat but as I was reading your discription of the relationship between the mycobiont and photobiont, I thought– that is how a marriage should be. Two very separate organisms becoming something together yet not loosing who they are independently and together they are stronger and able to survive in very hostile environments/circumstances that they would not survive in without the other. What a covenant relationship!

    • Shirley says:

      This was my thought exactly and helped me see the marriage relationship in a more clear way. Have been pondering this for a couple of days now!

      • Caroline says:

        Me, too!
        And I echo what others have posted of their appreciation of your sharing your thought process. It models for me how to be sensitive to Holy Spirit and my spirit. I find affirmation, too, in that I see I’m not so way off. =). Really appreciate that and you. Mahalo
        Please don’t stop

  14. Elise says:

    Well, I may be singular in this world, but enjoyed the previous post. That’s it. Enjoyment. I love the syntax and vocabulary. I love the challenge of thought. Personally, I don’t much care who you do or do not join up with, because I know you will do what God tells you to do. What I thought was especially cool was that the day after you posted about lichen, that very subject came up on The Big Bang Theory TV show. Interesting! Even the unchurched world of sit-coms are thinking about the two being one phenomenon.

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