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Unusual Deliverance from a Death Spirit

Here is a great story from one of our tenacious Noble Subjects. When working with SRA/DID, we learn to recognize the symptoms of a death spirit early on.  The most glaring one is an extreme chill in the body.  When … Continue reading

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Human Spirit and Condemnation

I received an e-mail from “Sally” this week where she shared her experience with ministry to her spirit.  A friend was visiting with her in a restaurant and gave her the ten second theology of the human spirit and then … Continue reading

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Meet Chester the Exhorter

While looking for graphics for our new diagnostic game, Megan came across a cartoon character who was clearly a knockoff of R2D2.  I didn’t want to use that particular image but I liked the idea of designing something of that … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 3

Mateo managed to find someone home at the apartment below.  A man came to the door and was cautiously gracious to the young stranger standing there.  When Mateo introduced himself as the guy upstairs, the man downstairs was utterly shocked.  … Continue reading

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Lichens, Arthur and Cinderella’s Slipper

My relationship with the King is based much more on intimacy than on achievement.  With the objective being intimacy, the processes are often quite convoluted.  The thrill of discovery is worth more to me than speed of execution. It is … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 2

A month or so ago, when Mary Jo joined us, we did a musical chairs routine with the apartments that was absolutely unjustifiable in business terms.  It was totally done on the basis of my judgment of what I thought … Continue reading

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The Incomparable Adventures of Thunderfoot!

We keep our Mercy interns warehoused in a different complex then the rest of the tribe.  It is a Servant apartment complex where people are very open, friendly and engaging. You would think that two Mercies in a Servant complex … Continue reading

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