Thunderfoot Part 2

A month or so ago, when Mary Jo joined us, we did a musical chairs routine with the apartments that was absolutely unjustifiable in business terms.  It was totally done on the basis of my judgment of what I thought should be done.

And by “should” it is not that I had a word from the Lord or any clear vision of what the payoff would be.  It was only a light “sense” that this would be good.  I don’t like making expensive business decisions on that basis, but, like it or not, I make more on that basis than on the basis of the ledger and the bottom line.

So, we moved Serina out of her bedroom at the apartment where Genevieve is.  Mary Jo went into that bedroom and now shares the apartment with Genevieve.

We booted Mateo from his apartment into a new one in the next building over, in the same Servant complex.  And we put Serina into Mateo’s old apartment (while she was gone on a trip!)

It felt right before I did it, and it felt right after I did it, and everyone was a good sport and didn’t complain about all the extra work even though it would have been so simple to leave Serina and Mateo alone and just unceremoniously plop Mary Jo into the new apartment.

Last night, Serina hosted the biweekly event where we build community with the staff.  In the small talk before hand God prompted Thunderfoot I to make a less than gracious comment about Serina’s apartment (where he was sitting) and to celebrate his new digs.

I ignored the dig but pounced on the positive statement and asked for clarification.  He shared that Serina’s apartment really shuts him down but his new apartment has unleashed his artistic ability.

He used to dabble in art then laid it aside well before he came here.  Since he has been in the new place, there has been an explosion of desire to express his artistic drives and he is thrilled with the outcome.  He said he had his next 50 art projects already laid out in his mind, there is such a backlog of ideas and energy.

That was quite a hug from Father to me.  Sounds like I called that one right.  Serina is utterly thriving in the apartment he disdains.  Mary Jo is sleeping better and finding more joy and fulfillment in Serina’s old place than she has in years in other places.  She is thriving working on the lawn in the backyard.  And Thunderfoot I is unpacking a huge part of his design when he is not busy irritating the neighbor downstairs.

Sounds like I got that one right.

In other news, it turns out I was wrong about Thunderfoot II being his first involvement with AHS.  He has already booted two of them from his apartment so by today’s standards in a very nascent field that makes him a grizzled old veteran.

Nonetheless, he felt it would be prudent to engage the services of The Dynamic Duo Exterminators (AKA Mary Jo and Genevieve) to do a pass through his apartment.  They confirmed that he was in good shape overall, with some clean portals to boot.  There are a couple of niggling problems to be dealt with, but so far as they could tell, Thunderfoot II is not in residence there.  He lives downstairs but pretends to stomp around upstairs.

He has not managed to connect with the lady downstairs, but is quite clear that AHS are not really the issue.  God is using the AHS to connect him with a living, breathing human being who has endless possibilities.

We don’t know whether he will educate her on the whole wonderful wacky world of AHS, or minister to her, or start a Bible study in her place, or maybe even give her art lessons.

All he knows at this point is that the King is up to something and it is his job as a Noble Subject to convert the raw materials of Thunderfoot II into some sort of kingdom-sized redemptive event.

Hopefully there is more to the game than simply cleaning up her pad for her.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Dayle says:

    I do love these posts and look forward eagerly to each one. Love what you are doing. Love what we are learning as a result. Go team SLG. Learn a lot from how you are doing life together.

  2. Love the art lesson idea as an opening for introducing a pre-believer to the KING and His Kingdom. 🙂

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