Lichens, Arthur and Cinderella’s Slipper

My relationship with the King is based much more on intimacy than on achievement.  With the objective being intimacy, the processes are often quite convoluted.  The thrill of discovery is worth more to me than speed of execution.

It is fascinating to see how this facet of my design was so clearly identified and nurtured in my childhood.

When I was kid, my sister and I played 20 questions and “Warmer/Colder” relentlessly.  The prize was usually trivial while the process of decoding the clues was central.  Even now, I enjoy creating treasure hunts and will be having one here at the office in the near term.

Thus the lack of clarity on the part of God regarding the meaning of the lichen picture is not reflective of His unwillingness to communicate, nor of my inability to hear Him.  Rather it is part of our relationship where I step out of the male mode of being a son who builds, and step into the female mode as the bride who responds to the emotions of the Groom.

To show what this looks like on Monday morning, consider Cinderella’s story.  The prince had one clue — a glass slipper.  But with that clue, he was a man on a mission, looking for a foot that would match the slipper.

That is analogous to where I am now.  The glass slipper is an intimate synergy between Ruler and Exhorter, with Ruler leading, Exhorter contributing absolutely essential resources with no exploitation on the part of the Ruler.

And it is quite clear that I already have in my hand the Ruler piece.  Although I am not Ruler by redemptive gift, God has trained me in Ruler dynamics since childhood, and in the last year, He has had me focused on all the Ruler dynamics we reported in the Fractal of Two:  Adrenals and Kidneys.

Far beyond that teaching, which was huge, we spent a lot of corporate time investigating covenants from the perspective of the God of the covenants, instead of the covenants of God.  This is essential Ruler stuff based on the Ark of the Covenant.

So my Ruler portion seems to be dialed up and dialed in.  I am pondering where the Exhorter part of the glass slipper might be.

And of course, in the whole glass slipper paradigm, am I to be nurturing this symbiosis in another pair of people or institutions, or is it to be very personal to me?  No clue.


So I am busy checking feet.  Every time I spot a Ruler/Exhorter pairing, I hold up the lichen metric to see if it fits.

I looked at Anaheim (Ruler) and Disneyland (Exhorter).  Definitely a symbiotic relationships there and on the surface at least, a fairly healthy one.  Ruler on top.  Exhorter providing hugely needed strategic resource the Ruler could not produce by itself.

In the past, we have contemplated major spiritual operations in both fields.  I pulled out those plans and look them over.  Not a particle of a sparkle.

How about Anaheim and Fullerton — two contiguous cities.  There is little engagement between the two other than a shared border.  I have connections on both sides.  I wonder if there is something I am supposed to nurture there.  No sparkle.

Anaheim/California?  Less than no sparkle.

OK.  So let’s change the picture a bit.  Is it me and another person?

I scanned Exhorters from yesteryear and drew a blank about any new re-alignment.  I looked closely at Exhorters who have come into my picture in the last couple of weeks as well as those I have walked with for a while.

Feels like trying to put the glass slipper on the feet of Cinderella’s older sisters.

Still, I hold that one open, keeping a sharp eye out for new Exhorters who the Bridegroom might casually drift across my path in the coming weeks.  No closure there since this project was not date stamped.  The lichen picture might be for any time in the next six months.

I looked at business consulting.  I essentially pulled out of that field a number of years ago because small business owners generally wanted me to use the power of God to fix their mess so they didn’t have to learn Best Practices 101 and they for sure wanted me to fix their staff and not them.

Not a game I am willing to play.

However, if the Bridegroom leads me to an Exhorter company, I would certainly have to try on the glass slipper.  Nothing is on the front burner at this moment.

When the initial search for the owner of the glass slipper did not turn up results, I had to decide whether it is an issue of looking farther at the more unlikely scenarios, or waiting passively, but alertly for something that is yet in the future.

In terms of looking further, I have pondered a redemptive gifts seminar in Southern California that would meet every couple of weeks for a few months to go deeply into the gifts.  As far down the road as I am from that teaching, there is still a restless sadness in me because people don’t really get it.

Oh, yes, there are hundreds of thousands of people who know about them, but very few people are living the grandeur that the gifts provide.

Would that be an Exhorter event that would complement the Ruler in me?  Doesn’t seem like a good fit but it is not going away altogether.

There seems to be some big shifts in our building.  The entire industrial complex has been sold.  We obviously know nothing at all about the new owner, but do wonder if he is a gift from God, a change from the old owner who was quite opposed to the things of God.

Is the new guy the Exhorter?  Will we indirectly partner with him regarding the land here?

The suite just west of us is coming open for a reduced rent.  I have wanted that suite from the time we moved in because there are portals and structures there that affect our land here negatively.

It has some really nasty dynamics to it.  No one who has been there in the last seven years has been able to thrive.  One after another, they go under.  The latest one was a credit union that had been elsewhere on the complex for years and years, but a year after moving up to this location, they were in so much trouble they had to merge to survive.

What if we leased it and cleaned it up without putting anything in there?  Would the spiritual impact of that land being sanctified measurably transcend the cost of the empty space?  I think so.  Not a logical business decision, but sure one that draws me . . .

Then we thought about putting a business incubator in there.  Lots of sparkle to that, but where is the Exhorter in that picture?

So far, the glass slipper does not fit anywhere.  But this is rather normative in my relationship with the King.  I will be diligent in pursuit of the prize.  He will watch closely and give clues as appropriate.

We both will enjoy the process immensely.

Meanwhile, no action will be taken, other than relentlessly checking out anything that even remotely looks like an Exhorter dynamic.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

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13 Responses to Lichens, Arthur and Cinderella’s Slipper

  1. Kate Mazur says:

    Come to Traverse City and see if the slipper fits!!!! 😉

  2. Noeleen says:

    In the summer when you wrote on the blog about the redemptive gift of the bride I was in the middle of reading Ruth. I wondered about Boaz as an Exhorter like Jesus and Naomi as a Giver like Israel and Ruth as a ……. like the Church or Bride. I wondered about Ruler because of producing a son, I also noticed at the time (thinking about sandals in the whole settling the deal situation) that in all four gospels John the Baptist is recorded talking about how he won’t undo or take off Jesus’ sandal. I had always thought that that was about Jesus being so much greater that John but I wondered if it was about the redemption thing. There is the passage in Deutoronomy 25 about the younger brother refusing to marry the widow of the older brother and the widow taking off his sandal and it being a mark of shame and the family being known as The Family of the Unsandalled.

  3. I have read this post a couple of times, as well as the previous posts on the process. First, I deeply respect your willingness to be transparent with a very personal topic. This is a tremendous learning experience for us, to see how you work through the process. It is so beautiful to me that your relationship with the King is about intimacy, not results. That reframes everything. And you are willing to hold the messy tension of the process, without having to force it immediately into a solution. That leaves open to the King a world of possibilities.

  4. Ruthie Young says:

    Enjoying this ride! It is fun to watch it develop, what ever it is!

  5. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    Favorite sentence…

    “We both will enjoy the process immensely.”

  6. cheri says:

    Here in the Rocky mountains we have many rainbow colors of lichen that grow especially well on all our beautiful granite that is everywhere. It creates excellent art work while alive but also leaves striking footprints on the rock when it dies. Around these mountains a prized addition to any home is a granite hearth created with these lichen branded slabs. I was just wondering about a possible connection between the Great Exhorter – Yeshua – creating beauty and leaving a signature on earths ruler structures and people to establish truth of some kind – just a passing thought. I know my hearth – made from these natural paintings – speaks loudly to my spirit regularly and contains a portal of declaration and authority. Thanks for the journey

  7. Janis says:

    I love hearing the Prophet leading your Ruler. No Ruler has that sparkle.

  8. Minette says:

    I love the way you describe your relationship with the King. I am really appreciating your rich descriptions of your discovery and unpacking of Lichens. In this post I hear your disappointment in how people ‘get it’ but do live in the grandeur of God’s design and theirs and it encourages me to do more of the work I needs to do around this. , It also triggers in me the recognision of how the King engages me and how much I enjoy just getting it! Thanks so much

  9. Barry Leisegang says:

    Hmmmm. Arthur… I love what you do. I am thankful where you have been. God has given me insight through you. I know in my heart that what you are doing is going to be very important to the kingdom.I identify in some ways with you because God makes you work for the answers and unpack them.
    Timing for me is key. I want to work with you but it is just when will it happen. I am trying out the AHS stuff now and I will let you know how that goes. I do have several people who say they have potatoes size knots in their chest muscles and behind shoulder blades. So. Far all knots and voices have returned. I don’t know why. Will continue till it sticks.
    Personally I am frustrated that I have ideas and designs for building stuff but I am not an architect. Why is that? I have ideas for making things but I have no access to someone who can make it. I have given up on doing it myself because in the past it caused too much frustration. Am I just deluding myself or am I simply ahead of my time?
    I know Am at the end of my healing.I know my time willsoon be here but when people don’t get who you are it can be a real bummer. Waiting.
    I’ve got nothing great, spectacular etc. Just waiting my turn after climbing my mountain. If this is it. I will be content, but I expected God to use me to open a little more whoopass on the dark kingdom after all I,ve been through. It is His call not mine what happens next. I’m just waiting.
    Seven years so far. In this field.
    I’m just a soldier. He will spend me as He chooses. I just want to be ready.
    Barry L

  10. TANYA says:

    Does your “Balmoral” land spark anything? Just a thought? After your first post on lichen I went and spent time reading up on it. Loved the imagery, and a good hunt.

    • SLG says:

      Deosn’t seem to. It is Mercy land, and I don’t have any company while there (that is the whole point!)

      • TANYA says:

        One other thought was a memory from childhood of what I always thought of as moss but when reading up on lichen and looking at pictures discovered my favourite “moss” is a lichen called British Soldier lichen ( cladonia cristatella). I use to see it when walking in the woods and always enjoyed the bright red. There are many excellent photos of this very tiny lichen, which makes a person reflect on the awesome creativeness of the Creator.

  11. Robert says:

    I am thinking of how much more powerful a group of exhorters would be that would bring the fuller expression of the exhorter to bear on you. You need to really look at if one person is what you are looking for or something else that when combined is the glass slipper fit.

    So I encourage you to look beyond the narrow lines you may be looking to something more expansive and something more beyond what you could think or dream.

    It just may be that a group of exhorters and or a group of something makes a combined fit, where each of them is an aspect of fitting a certain part of the glass slipper, to where the most potent explosion of the exhorter dimension could be revealed …

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