Thunderfoot Part 3

Mateo managed to find someone home at the apartment below.  A man came to the door and was cautiously gracious to the young stranger standing there.  When Mateo introduced himself as the guy upstairs, the man downstairs was utterly shocked.  He admitted that he was expecting to see a hippo.

The conversation lasted only a couple of minutes — just long enough to determine that the man feels peak stomping time for Thunderfoot II was 1:00 a.m.  He was pretty conflicted and embarrassed at the sight of the impossibly scrawny hippo in front of him and just wanted out of the conversation.

That all happened on Tuesday evening.

Through all of this, the theory is that the AHS was mobile.  Some AHS that are land related are very still in one exact spot.  Others roam around to a limited degree.  Since the Dynamic Duo Exterminating team assured him that his pad was clean at the time they went through, but the people downstairs heard it stomping upstairs, the theory was it came and went.

Anyway, to his vast surprise, last night when he came out of the shower, the AHS was waiting for him, somewhat visible, in his bedroom.  He doesn’t always see AHS, sometimes only feeling them, but this one was very visible.

It was a woman and she was SERIOUSLY overweight.  He engaged and explored her motivations.  They were few, so without any complications he offered her an exit and she willingly transitioned out.

Thus endeth the adventures of Thunderfoot I and II.

Unless, of course, he wants to go back downstairs and tell the guy the hippo has been evicted.

Meanwhile, we discovered that Mateo has some exposure to and skill in using Adobe Illustrator.  We have a new artist who has drawn a cartoon creature for the tablet based game we are developing.  She did some fine pencil sketches and he was able to take them and digitize them through Illustrator.

Then Megan can take his vector images and do all sorts of things with them before sending them on to Ryan who will put them in a game that will be in your hands some fine day.

We are delighted to have this technology in house.  “Can Man” will be much improved for having been manipulated by Mateo.

Copyright November 2013, by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to Thunderfoot Part 3

  1. Irina Rivera says:

    Totally impressed that Mateo could have good conversation and then see the woman! Smooth work. Great job, Mateo!

  2. Autumn says:

    Wow! This is so beyond the the nice, neat theology I was brought up with as a kid! Thank you for never shying away from topics such as these that really challenge the body of Christ. After listening to Part I of the AHS teaching, I have really had a lot to think and pray about. I am looking forward to listening to Part II to learn even more.

  3. Janis K says:

    Love it! Mateo is great, what an immersion he has been given. I never saw one, but wouldn’t that make a great ‘reality show’? Tracking AHSs rather than ghosts…

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