Human Spirit and Condemnation

I received an e-mail from “Sally” this week where she shared her experience with ministry to her spirit.  A friend was visiting with her in a restaurant and gave her the ten second theology of the human spirit and then asked if she could demonstrate.

The friend called her spirit to come to the front.  To Sally’s surprise there was undeniable movement.

With her permission I am copying part of her e-mail to me.

* * *

What I remember is having an almost out of body experience.  I could turn and see my soul and all the emotions that go with it.  A thought came into my mind regarding how I hadn’t spent a lot of alone time with God and maybe this wouldn’t work.  I saw that thought get put into a compartment in my soul.  It didn’t affect me at all.

While in this state, for the first time, I felt how I was intended to feel.  Shalom.  I felt connected to the Spirit in a way I’ve never felt before.  I could only feel how heaven felt.  Any thought that wasn’t of God was exposed as a lie and put in a compartment in my soul.  I have had anxiety all of my life.  A genetic thing that I have worked on for a long time.

I know this sounds weird and I really can’t explain how I felt adequately, but it was a game changer for me.  I felt my spirit up front and center for about a week.  I realized during this time that in heaven’s economy, condemnation does not exist.  There isn’t even a word for it.  There is no language for condemnation in heaven.   Jesus took care of that.

* * *

“. . . in heaven’s economy, condemnation does not exist.”

I have read and reread that phrase for days.

It is not new truth, but it certainly landed in a different place than ever before.

“. . . in heaven’s economy, condemnation does not exist.”

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

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10 Responses to Human Spirit and Condemnation

  1. elizabeth says:

    I would love to hear from people who have struggled with fearing they committed the unforgivable sin and how God set them free.
    In the past i had so many demonic thoughts against God, Jesus the spirit etc those i have been freed from but the accusation still hangs on and I need encouragement.

  2. Barbara from Colorado says:

    Wow! “. . . in heaven’s economy, condemnation does not exist.” What a beautiful spiritual picture God gave Sally of the difference between our soul & spirit. And it was a very comforting confirmation for me. I felt led by the Spirit to battle against condemnation (a life-long struggle) several months ago. It seemed very counter-intuitive, but I dutifully began even though it felt really weird. In retrospect, His battle plan was pretty simple:

    1. Actively reject and refuse any condemnation.
    (I found doing that out loud helped a lot. I used on Romans 8:1-2, 15-16.)
    2. Do NOT defend yourself.
    3. Do NOT request any prayer to overcome the shortcomings presented in the accusations. (These two instructions were the most difficult for me at first but made sense later).
    4. Leave it before My throne and go on about your life.

    Eventually I became very sensitive to even the subtle “under the radar” internal accusations that I was not living up to God’s standards and therefore was not quite acceptable in His sight (and the thought that I never would really be).

    The battle seems almost “done”. I feel so much more at peace inside – and, more importantly, there’s no more struggle to convince myself that God does love me. Even my body feels different. I did not realize how much tension that condemnation perpetuates. I’m more confident in God’s ability to keep me and can accept His full forgiveness once I confess the sins HE’S convicted me of. My spiritual understanding and insight into Scripture has sharpened. I’ve been studying the book of Colossians for the past several weeks. In the process, Jesus and all He’s done have become so much more real. What a great King we serve and how much He loves us!

    PS: Please know I’m not suggesting that this is a universal “fix-it” for condemnation. Like Sally, I’m only describing how God worked in my life on this issue. I so appreciated her story because it was a validation of the path God has had me walking for awhile – because it HAS felt really weird to me at times 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Barbara, this comment is EXACTLY what I needed today, right now. Thank you a million times.

  3. Paul Spuler says:

    Thank you for sharing this truth…as you said Arthur, not a NEW ONE, but it was brought into NEW LIGHT! So very powerful!!!

  4. best post ever! with the many people i “do” this with, it encourages me to read what happened to her.thanks!

  5. Zanne says:

    I was very excited while reading Sally’s experience. I had a similar experience about 3 years ago. I dreamt that our first-born, Michael (then 8 years) died. A week after this dream I dreamt a follow-up, that I went to heaven with Michael to say goodbye to him ( because he was dead and staying in heaven). I didn’t see anything in the dream; I only felt this same SHALOM that Sally wrote about – an almost indescribable peace. I’ve also had some degree of anxiety over things and sometimes over nothing. And this peace I felt was extremely desirable to me. I’ve never felt this before or after the dream again. I tried to put my exact feelings and experience into words, but haven’t been successful, even after 3 years. The nearest I can come, is something in the line of: peace does not come because fear and anxiety is absent; fear and anxiety is absent because peace is present. The presence of God’s peace is overpowering and also soft and loving and extremely desirable. I can understand why children just want to be with Jesus – they always choose whatever is “nicest”. It come automatically or instinctively to them; they don’t have to analyse and think and rethink – they are naturally drawn to nice things. I have tried to think of a way to “recreate” this peace – even trusting God to help me…but I’m still learning and trusting Him to draw near to me as I draw near to Him. I hope this has blessed someone and that you will also draw near to God.

  6. Kathy says:

    I so needed this today… I have been beating myself up regarding my ailing father who I saw for the first time last night by revelation that he is severely tormented by extreme fear – doctors calling it anxiety – I saw him last night within a matter of minutes go into a severe panic over getting a chill and then again having to get up and use the restroom – but I previously did not recognize it as a spirit of fear against him or in him nor have I done ‘what I am supposed to be able to do’ as the only Christian in my family. Change of strategy is in order with a new perspective on connection to the Spirit.

  7. I am in awe of that statement “… in heaven’s economy, condemnation doesn’t exist..” It hit me in such a profound way. I can feel it resonating deep within me. I am compelled to share this..No to shout it from the rooftops!!

  8. Robert says:

    excellent, great sharing, more of these would be helpful, it gives a first hand look at what happened and the results, fantastic !!!!

  9. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    That is an awesome revelation! I think “Sally” has deposited a treasure that causes my Spirit to sing and my soul something to wrap it’s head around.

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