Unusual Deliverance from a Death Spirit

Here is a great story from one of our tenacious Noble Subjects.

When working with SRA/DID, we learn to recognize the symptoms of a death spirit early on.  The most glaring one is an extreme chill in the body.  When a person randomly gets chills that cannot be stopped, it usually means a death spirit.

Fred has been in contact with a survivor who had a bad case of it. Every so often, Sally would simply be chilled to the bone. She would turn the heat up to 85, put on a heavy sweater, go to bed under piles of blankets and get no relief at all from the chill, since it was originating inside her, not outside.

Fred tried a plethora of different tools to dislodge the death spirit, especially focusing on the Isaiah 19 passage, with only marginal results.  There was still a hold there somewhere and although the attacks were reduced both in frequency and intensity, it was clear the victory was not won.

Well, in classic Sapphire style, Fred and Sally stayed in the game, in spite of repeated failures to achieve a solid win.

Today Fred was driving around town, listening to the Bible on CD and the passage was Job 38:17.  Although Fred had read Job on multiple occasions, this verse had never stood out before.

“Have the gates of death been opened unto thee?  or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?”

Fred registered that the shadow of death and death seem to have two different dynamics and that death has a gate and the shadow of death has a door.  He bookmarked it as something he needed to look into.

(For you “factories” out there, there are 19 usages of the phrase in the AV.  The shadow of death is associated with darkness, dragons, eyelids and Orion.  Sounds like some solid grist for the mill.)

Anyway, Fred had things to do, places to go and people to see today, so he didn’t do anything about it.  But this evening Sally called complaining about various symptoms.  He diagnosed it as a part and began trying to minister to the part, when suddenly the Spirit told him he had been snookered.

It was his old nemesis, the death spirit.  He launched into a diatribe with all the usual passages that have never worked before, and they didn’t work very well this time either, other than to make the death spirit manifest.

Suddenly the Holy Spirit reminded him that there was not only death, but the shadow of death, and there was a door related to the shadow of death.

While he would have liked to argue with the Spirit that He needed time to study and understand this thing, Sally was in rough shape with the manifestations, so he played that shadow of death card, asking Jesus to open the door and to remove the demon called the shadow of death.

A bit more drama and it was all over.


The fact that she is free now, after years of torment, is special.

The fact that Fred is going to be very intimately acquainted with those 19 verses in the near future is lots of fun.

But most of all, it was a morale booster to watch God invest in the process.  He arranged for Fred to be listening to that portion of Scripture today.  He arranged for Fred to actually hear something He had not heard ever before.

And then, in the heat of the battle, with Fred’s soul pleading ignorance, God’s Spirit surfaced the salient data to break open the stalemate and set Sally free.

THAT is a morale booster going forward.  Fred is not a deliverance guy.  If Sally’s freedom depends on his skill, she is in a world of hurt and they both know it.  He is the best resource available to her, but as is the case with most, his best is nowhere near what she needs.

Ah, but if GOD is stepping up to the plate and allowing Fred to play far over his skill set, then it is a radically different game and the devil is in a world of hurt.

Sally’s body is free from a cluster of demons, but her soul and spirit are soaring with hope — the real kind of hope that has solid deliverables attached to it!

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

From home, celebrating the fact that two kinds of eggnog are in my refrigerator these days.

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13 Responses to Unusual Deliverance from a Death Spirit

  1. nancy henry says:

    The assurance for some time now, that we are walking through a valley of shadows of death, not valleys of death, has been a big deal for me. This is GOOD, good good! Until about three years ago, I was both ignorant and afraid of the spirit realm, thinking it was to be embarked on by only the professional. I started out cautious to a fault, and am continually becoming more and more bold as I move against the darkness with the light that is in me! These posts by the Noble family are enlightening and empowering! A verse that has become a cornerstone for praise and thanksgiving as well as action, is Daniel 2 21-23. This chapter is loaded with the word know/known. It is so huge to know the God for whom nothing is impossible knows me and shares His knowledge with me in an ongoing fashion. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. George says:

    Just an aside… In Job, both Gate(s) and door(s) are plural..That can lead to some interesting revelation..

  3. dorisann says:

    i am constantly blown away by the resources that become available just at the right time. What a faith building story! for everyone concerned. I have been a part of praying for healing lately and didn’t realize how faith building it has been for me, not just for the one healed. To see God in an arena of your life you have never seen before is phenomenal to faith growing! More More More!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    “The shadow of death is associated with darkness, dragons, eyelids and Orion.”
    A couple of thoughts: I have suffered from debilitating inner chills for YEARS, so this is particularly fascinating to me. Also, I have recurring dreams in which I cannot open my eyes (eyelids) but have to still function, walk, drive, etc. VERY frustrating. And I read recently something about Pleiades and Orion guarding the (Python? Leviathan?) spirit. Can’t remember where, but FWIW…

  5. eva says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW. This is an eye opener for me and I thank Sally, Fred and you Arthur for sharing this informaiton. I have some more work to do on myself. SWEET JESUS, MY SWEET LORD. I LOVE THE WAY THAT YOU ARE. AMEN.

  6. Sue Taylor says:

    Is it possible that land also has places where access points – doors – are open to shadow of death spirits? And if that is true – could the neighborhood have an unusually high number of teens who are plagued by suicidal thoughts? Is it possible that a defiled sound portal could be used by the enemy to broadcast the sounds (messages) of shadow of death spirits? And if that is true – how is it that teens are particularly vulnerable to hearing those messages (or resonating in the key of death)?

    • SLG says:

      Sue, all of that is possible, but since we haven’t even had this revelation for 24 hours, no one knows.

      Also, most of those things have other potential causes too.

  7. Johnyne Rees says:

    Wonderful encouragement to believe that we are hearing well and to follow those nudges that contradict our own logic. He is absolutely faithful to lead us into the truth!! Being “over our heads’ is OK!

  8. Susan says:

    What an awesome victory! Praise God! This is so encouraging to read as I continue to press in for wisdom about matters relating to my daughter’s freedom. Thank you for posting. I celebrate this with you.

  9. Awesome! Debra

  10. Jaimee Ligan says:

    Wonderful. I will be stockpiling the treasures of that verse for future use in my arsenal. Thank you for this story.

  11. Zanne says:

    Wow! This is extremely motivating! God is so faithful and loves us SO much! The Holy Spirit teaches us exactly what we need when we need it – and empowers us to do things that many times seem too difficult – “Is anything too difficult for me?” Says the LORD.

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