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Debacles, Death and Disillusionment

Imagine attending your twin brother’s funeral and meeting there the girl who would become your wife. How would you remember that day twenty years later:  as tragic or wonderful? I wrestle with that question of perspective as I ponder 2013. … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 5

I know, I know. Some of you have been holding your breath since December 9th, waiting for the “SO WHAT?!” and you are turning blue right about now. Sorry about that. December was remarkably frenetic for me after my time … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 4

In Sally’s reporting on the way she and Fred routinely father people by creating opportunities to unpack their treasures, she shared more than she thought she was.  Here is the phrase that jumped out at me. “We joke between us … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 3

Sally wrote back and I was right.  She and her husband do have a long pattern of building platforms under people and finding huge joy in it.  They don’t throw money at people.  Charity and unpacking gifts are two separate … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela: A Mercy Leader

Tonight the world lost a towering statesman. In a world replete with tin man politicians, the death of even one statesman impoverishes us all. Tomorrow the mindless babel that we call the press will shove the petty quarrels of mankind … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 2

Sally wrote back with an intense record of how God’s fingerprints were all over their purchase of this particular piece of land.  I am solidly on board with this being her assignment from God.  He apparently allowed the recent demonic … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit

Sally wrote me today.  The short version is that she owns a piece of commercial property and had just experienced a rather gruesome demonic assault on the building. While this event was blatantly demonic, this property has been a headache … Continue reading

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