Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 2

Sally wrote back with an intense record of how God’s fingerprints were all over their purchase of this particular piece of land.  I am solidly on board with this being her assignment from God.  He apparently allowed the recent demonic assault to alert her that even though the property has progressed immensely since being acquired, there is still a problem.

I wrote back with the following batch of questions.

All right.  So it is settled that this is a divine mandate, not a dumb mistake.  That is foundational to doing warfare.  When we wade into battle from a position of illegitimacy, it can get real ugly, real fast and believe me, the devil has a rock solid fact sheet about all our malfeasance.  If we are phony, he knows it better than we do.

And based on all the stuff you have shared, it seems clear that the nature of the snake pit is the destruction of children.  When we look at the items you have shared, it does not seem likely that these two or three items justify the immensity of the demonic assault on this building for years.  My logic says that the current stuff you know about is simply the top layer of an ancient pit.  So we have some sort of child sacrifice going on here.  Whether it is in the context of formalized religion or simply sexual abuse, we don’t know.

The million dollar question, then, is why you?  What is it in your package of special anointings or earned authority that causes God to see you as exquisitely appropriate for this intense task?

You see, we never want to war from the position of need.  Yes, a pit full of snakes is a bad thing and needs to go.  But we get into all sorts of trouble when we follow the trail of pain and perversion.  When we start with design and destiny, there is a much more solid place from which to war.

So look at your generational lines – both you and your husband.  Is there any remarkable love for children or rescue of children that you can see?  Were any of your forefathers legislators who championed the end of child labor 150 years ago?  Do you have ancestors who loved and protected a special needs child?  Is there an extraordinary educator in your family tree who not only taught but parented the kids and raised up a generation of mighty men and women?

Then look at your own lives.  Do you have a passion for protecting or redeeming kids that is utterly beyond normal social explanation?  Is there a level of intercession for children that goes deeper than most other things you war for?

And third, look at the pattern of the problems God has put in front of you.  Do you find yourself frequently rescuing children, or possibly working on the positive end of the scale, building a platform under those who are devoid of competent parents?  Is there anything related to dealing with children that is a pattern in your walk with Christ?

You see, I know about your land anointing.  There is no question that God has given you a remarkable love for the land in your city and has positioned you strategically in a number of ways.  That is obvious.  But too often, the obvious blinds us to the important.  This MIGHT be just another land assignment.  But I want to check for a gifting, anointing or earned authority related to children that is not immediately obvious.

Sally wrote back in a couple of hours with a stunning story.  Her great uncle had gotten transformed by one of the great revivals in history and became a powerful intercessor with a focus on the extended family.

Her mother, the next generation, was a formidable intercessor who prayed relentlessly for all the children in the extended family (dozens of them) and had prayer enough left over for all the kids she connected to in her life.  There are hundreds of men and women today who attribute their place in life to the wise touch and powerful prayers of Sally’s mother.

Clearly, God has been preparing for over a century and a half (that we know about) to redeem this piece of land that matters so much to Him and He has masterfully drawn the devil into this trap.

What fun!  And we get to be in the bleachers watching this tour de force!

We have more than enough data already to know that Sally is coming with overwhelming authority.  But while we are on a roll, I thought we might possibly be able to get just a little bit closer to the sweet spot of her core design and authority.  Here is what I wrote back.

This will rock!

We have larger than life generational anointing on the part of your mother and her uncle.  Two generations back-to-back had an intercessory anointing that focused on the immediate family’s spiritual and physical well-being.  They were relentless intercessors and were incredibly effective, as history shows.  This anointing has passed down to you, not in terms of the same kind of intercessory fervor which they expressed in the Ruler key of music, but in a fragrance about your spirit that causes children to be drawn to you.

Now there was one phrase about your mother that just shouted to me.  “She gave dignity to children.”  I wept when I read that.  It is so rare. 

Ours is a culture of honor, not dignity.  And honor is extended to someone for their achievements.  We honor people with money, or a gold medal or a mortar board when they work hard and achieve.  And since kids are in the early stages of learning how to perform in the culture, we extend a lot of dishonor to them in an offhand, joking sort of way.  

Dignity by contrast is the recognition of essence.  We see the potential in someone, long before they can be honored for it.  And when we celebrate someone for their essence, that is dignity.

I think this is a piece of you.  While you are not in the same environment your mother was and while you don’t extend dignity in the physical ways she did, I think it is an innate part of your lifestyle, but I am only guessing here. 

My reason for bringing it up is that we have a mutual acquaintance who you have invested in twice, on a fairly large scale.  In each case, it was not about honor.  You did not reward her for high achievement.  And you were not addressing need or pain in her life since she is quite functional.  But in both cases, you saw an area of her design that was visible, but not really unpacked yet.  You invested time and money to position her so she could unpack the treasures God had placed in her that the rest of the culture had not bothered to invest in because they didn’t fit the accomplishments of school and the marketplace.

Is this normative for you?  I realize you can’t do it on that scale often, but do you have eyes to see untapped potential in children and adults as well as in business deals?  And does it start your engine running when you can see a way to position them so they can grow or become?

Because that is an act of giving dignity. 

Fifty wannabe athletes show up for training camp.  When the weeding out is done, ten of them are selected by the coaches to be on the team.  They are not good enough yet to be on the team, but they are good enough for the coaches to think they could become good enough to play, if enough were invested in them.  That is a gift of dignity – seeing essence, not yet unpacked, and saying, “It is so good, I am willing to invest in unpacking you”.

Do you do that habitually, or did I just happen to see a couple of offhand situations?

Copyright December 2013 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 2

  1. Jude says:

    Really appreciate the distinction between honor and dignity. Needs to be published a lot more among the ecclesia!

  2. ruthann777 says:

    I have always had a bent to see people, especially children, with eyes to see the gold inside of them. It has always annoyed me how our culture judges kids by their grades, what they do etc. etc. like if they don’t do all these culturally “good” things they are not in the same arena of “goodness”. I am certain I am dominant in the servant gifting, and giving dignity is what I feel really makes me feel alive! And I feel like crying because I didn’t have language nor a grid for what I do until now. I also really enjoyed reading the questions that you asked this woman because it is helpful to learn how to approach assignments. Never have I heard it taught that way-to ask God what He has invested in me-generational lines, passion, and pattern of problems He has placed in my life to earn authority? That is very good stuff and thank you for choosing to share this.

  3. Rosa says:

    I love this story…

  4. Nico says:

    “Is there an extraordinary educator in your family tree who not only taught but parented the kids and raised up a generation of mighty men and women?”

    This question caused tears to come to my eyes…my Mother is a teacher by profession, but I believe she is a Giver. She has an immense gift of bestowing purpose and unveiling potential in her students. Especially the porcupine cases.

    Since varsity years and even during my professional career, often in restaurants or even in night clubs, strangers would approach me and ask:
    “Are you Mrs Sally’s son?”
    “Why yes, who are?”
    “Awe man, she was my absolute favorite teacher! She was beyond brilliant and helped me so much during my time at school. Please tell her sends her his greetings and hopes she is doing well.”

    Thank you for sharing this Arthur. I realize more and more I need to make of point of honoring and appreciated my Mother more, for I do not always see the great gift God has given me by blessing me with such an exceptional Mother.

  5. What also struck me about giving dignity is when someone takes you seriously. This is especially so with children. It is beautiful to watch an adult who can join the child instead of humoring them. But even in relationship between adults, I have had people time and again be shocked when I poked and prodded about what they were sharing because they were used to getting humored or teased.

  6. ruthiespage says:

    This is good. Your perspective of the bigger picture always blows me away. I totally agree with the comment by Barbara. Thanks for letting us get to sit in the bleachers and watch. Amazing!

  7. barbarawall says:

    Arthur, seeing this post today just zinged through my essence to the core like a lightning bolt! It was experiencing God once again show up on the landscape of the dark and obscure with truth so brilliant I am in awe of Him. Giving dignity is so powerful and something very dear to me. Even in sharing this story, you have dignified this woman, her God and her journey and many others who are gifted to release this in the world. I’m still emotional about what I experienced when I read it and for me that’s a very good sign of deep truth being unveiled about God.

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