Sally and the Snake Pit

Sally wrote me today.  The short version is that she owns a piece of commercial property and had just experienced a rather gruesome demonic assault on the building.

While this event was blatantly demonic, this property has been a headache for her for quite some time.  She has cleansed land, dealt with title issues, changed personnel and prayed endlessly only to see minor improvements instead of breakthrough.

She pinged me just in case she was missing some principle that should have been obvious.

I engage with Sally when she writes — usually two or three times a year — because she is a good investment.  She only asks for help once in a great while and that after she has a lot of her own skin in the game.  Sally has distinguished herself among the many who ask questions by learning how to reason from principle for herself.

She is a pretty solid diagnostician in her own right, looking at evidence and checking it against the curses, the heads of Leviathan and everything else she has mastered.  The harder someone works, the more I am willing to invest in their world.

I looked at the evidence and concurred that it was an overt, in your face, demonic assault.  Given the history, my guess was that there was still something on the land.  I suggested she talk to her prayer partner and ask if she could see anything like a portal.

As soon as I wrote that, I felt a shift inside that I well know.  Here is an excerpt from my e-mail.

Ooops, don’t go yet.  I am getting a picture. 

I see a basic rectangular building, I think two or three stories.  On the ground floor, in one corner, there is a small room maybe two and a half meters by two.  I wonder if it is a laundry room, or a tool storage room.  Something like that.  There is a nest of serpents under the concrete slab right in the outside corner.  I think if you go outside the building and look at that corner from the outside, you will find that the plaster decays there and plants don’t grow.  That mess is toxic to life in a big way.  Nothing of the design of God is allowed to thrive.

Now, as you stand in the middle of the room with the infested corner off to your right at a 45 degree angle, the real problem is off to your left.  It is maybe two meters on the other side of the wall on your left.  It is in the building, in some other space.  Someone, not necessarily the person living there – could be a visitor from time to time – knows about the snake pit and is deliberately, consciously “feeding” the snakes from that other room.

Now if it turns out that this room is the caretaker’s room, it would explain several things.

Poke around there and let me know whether this has any credibility at all. 

Like I said, this kind of word of knowledge happens from time to time to me.  But it is infrequent.  I do not try to make this happen, no matter how people badger me for insight.  It is there, and when God wants to speak in that way, He does.

Even though I am usually pretty clear when it is my spirit hearing from the Holy Spirit, I ALWAYS put it out there casually.  None of this “Thus saith the Lord . . . ” nonsense, delivered with a deep resonate voice, in King James English.

She wrote back quite immediately.

OH MY WORD!!!  You have NO idea how credible that is!

Thank-you for your comprehensive reply. 

The picture is exactly where the caretaker’s apartment is, and just as you describe to one side outside there is a “tool shed” that fits the picture, it also “belongs” to the caretaker. 

The location was always toxic, even to the point that it is the place where everyone congregated to drink until we banned them. 

Now by itself this little exchange is interesting but hardly noteworthy.  Words of knowledge are a staple in the Body of Christ and certainly have helped solve a lot of mysteries.

What colors this story significantly is that this happens repeatedly with me and Sally.  Sometimes she writes me with a question.  Sometimes I write her and say, “Um . . . are you dealing with this or that right now?”

So far as I can remember, I have always been 100% accurate with her, down to the details.

I study patterns.  Clearly there is a pattern here.  One thousand people write me for advice and possibly two of them will get a word of knowledge from me.  But this business woman gets detailed, precise info from me time after time.  This has been going on for a few years.


We are passionate about the fact that every effect has a cause.  This is not happenstance.  Something is causing this disproportionate flow of insight from my spirit to her.

-It is not because of our close relationship as a mentor/mentee.  I have never discipled her in any formal way.  I met her once years ago at a seminar.  Possibly two seminars.  I can’t remember.  Her name comes up from time to time among people I know, but Sally and I don’t have any significant history.  Just another person in Sapphire who tracks with us and implements consistently.

-She is not a mover and shaker in the religious community where she lives.  I don’t know a thing about her community of faith, but am quite sure she is not a high profile conference speaker, driving a fierce agenda as a spiritual giant in the world.  She is a business woman who is trying to erase the line between the secular and sacred.

-She is not perfect.  Like most of us, she is on a journey and it has not been overloaded with free money.

That description could fit 5,000 or so people in Sapphire.  Nothing from that explains why I get words of knowledge when she is in the picture.

It would be easy to write this off with the universal Christian cliche:  “It must be the sovereignty of God.”

Might be.

Or not.

I have been tracking an interesting pattern across the last ten years.  There seems to be a direct correlation between an individual’s history of walking in awe and the intensity with which my spirit “sees.”

Sally does awe.  It is not some event she schedules or a conference she attends or a discipline she embraces.  She simply has a lifestyle of being able to be emotionally moved at the immensity of God’s presence, totally apart from the gifts He gives.

In daily life, she savors the King, not just the Kingdom.

And I think that may be the answer.  I have pondered for years Jesus’ experience in Nazareth where He could not do any miracles.  Their cynicism absolutely shut down the capacity of the Spirit of the Living God to do miracles.  That is almost too big to wrap my mind around.

But if there is an opposite to that principle, it suggests that those who do have a capacity for awe are able to unlock the power of the Spirit of God, to partner with my spirit, to release these insights.

Sally is not alone.  There are a tiny handful of other people who have the same effect on me.  And they all walk a beautiful walk of silent, private awe over the nature of God more than celebrating the works of God.

We are going to walk through this process with Sally in subsequent blogs, like we did with Thunderfoot.  I think there are some transferable truths here.

However, before dealing with snakes and sinners, I wanted to focus firmly on the main thing.  I believe her lifestyle of private awe, in her inner being, is what causes my spirit to be able to see so clearly what needs to be seen when she writes.

I wonder what the Body of Christ would be like if there was a culture of cultivating awe.  Currently the institutional church leans heavily toward an easy familiarity with God that is quite devoid of awe.  And those who have left the institutional church tend to defile their supposed purity with cynicism which is even more antithetical to awe.

There has to be a better way.

Copyright December 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Exhorter city in the Servant nation

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13 Responses to Sally and the Snake Pit

  1. Tracy H says:

    I do awe – big time!! I have recently completed a module in Anatomy and Physiology and I suspect my classmates were eventually bored with my awe 🙂 As the lecturer would be explaining some intricate biochemical concerto in the human body I was doing awe….”Oh wow! How amazing is that?!” determined to dig deeper, to learn more and unpick it all so I could marvel and wonder more and more at the Creator’s genius and greatness. It occurred to me just the other day that this is my preferred style of worship. Yes, I can relate, it’s our language – God and me!

  2. jimalseth says:

    Arthur, thanks for sharing this. Incredibly important, and I’m going to be free in sharing this particular blog. But here’s a query I have for you.

    I’ve especially appreciated your emphasis on erasing the line between the secular and the sacred. In my circle I’ve been quite forward in trying to expose a favorite strategy of the enemy, a twofold one. On one side he tries to mix issues (apples and oranges) and on the other he tries to make a distinction where there is none (or should be none).

    So regarding false distinctions, here’s my question. I hear so much about seeking God’s heart and not his hand, etc., etc. Should there be such a division? When God blesses me with his hand, it immediately inspires awe for his heart. Why make a distinction?

    • SLG says:

      Theory and practice tend to be two separate things. In theory, the hand (i.e. generosity) of God ought to provoke gratitude, deeper obedience and even awe from His people. In practice, God said repeatedly in Deuteronomy that His generosity would, in real life, produce rampant ingratitude and a propensity for people to forget Him and turn to other gods.

      So for someone of your maturity (and you were not always at this level in your walk) God is able to bless you with His hand in power or other resources and it draws you to Him. We see this in the difference between kids and adults. The Baby Boomers were lavished with toys, by and large, and were the most aggressive generation at warehousing their aged parents, in profound ingratitude for what had been given them. They were a generation of children that never grew up.

      By contrast, in a solid marriage between two grown up people, it is the most natural thing in the world for the man to lead with a gift, surprise, treasure or something from his hand, and to have it open the heart of his wife for deeper intimacy.

      So in principle, the two should be part of an endless loop. God’s hand leads us to His heart. In practice, immaturity can short circuit that loop pretty badly as Israel showed so often. Solomon was perhaps the most ghastly example of the generosity of God producing a man who turned away from God.

  3. Charles Wale says:

    You wrote, “an individual’s history of walking in awe…” I am trying to process all that this means and would appeciate some help. Would you elaborate a bit more on this for one who is a little slow to grasp the full meaning. My interpretation is that walking in awe is directly related to our faith in God and our response when we see God move in a particular situation we are involved. Is this the whole of what is meant or is there more you intended? Thanks.

    • SLG says:

      Awe is the emotion of the spirit. You may wish to explore Dr. Paul Pearson’s book “The Eleventh Emotion.” He shows how the ten standard emotions are ordinary soul stuff but this other thing called awe, is different. Now Dr. Pearson has no clue about the human spirit. He is just reporting that this awe thing is a different kind of animal.

      Some people don’t do awe. You ask them about the the greatest sports scene, or greatest movie hero, or greatest natural wonder and they draw a blank. They default to neutral or critical.

      Others can look at a huge achievement and see the hugeness of it while the person standing next to them is looking at the score or the payoff. Responding to immensity because it is immense is not a universally held quality. Our culture beats utilitarian value into us and we learn to measure payoff, while not being sensitive to the process.

      Some of my biggest awe moments come from walking with the most chewed up people in the world. How their spirit, soul and body can survive what they have gone through and still get up the next day stuns me. There is an immensity within them that most people don’t see because they are so chewed up on the surface.

      So scroll through your conversations and emotional profile of the last week. How often were you emotionally gripped by the immensity of something — totally apart from value in the culture? That will tell you something about awe.

      And if you do not naturally emote to immensity in the culture, then you probably know a theological God, a loving God, a transforming God, a wise God, a providing God, but you don’t gravitate to the stories in Scripture that are simply about His immensity.

  4. Daniel D. says:

    I have noticed a similar flow between myself and a few individuals. In one situation, the word of knowledge actually contained the explanation for why this person seemed to receive such quick and detailed responses when we talk.

    For him, the answer was honor. He received the word of knowledge because of his intentional position of honoring the prophetic gift and the word of revelation in general. This honor is a key that unlocks doors for him.

  5. Nerina says:

    This blesses me so much. There are so many things we try to implement, conquer and integrate into our lives, our family and especially our children. AWE is the one word we do daily, every day. It changes us, grows our spirits and delights the King, every time.

  6. Stephan says:

    Well, my first question would be: Is this a dynamic with a word on knowledge, or the gifts in general, or is it a dynamic between us and the Holy Spirit?

    • SLG says:

      I don’t know. I have seen it primarily in the relationship between my spirit and the Holy Spirit in terms of words of knowledge of prophecy. It could be broader. Unfortunately, there are so few people who walk in any level of awe, the data pool is limited.

      • Stephan says:

        Well, fortunately, for each person who walks in a level of awe, there are nine gifts to try out. Have you considered asking the Lord for a prophetic word for her, or perhaps a word of wisdom?

        • SLG says:

          Nope. I used to do prophecy on demand. I stopped a number of years ago for many reasons. Now I default to walking in principles and allow the Holy Spirit to bubble up whatever bubbles up.

          • Stephan says:

            Forgive me, I wasn’t meaning to imply that you “Prophecy on demand”. It’s just that in my own spiritual walk, the Lord has told me on more than one occassion, “You always have My blessing to pursue something that I have initiated.”

            So, if you think God wants to reveal some new truths to you, it might be wise to take a few minutes to sit at his feet, and open your spirit for anything he wants to deposit, whether it’s one of the gifts or not. And, IF he decides to give you a prophecy, and you’re uncomfortable with being the initiating party, give it to two or three others that also flow in the gift, to judge. That protocol was written by God to protect us against corrupted prophecies.

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