Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 4

In Sally’s reporting on the way she and Fred routinely father people by creating opportunities to unpack their treasures, she shared more than she thought she was.  Here is the phrase that jumped out at me.

“We joke between us that when we start using a plumber or electrician, they are usually penniless but honest and good at what they do, but soon get (almost) too busy to do our work.  We see it time and time again.”

Look at the sequence.  Fred and Sally hire a vendor who is not main stream.  That is an act of fathering in itself when they risk giving business to someone who is not well established as a medium sized business.  But shortly after that, this person who could not get work before they found him, suddenly has a huge amount of work from OTHER PEOPLE.

That is fascinating.  It is not that Fred and Sally are giving him all that work.  They give him a little bit of work and suddenly work is flowing toward him through no direct involvement of theirs.

This is yet another level of authority for them.  It is called “blessing of presence.”  Simple association with a vendor transforms that vendor’s business.   Gotta love it.

That in itself is quite special, but we need to drill down one more level to see what this blessing of presence is.  Clearly it is the first head of Leviathan.  That is where our light is seen supernaturally.  God determines our visibility above and beyond all natural market dynamics and Best Practices 101.

(If you are not up on the seven heads of Leviathan, the album title is “Joy Unstoppable.”)

So Fred and Sally apparently walk in super high levels of the blessing of presence in the area of the first head.

I decided to follow up and determine whether that is the result of something generational or it is the product of their own work.  We earn authority in the first head by being people who look for new or better principles that can solve a problem rather than simply accepting the standard way of doing it.   When this is a lifestyle, it results in our having uncommon visibility.  In their case, it is so strong it spills over on their nearly invisible vendors.

Here is my e-mail to her.

Let’s simplify the concept.  The question on the table is whether someone believes there are principles or not.  It is that simple.  How you go about looking for the principles is secondary.

Let’s take it out of the religious frame and look at daily life.

Something comes up in your business.  Water line breaks, law suit happens, tenant goes bonkers.

There are two possible ways forward; the normal way, or a new, better way.  So if you subscribe to the school of the normal way, you pick up the phone and call the plumber, the lawyer or the caretaker.  Problem solved.  It is off your desk and onto someone else’s.


There is nothing explicitly wrong with that, but it is driven by an underlying assumption that the pros know the good stuff and they can bring their existing body of knowledge to bear on the problem.

The alternative is to discuss between the two of you how it has always been done before, then brainstorm a better way, and then go have an endless argument with the plumber, the lawyer or the caretaker, to try to get them to implement your new idea that they don’t think will work.

So in short, are you and Fred a tried-and-true kind of team, or do you routinely scandalize your friends, family and vendors by just having to be different and do things the way no one ever has before?

Frankly, Sally thought that question was simply howlingly funny.

She wrote back that yes indeed, they were beyond scandalous in a lifestyle of looking for a better way to do business and to do just about everything else as well.  They are legendary among their friends for simply not being able to just do something the culturally familiar way!  Even if they can’t innovate, they will at least explore innovation with the basic assumption that the way it has been done heretofore might be deficient.

They were guilty as charged.  They believe there is an endless supply of principles waiting to be discovered and woven together in new strategies.

And THIS my friends, sets up a stunning power play.

You see, there is another side to the first head of Leviathan.  In the middle ranges we are simply talking about supernaturally being seen or not being seen.  However, when you take this head into serious low or high numbers, it is not just about visibility.  It is about drawing power.

Simply put, when you are in high numbers, good people are “mysteriously” drawn to your light.  Before they are anywhere near enough to “see” you in the natural, your spirit is such a beacon that people from far away find you and want to hang with you.

The flip side is equally true.  When you are in serious negative numbers, dark people are drawn to you in a big way, before they even know that there is something compatible here.

And this is the history of this property.  Long before Fred and Sally bought it, it was home to boundless iniquity.  When they acquired it, they had to replace 100% of the people who were there.  Nonetheless, no matter what policies and procedures they put in place, dark hearted people come.

These people perpetuate the mindset of the known techniques for living life, rather than looking for, or even accepting new paradigms and principles.  The known techniques are very basic cultural corruption – don’t pay your alimony, steal from your neighbor, shack up instead of marrying, and babysit your kids with the TV instead of actually parenting them.  Nothing ghastly or occult.  Just people who are not learners.  They are survivors with no vision.

Imagine the opposite.  Fred and Sally bring their authority to bear on the property and they start attracting people who are driven to find a better way.

They draw the single mom who is trying to wrap her mind around nutrition for her kids.

They attract the restless young couple who know there has to be a better way to get ahead than for him to be gone for months at a time working one of the few high paying jobs someone with his lack of skill can get.

They attract the cheeky young pup who is always one smart-aleck comment away from being fired, because he can see so many better ways to run things at the plant where he works, but his manager just doesn’t give a rip about any new ideas.

They attract the couple with a special needs kid who they refuse to write off as a loss.  They don’t know how to help him, but they have not given up looking.

They attract the frustrated musician who knows that there is a huge song in him, so different from all the rest of the tinkling trivia out there, but he can’t figure out how to get it out, no matter how many hours he spends exploring the keyboard, getting close at times, but missing it again.

Imagine the apartment complex three years from now as there has been a near total turnover from people who are looking for survival at the lowest possible cost, to a bunch of frustrated visionaries who each, in their own field, is inadvertently celebrating God by believing that there has to be a better way, and therefore they are searching for those principles.

History is full of stories of innovative centers.  A few are formed intentionally.  Most of the time a handful of bohemians cluster on the seedy side of town, and suddenly the world wakes up to the fact that there is a rather enormous group of cutting edge people in one place.

This is the first head of Leviathan in operation, in pre-Christians who have no clue Leviathan exists!  But wherever there is a focused belief that there has to be a better way, it attracts the best people from far away through amazing spiritual dynamics.

So the burning question is, way is the complex still drawing dark people if Fred and Sally already have this authority?

I don’t know.

On the one hand, this might be related to the snake pit.  I don’t see a logical progression from the snake pit to the 1st head of Leviathan, but it is possible that when they clean out the snake pit (next blog) there will be a cascade of change in many areas.

It is equally possible that there is a completely different source of evil that we will need to identify and resolve.  For now, we will deal with the problem that is in our face and then see how many other roaches run for the shadows when that is cleaned up.

All I know for sure is that God has designed Fred and Sally to bring massive first head authority to that piece of land.  If they can, through a blessing of presence, cause their vendors to become crazy wild visible in almost no time, then with some of Sally’s legendary fierce intentionality, she should be able to utterly transform this place from -80 to +80 in a couple years.

Copyright December 2013 by Arthur Burk

At 32,000 feet over Reykjavik on my way back from my annual appointment with the King in a remarkable Exhorter city.  Those Exhorters are amazingly egalitarian with their food.  A Nepalese restaurant shared a wall with a Mayan one, and both were a block away from a sushi bar and an Australian bar, close to Subway and Nordic food presided over by the Pepsi sign.

The Icelandic yogurt was magnificent.

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  1. katemazur says:

    Been there; done that, Rose Boon. Keep trying!

  2. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    I love the perspective this gives! Sometimes ordinary people doing “ordinary stuff” don’t actually realize that their “stuff” isn’t so ordinary 🙂

  3. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Really enjoying this. Just wondering if “we” are seeing these issues as seperate from your other work or is there a synergy.
    What if there was an AHS with a demonic attachment locked into the land or is an unseen tenant.
    What if the land has legitimacy issues.
    What if there is a leyline or path to another area of land that has not yet been legitimised and called into its destiny and the defilement is leaking back. Did the previous owner possess other land that has been spiritually bundled with this property.
    Does the previous owner regret the sale and in his spirit still hold onto ownership in the spirit realm even though ownership was transferred in the physical realm.
    Thank you for pushing outside the box.

  4. Rose Boon says:

    I have tried to comment and can’t connect. First reply is no record of my email address so I try to sign in as a new person and the reply is “that user name isn’t available.”

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