Sally and the Snake Pit: Part 5

I know, I know.

Some of you have been holding your breath since December 9th, waiting for the “SO WHAT?!” and you are turning blue right about now.

Sorry about that.

December was remarkably frenetic for me after my time with the King.  I was moving so fast, in so many different directions, that my shadow has not made it back to California yet.  I think we got separated the day my itinerary looked like I was riding a nuclear powered skateboard through a pretzel maze designed by three hummingbirds on Red Bull.

Anyway . . .

Clearly some land cleansing is in order for Sally and the snake pit.  It works best with a team, although a whole lot of good work has been done by teams of one who have the authority and commitment.

1)     Pick your team carefully

Choose the team in the usual way.  Start with the iniquity and then reason back to the virtue that is the opposite.  Back in Part 2 we identified the snake pit as being empowered by a widespread attitude of children being reduced to having utilitarian value.  On one side is child sacrifice.  On the other is sexual exploitation of children.  In between is just benign neglect of the treasures that are in children.

So the flip side, as we already identified in Sally’s family line, is people who have a passion for children in general and for unpacking the treasures in children specifically.  As a vital side note is the issue of giving dignity to children.   These two qualities are vital.

You could easily have a teacher or pediatric nurse or other child care worker who is deeply vested in helping kids, without knowing how to give them dignity.  And on the other side, there are the grandmotherly types who give all sorts of dignity and love but may not have the skill set to unpack any of the treasures kids have.  Sally is looking for people with both.

And if someone has a huge calling to land, but does not care for children or know how to extend dignity to people, then don’t even think of putting them on your team.  They would be an open door for the enemy to attack you no matter what credentials they have from other engagements.

2)     Find a place where you have privacy to war

Obviously our default is to go onsite whenever possible.  However, if having a small team doing warfare in the tool room or in the room next to it would be problematic, then just do it off-site in a safe place.  Both God and the demons can hear from a distance.

3)     Establish your authority

For Sally, it is not just owning the place but being assigned that piece of land by God.  For the rest, they are at the very least deputized by Sally to do this, and possibly they have been called of God through a dream or some other means, before Sally contacted them.

4)     Justify God

By that I mean, acknowledge that the principles work.  Point out that the reason there are snakes there is because some humans somewhere did something.  Confess the sins you know, then ask God to open the books from the time the first human walked on that land and identify every place where children were misused or devalued, etc.

When you have rehearsed the sin, rebellion and iniquity on the land, reiterate that it is right and just that the devil have a snake pit there because humanity has empowered him repeatedly.  The Righteous Law of the Universe works.

5)     Trump the devil!

After pleading guilty, repenting and agreeing that the devil has a legal right to be there, joyously embrace that most wonderful of words “BUT” as in “But we have a HIGHER legal right.”

Then proclaim the person of Christ.  I suggest your whole team spend some time on this beforehand so you can come to court with some substance.  It is a bit cheap to just wave a hand and assure God that Jesus loves kids.  The little Sunday School song may be right, but it is a bit on the shallow side.

How would you reason from Scripture that Jesus has staggeringly large earned authority in this very specific area?

On the macro side of things, there are some pretty unambiguous passages in the prophets about His hatred for child sacrifice.

Then there is the passage in the Gospels about capital punishment for people who mess with kids.

There is the fact that the first commandment to Adam and Eve was to have kids in abundance.

Oh, and there is the fact that God delights in presenting Himself as Father!  That says a lot to me.

My favorite though is Malachi 4.  So many of the Old Testament covenants were conditional.  We have all been marinated in “If my people . . . then will I . . . ”  But Malachi 4 is an unconditional promise.

Before God unleashes His fury on the bad guys, He is going to unleash His healing love on the families of the world.  And He will do it because He is passionate about kids.  The point is, this is God’s personal grudge fest against His ancient enemy.  Whether the Church is ready or not, whether they ask Him or not, whether there is any effective spiritual warfare in preparation or not, He IS going to unleash a healing of the family unit that is unparalleled in human history.

He gave the devil 6,000 years to show what he could do in terms of tearing down the family unit, loading our generational lines with curses, covenants and garbage of endless sorts.  Then, just when the devil thinks the family is broken beyond repair, the anti-family laws are in place, the prejudices against families are higher than the national debt, and any hope good-hearted people might have of raising godly kids in a toxic world is simply gone, THAT is precisely when the Father comes in like a flood and makes a public spectacle out of the devil’s monumental stronghold!

Like I said, Sally and her team need to spend a substantial amount of time prepping for this session so that their hearts are full of awe over the immensity of the King’s passion for children and for unpacking them.  The point being, they want to make this a battle between God and the devil, not them and the devil.

In warfare there are times when we have to ask God to beat up the devil for us.  But broadly, any time we can position it as a conflict between the Ancient of Days and His ancient enemy, we are on much higher ground.

So lay out the immensity of the Father’s commitment to protecting children, to giving them dignity and finally to unpacking their treasures.  Then go to the cross and celebrate the fact that He and Jesus were in agreement that the crud on the land caused by human sin really needed to be cleaned up.

Clean up the snake pit specifically, but also the portal or whatever is on the other side of the wall where people empower the snake pit with their denigrating of kids.  Ask God to extend the cleansing as far as your authority extends.  Who knows what other dynamics are connected to this that He wants to impact, even when we don’t know about them?

6)     Deal with restoration

The perfection of the death of Christ is cause for celebration, but the resurrection is even greater.  He came back with the power to rebuild and restore.  That is huge.  Getting us from negative numbers up to zero would have been spectacular, but to restore what was destroyed is an even greater power and THAT is the resurrection power.

Here we have to be a bit vague since we don’t know exactly what the spiritual dynamics of the land are supposed to be.  Sally might want to cruise through the book of Isaiah and look at all of the passages dealing with restoration of the land.   She might get a rhema word indicating what the Creator wants done here.

It is important not to just babble to God about our endless wish list.  These land cleansing sessions so often degenerate into the intercessors coaching God on how to run the universe in very tasteless ways.  He was there first.  He still has the master plan.  He knows how Sally’s land fits into the larger package of land and Kingdom strategies.

So if there is a rhema word, you pray it back to Him.

If not, I would default to the Lord’s Prayer.  “Your Kingdom come; your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  We don’t know what God’s original will is for that land, but we sure do know that whatever He wants, we want.

Our job is to pray God’s will from heaven down to earth, not to ask Him to redesign the earth around our puny views.

When I pray, I ask God to go back to the third day of creation week and to pull up the file of everything He envisioned for that property when He created the earth.  Embrace all of God’s thoughts on that day for this land.  Come into agreement with them.  Call them excellent and celebrate the immensity of His goodness toward this patch even though we cannot read His mind and know what those thoughts were.

Then ask Him to take a stroll through history.  God has surely brought hundreds of specific people there over the centuries to be on the land and do something positive there.  He has done amazingly complex things to get specific people with specific giftings to come from far away, to walk on that land for a moment or a life time, so they could leave a deposit of their spiritual riches there.

The best is yet to come.  The plans God has been incubating for millennia have not come to fulfillment yet.  Come into agreement with God’s wishes for the land and do not limit Him by your biggest prayers.

More to come.  Soon.

Copyright December 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub.  Imagine that!

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  1. Geoffrey Whitehead says:

    Wonderful instructions, that apply to my wife and I as we are called to occupy the “Land” here in Tampa Florida.

  2. Roxanne Myron says:

    What a get-out-of – poverty -mentality training! Thanks Arthur

  3. Ruthie Young says:

    Thank you for this step by step instruction. I agree, excellent blueprint. Helps me refocus and revisit the basics. helps to step back to see where we need to go next in our own land assignment.

  4. Narola Grady says:

    Yes, to what the others said. I will use this tutorial as a blueprint as I go back to a piece of land I’m praying over myself. Thanks, Arthur.

  5. nancy henry says:

    Come on!!! What a great tutorial for all of us!!!

  6. Jude says:

    Stellar! simply stellar! Thank you, Arthur.

  7. rustyandjanet says:

    This is excellent, Arthur. Thank you. I really appreciate the breadth and depth of what you are laying out in this series. It is putting skin on bones for me.

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