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Scorecard for the Week of January 26th

Saturday:     I find my spirit is very opinionated about e-mails.  I will see an unknown e-mail address with an uninformative subject line, and before I open it, I might have a high alert or a high excitement. I was focused … Continue reading

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Ready for more test drivers!

In the first round of beta testing we’ve already had a couple of big “ah ha!” moments for our testers.  One person in particular was quite excited about discovering the possible root to some pretty significant (and painful!) patterns in … Continue reading

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A Pain Point for Singles

This is not a teaching article. I simply observe that yesterday was our second highest day of viewers on the blog — ever. And it was a day of very few comments on the article about singles and AHS.  Uncommonly … Continue reading

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New Insights for Singles

One of the things we have learned to track in our exploration of alien human spirits (AHS) is the presence of mental pictures that come and go randomly for decades, but don’t seem to fit the person involved. A young … Continue reading

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Light Prayers: 4. The Oppressed

Isaiah 58:10  NIV  … if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. This one is clearly … Continue reading

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Scorecard for the Week of January 19th

It has been a very interesting week, but I won’t be sharing juicy details, because it got pretty personal a lot of the time. Here is the frame.  A number of years ago, I pulled back from most of the … Continue reading

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Anyone for a Test Drive?

Chester is looking for some adventuresome types who would like to take his fantabulous (that’s what he calls it) new diagnostic tool for a test drive.  We will soon (that means close, but no, we are not sending it to … Continue reading

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Light Prayers: 3. The Shape of Light

Isaiah 45:7  NIV  “I form the light . . .” One of the most delightful memories of my childhood was living next door to a potter, in the town of Icoaraci.  I still savor the memories of watching the entire … Continue reading

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