A Question from a Son Part 3

Can I ask a quick, off topic, yes or no question?

Can a diagnosed DID actually be misdiagnosed and just have a truck load AHSs instead?


Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!

 For sure. 

 More common is a minor case of DID:  two or three parts that are not dominant, and a handful of AHS.  Therapist can’t tell the difference.  When you dump the illegal aliens, then dealing with the few parts is much less challenging.  

 And the worst case scenario is people who mistakenly try to integrate AHS into the Original Self.  


Oh my, oh my, oh my…  So I guess really the only sure-fire way to tell the difference would be if you evicted the AHS???

Or in dialogue would it tell you?

I’m listening to AHS Part 2 for about the 5th time…maybe you’ve answered this one already.  I’ll keep listening.


Generally a dialog will tell you.  

I have never had an AHS claim to be a part – that I know of.  Ideally we ask the spirit or the Original Self whether the entity who hates Aunt Agatha is a part from the soul, or an AHS.  If you are not at a place yet where your spirit or soul can dialog on that level, then just engage the entity, assuming it is an AHS.  

Whether the AHS is defiant or compliant, there is little motivation for it to masquerade as a part, nor for the parts to fake being an AHS.  Parts are much less communicative.  It might take a week or six months for a wounded part to be willing to dialog with a trusted “other,” but AHS can usually be conversant on the first or second try.

And now to totally screw everything up, is the drive to be faithful coming from your spirit, or is it coming from an AHS who is trying to redeem the past unfaithfulness so it can purchase legitimacy for itself in the eyes of the Father?  Or is it coming from your Original Self who feels if it had been more faithful in this or that, it would not have allowed in the AHS, or whatever?

Pursuing faithfulness is absolutely a noble project, but if it is an AHS trying to buy God’s forgiveness, you are destined to have some gut wrenching frustration after a mega-investment.

And after all that emotionless, clinical, diagnostic framework, may I say my friend, I care?

I am so sorry you are even having to ask these questions.  Life gets pretty ugly sometimes, and it is especially wrenching to have your past jump up and be in your face just as you are taking off on a grand new adventure into some serious plus numbers.  

I bless you with a solid spot to stand on while the world whirls and swirls around you as so many of your frames for life are suddenly being violently challenged.


Whoa, my socks are sufficiently fried . . . whirls and swirls.

Thank you big time – I think I’ll wait until Shabbat to start the project so I have time to . . . oh I don’t know . . .

Good thing I like a challenge


Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to A Question from a Son Part 3

  1. valynda says:

    As I read this once again, your blessing Arthur over Sally just jumped out at me. I just keep thinking about it, mulling it over, repeating it over and over so that it sinks in and I won’t forget it. The wording is so powerful, it just keeps exploding within me. I will definitely use this blessing not only for myself but for a family member who is truly trying to change and, for “Sally” as well.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Thank You!….. Thank You!…. Thank You! I’m so grateful for this series of posts. Thank you “Sally” for your transparency, tenacity, and strength. Thank you, Arthur, for giving the step by step process. I’ve heard you mention “growth projects” before, but it always seemed like they were something I was already supposed to know how to do. I so appreciate your knack for making abstract concepts doable. AND Thank you for caring…….!

  3. Kudos to Sally for staying in the game. What she is embracing, whether it is design, parts, AHS, or all of the above, is going to be a thrilling, absolutely life altering, wonderful, gut wrenching process. Go Sally! And thank you, Arthur, for giving us a peek inside your process. I so appreciate your combination of head and heart. So many people operate in only one or the other.

  4. Marleen says:

    Thank you, Arthur. Thank you, Sally, for allowing us to eavesdrop! How refreshing to receive this type of encouragement. My project growth is discipline…and I too have wondered if AHS are involved. So, my questions have been similar. However, those around me feel I have now entered into error therefore this journey is alone. These posts are valuable to me!. Shabbat Shalom!

    • SLG says:

      So Marleen, being the social creatures we are, we see a lonely journey as an unfortunate aberration to be endured until better times come. What if you ask God what treasure He can give you in aloneness that He could not give you in community? If you have to go through this season, you may as well get maximum value from it.

      Start with Abraham. He so wanted a son sooner rather than later. What good thing was God accomplishing in him during the time alone without a son?

      • Marleen says:

        Incredible! My spirit became excited as I read your response! A treasure from ABBA…yes I’ll go there! I am even thinking that not having those around me invested is part of my growth project.
        And yes for Abraham, I enjoy studying him. Thank you!! Blessings and Shalom!

      • Florence Kerlegan says:

        The importance of perspective!
        Leaning into the current season, as to not give up one thing possible or of opportunity.

        Blessed for the reminder….

  5. Kay says:

    Got me thinking in a whole new light. Oh the possibilities.

  6. Claudette says:

    I am pretty much lost in most of this…. I am going to have to take out every lesson and start from square one BUT I am going to do it. My New years gift to myself. Not putting things off because I think I need too much time and I can’t find it. I am eating an elephant one bite at a time. Bless you….

    • Caroline says:

      “How do you eat an elephant? ANSWER: One bite at a time.” That’s a refrain I’ve had in my head for awhile. I chuckle and am relieved that I am not alone in that boat. Claudette, let’s be encouraged that one step forward (or one bite) is still progress!

      Thank you Arthur & Sally for sharing this. It hit me the other day that this is an answer to my prayer. I had a dream where I was being instructed to focus on faithfulness, integrity and communication. I awoke from that dream with a sense of its weighty importance but being overwhelmed by the size/abstract ness -like having to eat an elephant – I’ve been just picking here and there – looking up original language, doing a word study, reading a book or two to build skills…but no clear plan and so no clear progress. Now I have a plan. Mahalo.

  7. Donna says:

    Fabulous info Arthur. Thank you! And Sally, thank you for asking the question and letting us ride along on your journey!

  8. K8 says:

    My sentiments exactly.

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