Light Prayers: 2. Extreme Lurch

Isaiah 42:16 NIV  I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.  These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

What constitutes a reasonable improvement?

According to a recent Forbes article, 10% a year growth for three years in a row is very impressive for a medium sized company.

A weight lifting guru suggested a 5% improvement would be considered a great short term goal.

In downhill speed skiing, the difference between the first place record holder and the 10th place in the world was about 2.5%.

Two pounds a month for 12 months is considered a very solid, sustainable weight loss goal.

Then there is God’s metric!

He will turn darkness into light.

And make the rough places smooth.

AND He will personally replace your GPS with His knowledge of the best way to get where you have never been before.

AND He will do it for a blind person.


Let’s take it from the top.  You are blind and have been wandering around in darkness for a very long time, stumbling over obstacles in the road, clueless about how to get where you need to go.

Suddenly you go from being blind, to seeing.  You have a ridiculously unfair advantage over everyone else because you have light where others have darkness.  Your road is smooth and the King is your guide, taking you where you need to go, even though you have never been there before.

Ummm . . . God just blew completely past Forbes’ 10% year-over-year metric.

As we begin to pray, it is vital that we not limit God by our biggest prayers.  I certainly have needs and wants.  I think I have heard that I need to connect with two strategic people here in So Cal.  What if God wants me to be seen by more?

I have a very specific set of riddles I would like to solve this year, and solving them would be staggeringly spectacular, beyond anything I have accomplished in my life so far.

What if God’s vocabulary has some words bigger than “staggeringly spectacular” and He wants me to see more than I can even dream of seeing?

Now, shifting gears, think of that wonderful and aggravating feature on your computer called auto-correct.  Let’s ask God, in this initial request, to auto-correct our prayers all year so that we do not diminish His will.

If anything, we pray smaller than what He actually wanted to give us, then we ask Him to auto-correct our prayers to be the size of what He has in His heart to do this year.

“Father, this year was designed by You with God-sized dimensions.  I ask You to never let me put the dimensions of my fear, or need or woundedness on Your plans.

“I ask that You would cause me to be seen in every place that You desire and by every person You deem appropriate for me for this year.  I ask for the very best You want to give me in terms of visibility.

“And Father, I ask that You would be an incredible invasive force in my life, making sure I see everything You want me to see.  I especially ask You to force me to see the things I don’t know I don’t know, and therefore am certainly not looking for.

“I ask You to take every prayer I pray that is smaller than Your will and to enlarge it to be a reflection of the majesty of Your heart, not the finiteness of my heart.

“Father, neither I nor anyone else in the world has the slightest idea of what it would look like if You were to cause any one man to see and be seen at the level that brings You the highest joy.  We ask for that now, together in one accord, so that the knowledge of the glory of God may be enlarged in our world.”

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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34 Responses to Light Prayers: 2. Extreme Lurch

  1. Pamela says:

    Been praying these light prayers for a friend who has a deep seeded belief that she’s hated by G-d and for YEARS we’ve gone back and forth over that. Today, out-of-the-blue SHE says she knows better now and that He doesn’t hate her, she’s just been filtering everything through her experience with her earthly father!!! She wants to work on getting to know what a real Father is supposed to be through HaShem!!!! This is SO amazing and it’s only the 2nd prayer.

  2. Rosa says:

    So deep. Thank you.

  3. Gloria Walker says:


  4. Debbie G. says:

    I will continue praying, what I have learned from Sapphire has seriously impacted my life! I would love to see the world impacted on a greater scale than ever before, just because of Father’s Majestic light shining through SLG. Then through the rest of us, to the glory of our King”

  5. Diane Johnson says:

    I’ve frequently been told my prayers and plans are unrealistically big, that I should be less idealistic. Thanks to this prayer I realise my prayers and plans may not be big enough. That thought lifts my spirit. I pray for God to continue to auto-correct SLG’s dreams and prayers. And for my own burning desires and prayers to be auto-corrected by you too LORD.

    Another timely, life giving Prayer – thank you. May God continue to bless you and your team mightily Arthur.

  6. Carla says:

    I have many thoughts that require too many words. For now I’d just like to note that a whole new level of fun has entered my life. I’ve received an email from someone who says they owe me money from a long time ago. (I had completely forgotten about it.) And I’ve received three people in the last ten days who want me to work for them. (I’m an independent contractor.) After a year of no work, suddenly people are remembering I exist. Except for the last guy. He’s new. But he kept saying in our conversation, “I still have no idea HOW we got on the subject that brought up you. But when I heard about you, I thought, I need her!” He was amazed at how he HAD NO IDEA HOW.

    So much fun. I am having so much fun watching my Papa God do what He does.

  7. eva says:


  8. ruthiespage says:

    “staggeringly spectacular!” Love it! I read the prayer early on Sunday on my phone then later go back to really read and meditate on what it means and get it into my spirit. Both of the Sunday prayers have had such an impact on my thought life, especially the auto-correct part. I realize how small and binding my own imagination and prayer life really is. Is this ‘light’ in my own life through these prayers also?
    As others cross my heart, I release this light prayer to them. But most significantly, in the past when I have joined with you in prayer, I would look at the book mark, pray the prayer of the day and move on to something else. In other words, “check!’ and move on.
    This is vastly different. These have so impacted my spirit to stand in awe of our Great God, that through out the day, I think of yet another aspect of His light. Then I pray again for Sapphire! Much more profitable, don’t you think. Instead of a check off during my morning quiet time, I am holding you before the throne throughout the day. Who knew?

  9. Pamela says:

    “As we begin to pray, it is vital that we not limit God by our biggest prayers. I certainly have needs and wants. I think I have heard that I need to connect with two strategic people here in So Cal. What if God wants me to be seen by more?”

    I LOVE asking for visibility for Sapphire. HOWEVER, the idea of me being seen on purpose honestly makes my guts churn and messes with every ounce of my false pride. Nonetheless, we’re supposed to be lights on a hill, right? Not so much that I be seen but the light of Yeshua to be made known? I love this prayer. I have to repent for praying its opposite so many times before I can REALLY pray it. I love how its messing with me because it’s right. Reading this is light shining in my darkness and my dark places really aren’t comprehending it …YET.

    Thanks for meddling, can’t wait to see the results.

  10. Dear Lord, sometimes you take us on an unfamiliar path. Our blindness becomes glaring because we don’t know what to do. We are blind. It’s disorienting, scary, and we can feel abandoned. But you knew this before we lived it. You spoke about it here, in Your Word which is light. Thank you, most gracious God. For not only are you our Good Shepherd guiding us on this unfamiliar path, You actually turn the darkness to light. What was so frightening, so dark, we walk over on smooth ground in the light.

  11. Betsy says:

    Thank you for sharing his. I am starting a new way of life this year after the closing of a business that used a lot of my time. Now I have an abundance of time and I know He has things for me to do and accomplish. This prayer hit me right between the eyes to know how to pray.

  12. Moonsun says:

    Arthur, Thank you for yet another awesome prayer. I have it copied on my sticky note on my phone as a homepage, and I have been reading your light prayers daily. I am so loving it and appreciating it. Thank you again.

  13. Roxanne Myron says:

    Week 2! feeling blessed…go noble subjects

  14. barbarakski says:

    I’m in!

  15. Franzelle says:

    Wow!!! I’m praying with you!

  16. Hazel says:


  17. I can reframe auto-correct with pleasure! Redemption for a perennially annoying feature of Microsoft Office. Great picture for a crucial concept. To pray truly beyond our wildest imaginations … how much better does it get than “staggeringly spectacular?” God knows. So, let’s bring it on!

  18. K8 says:


  19. Roslyn says:

    It comes to me that those connections you speak of are expectantly awaiting what they do not yet know, even while our prayers increase stirring and longing in their hearts, minds, souls I love that Holy Spirit knows the how and when of this search.

    I remember hearing that one of the Names of our God is Gelah Raz … Revealer of Mysteries … may He speak to you in language that is new, refreshing and understandable as you seek Him in this journey.

    We partner with Him and with one another; I wouldn’t miss this prayer journey for the … for anything

  20. Colquhoun, Heidi says:

    I love that “auto correct” thing regarding our prayers. Many do get stuck in soulish prayers … me included. Especially in the weight loss area. Like Graham Cooke says, “if your thoughts aren’t getting you where you should be, have another thought!” I think that applys to prayers too since they begin in our thoughts. Great post Arthur.

  21. Katie says:

    I am agreeing with you in prayer .

  22. Paul S. says:

    Thank you, Arthur…what a wonderfully encouraging WORD today! I have been eagerly anticipating your 2nd installment of “Light Prayers” as the first was such a great blessing! These prayers are too good not to be printed out and prayed often!

  23. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Amazingly significant, especially a Father seems to be opening my eyes to places where our spirit can be trapped or held captive. One of those places is darkness where we cannot see the Fathers design for our lives. You struck a chord when you mentioned the things we don’t know what we don’t know, and the way this limits our vision and our prayers and expectations and ferhaps our ability to trust Him! Thank you.

  24. Emanuele says:

    SImply Fantastic. This prayer resounded in my spirit as a deep truth. I had just finished hearing from the Lord that He is going to do things beyond what I can think or imagine and then read this prayer.
    So I simply want to say that I stand in agreement to see His glory revealed in our world according to His great Riches and not according what we can imagine or dream of.

  25. Joan Westaway says:

    A ‘lurch’ into the unknown indeed! The familiar has taken refuge in the safety of insignificence and mediocrity. This is definitely not of the Creator of the universe who made all things GOOD! Includes me! Yet, in listening to and agreeing with the enemy for aeons, it seems, we have sort of been squeezing our eyes shut…
    A quote springs to mind. (Scene- bird’s nest)
    *Come to the edge, he said.
    *They said, We are afraid.
    *Come to the edge, he said.
    *They came.
    *He pushed them…
    *And they flew
    Out of the safety of the familiar, whose safety masks its restrictions we are called to take that leap… To be nudged if needs be!
    The gift of flight is already there, no matter the size, shape or colour, Underneath are the everlasting arms.
    He’s calling us into the grandeur of freedom in his light-filled awesomeness.
    Praying, One eye opening. Feeling the ‘life’ in the pressure in the small of my back, in the chambers of my beating heart, urging me to the edge, Coming. Seeing the bubbles of joy sparkling and popping, and exploding, just over the edge.
    Room to grow…
    Praying for me as I pray for you…
    From on the edge … Joan

  26. dorisann says:

    You have totally legitimized the desire to be seen; recognizing that being invisible is not God’s best. To be seen by everyone God desires you to be seen by. I stand in agreement with you. I am excited to see how and on who God shines his light of revelation.

    • kambani says:

      God actually wants us to be seen. in the world. by others. that’s so wild! wow, what a mindshift.

  27. Carol Bartlow says:

    I once had a blind lady in a bible study I led. In the process of teaching myself braille and obtaining a machine so that she could have the assignments, I learned something that surprised me. I realized that a person who had been blind from birth would have no grid for what they saw if suddenly their sight was restored. God would have to do much more healing than just with the eyes. The whole cognitive process of recognition etc would be completely lacking. There would have to be healing of the brain and nervous system for the experience of sight to be meaningful. The sensory overload would be tremendous.

    I am not sure what significance this has to this post, but I was so impressed with this memory while I read it.

    • K8 says:

      Carol, That’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Having lived a life of being unseen and suddenly beginning to be seen, I can relate to the sheer shock of it. A movie I once saw depicted a man blind from birth and his very unpleasant transition when suddenly as a 40 something he began to see. I was riveted by the idea and very moved. I had a blind friend once who bowled and shopped and did all sorts of things. Interesting how very well acclimated we can become, even in the dark. Adjusting to light, being seen and seeing (for me anyway) takes some getting used to. I had so longed for it and then when it came the lurch was exhilarating to my spirit while my soul had to fuss and fidget a LOT. Maybe that’s part of building up our Spirit (inner man?) muscles, so we can transition a bit more gracefully into the flow which the King intended and so designed for us to travel.

      I’m reminded too of a Madeleine L’Engle story where main character Meg travels through different dimensions. One in particular always struck me and throughout the journey with God has often come to memory. She could not see or feel but could only sense and it was uncomfortable and sort of scary and certainly awkward. If I remember right, there was some sort of creature there with whom she had to interact but her senses were utterly at a loss to understand how.

      I have always been fascinated by that idea…that there are things (and relationships with Noble Subjects) which we can experience in Truth which are utterly other than anything we have known and that in the process it can be exhilarating AND a bit like careening down the Mean Streak in the cold with barely anything on.

      That it takes some getting used to is good to hear.

      • dorisann says:

        Perhaps we need to trust the amount of light given – too much can be blinding – think of Paul on the road to Damascus….God can deliver in just the right proportion to our need. I pray we get just what we need and maybe a smidgen more for flavor.

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