Scorecard for the Week of January 5th

Sunday:  Several things came to the light through no involvement of mine, and I was enormously vindicated in a relationship.  I had walked away from a problem, allowing the other person to say what they wanted about me without defending myself.

That did not seem to sit well with God and He surprised me by shining some light on the other person’s junk, in the presence of a third party.  Didn’t see that one coming, but I was sure seen in a different light than man and the devil had planned as a result of those things being revealed.

Monday afternoon:  I was researching the Nicene Church Council.  Was surprised at what I found.  It took me to the Chalcedon Council where I found another surprise.  Things I had no idea I needed to know.  It will mildly reframe Project N.  Fun stuff.  I love the God who plans ahead.

Monday evening:  Someone I have not seen in a while dropped by the house – highly unusual – and asked us to meet a friend of his.  We went out to dinner together.  No idea whether this will be a divine appointment in the long term or not.  The poor guy is up to his eyeballs in the Moabite curse with a garnish of Midianite for good order.

Time will tell.  It might be just a bit of trivia.  It might be something immense that will unfold over years.  Not sure.

Tuesday:  Mary Jo was doing research.  What she needed was deep into a website, where she normally would not go.  AND she had to scroll down to the bottom of a page, but there, to her huge surprise, she found a bunch of treasures she never expected to find in one place.  Finding them the normal way would have cost her a lot of time.

A solid hit for sure.  Seeing what we need to see.  Saves time and allows for accuracy.

Tuesday night:  Megan and I were both at our respective homes.  We had connected on IM over some loose ends that had been hanging for a few days.  Our first attempt to nail down a solution flopped, but some poking around on the web brought a satisfactory resource to the front and I made the executive decision that this was good enough.

Since we had closure, I turned my attention back to the Light Prayer #4 I was writing.  Since she had me on the line, she floated a question about where to go this year for her writing.  She is planning a couple of escapes from the office to work on the zero draft of her book.  One is booked, the other was bubbling around.

Her spirit had told her roughly where in the world to go.  Her soul sniffed in disbelief saying that this region had nothing to offer someone who wanted to write from the spirit.  So she pawned the problem off on me.  The bum.

I suggested off hand that she look for the thin spots in that region.  She pushed back that this particular region surely would not be known for the incredible treasure of spiritual thin spots.

She was being a source of irritation to me as I was waxing eloquent (or at least windy) on the #4 prayer.  In order to make her go away, I floated the ancient name of a kingdom that used to be vaguely in that area and commented that it seemed quite unusual compared to the kingdoms around it back in the day.  Maybe it was a marker for thin spots.  I did not know where it was, exactly, since an abundance of kingdoms had come and gone in the last seventeen centuries in that part of the world.

Her soul had never heard of that name or that kingdom but her spirit let out a whoop of confirmation that we had hit pay dirt.

That said, I also mentioned a current city that was vaguely in the part of the world she was considering.  I had been there and knew from history that it had an uncommon spiritual birthright.  I was still trying to make her go away and get lost in Googleland.

In turn, she mentioned an area of that nation famous in fiction, saying she had always wanted to visit there.

She sorted through the maps on the web, converting the ancient names to modern names and discovered that all three were clustered.  More than pay dirt.  A bullseye.

As she so concisely put it in her IM, “My spirit is singing ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ at max volume right now.  My spirit is going to be perfectly intolerable tonight.”

So, that would definitely be a light moment.  I certainly don’t often throw out names of 1700 year old kingdoms that have long disappeared.  But there you have it.  An offhand comment and the light shines brightly.

AND it was a catalytic light moment which is the best kind.  She got the light to see where she needed to go, so when she gets there she can have the light of heaven to see the things she needs to see, including, probably, seeing things she is not trying to see because she does not know she does not know them.

(Wouldn’t it be peachy if while she is there, glowing with the joy of fresh revelation, some slightly bookish spiritual giant would also see her. . . ?)

And once she sees those things, she will scribble them down furiously and eventually release them to the world in her very own first book of immense pithiness.

Would that have happened if 100+ people were not praying the light prayers?

I don’t know.

All I can say is that I was most assuredly NOT vested in the IM tonight because I was writing a very fascinating light prayer for Sunday the 26th of January.  And it had to be God who fetched that arcane bit of trivia out of my dusty archives about the name of a kingdom that was in its prime 1700 years ago.

Keep praying.  It is only Tuesday night so far.

Wednesday:  Mary Jo scored again with her research project. She was following links on a vague trail and came across a web article with a mildly offensive title.  The Lord of Light made her read into it a bit and there she found a treasure.

Thursday:  Mary Jo continues to have good light on her project.  The rest of us, not so much.

Hanna, Megan and I are circling around an old issue that has a new twist to it.  There is culture and woundedness involved, for sure, but it seems as though there might be something God is trying to say as well and we just are not clear on it at all.

The problem is that there is a narrow window within which to make a decision and things are not very clear as of Thursday evening.

At the same time, sales have dropped by about 95%.  Feels like someone switched off the lights!  I am guessing that the dark side has assigned some people to monitor our strategies and to call forth the reverse – instead of having more visibility, we lose the visibility we have with the customer base that is well established.

Thus, for those of you who are versed in this kind of spiritual warfare, you may wish to seek the Lord for what unusual strategies He wants you to use to neutralize their plans and devices.

In spite of the downside, I am moving through the big task for the week.  As of 5:01 p.m., I only have six more sections to write for the game.  I should get those done tomorrow morning, and finish the recording in the afternoon.  It will be great to have this project off my desk.

Friday morning:  The morning has gotten off to a complicated start so far.  It is nearly 8:00 a.m. and I haven’t gotten traction on my big project.  I did glance at the first light prayer and am surprised and delighted that we have 135 people who have committed to pray this week, plus a couple of dozen and a half hard core intercessors who have spent so much time in the prayer closet they never had the time to learn the geeky things on the web, so they just committed by e-mail.  So a solid 150 people have committed to pray this week’s celebration of our God.

That made my day.

I think I spotted another evidence of light.  There is a person we shall call Fred who lives in Curmudgeonville.  His forefathers founded the town and the whole family is devoted to brand management.  Fred is relatively incapable of engaging with anyone else’s emotions.

If I were to come to him all excited over having bought a new car (No, I didn’t.  This is just an illustration.) his response would probably be something along the lines of “That no good gardener of mine can’t trim the hedge straight to save his life.”

The capacity to care about anyone else and their life is simply not there.  Against that backdrop, Fred asked three questions about my life, my business and my future yesterday.  Ordinarily, it would be classed as small talk.  Coming from Fred, it was amazing.

It could be just a coincidence that he happened to discover that anyone else in his world has a life.

Or maybe not a coincidence.

Friday mid afternoon:

I have been engaged in a running argument with Hanna for the last few days.  She says the window of time I am in is remarkably significant.  I tell her I can’t see it.  She insists and I listen because she has a pretty remarkable anointing for time.  I still can’t see it.

I was sufficiently not able to see it, and sufficiently concerned that I not miss anything that I asked Megan, Hanna and Sandy to have a conference call about it last night.  They did, agreeing that my data was pretty good, but that Hanna was still probably right.

Hanna woke up this morning with a slightly different rendition of what she had been saying and this time I was able to hear it and follow the trail she did not know in her soul, but had seen in her spirit.

The short version is that there is a cycle of life and death in my life every ten years.  Every ten years there is a great spike in community, in the richness and breadth of the connections.  And the year after, also on a ten year cycle, that community gets enormously devoured.

So this year is the year of abundance and treasure in community.  Apparently that is why this nascent light project has gotten off to a great start.  There is a grace for building a team in this year.

And I have one year to figure out how the devouring got empowered, so we can destroy the destroyer, and have this year’s community carry over into next year, unscathed!

Would I have seen that without your light prayers?  I doubt it.  I might have missed the treasures of this year and certainly would not have understood next year’s devouring.

So there has been a huge payoff for your efforts already in just six days.  I am grateful.

Friday evening:  Here is a mystery for you to ponder.  We have great flow here at the office year in and year out.  It is the positive 6th head of Leviathan and we are in some good numbers there.  However, mysteriously, we have bumped up to even better flow this week.  Each day has gotten better.

The net effect is that I did about two days worth of work today.  Megan was a trooper and stayed two hours later this evening so I could finish all the recording for the game.  It is now off my desk which is a huge relief.  The concept is done.  The writing is done.  The recording is all done.  I am a free man and so excited there are not words for it.

I will retool this weekend and lean into Project N on Monday morning.

I have no explanation for that.  How does seeing and being seen – 1st head of Leviathan – translate into better flow?  Dunno, but I sure have enjoyed this week and am over the top grateful to be done with the game and on to the new project.

Saturday night Sandy will post a new light prayer.  She and Hanna have already been moved by the content of the next one.

I marvel at the huge impact your prayers have made in a single week.  Who would have thunk it?!  This could be a stunningly transformational year for all of us.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, replete with weary rejoicing

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22 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of January 5th

  1. Renate says:

    Well, I have pondered the mystery of the increased flow during this past week, and I wonder if this is a result of the 4th positive head of Leviathan at work, which would mean a multiplication of time. As you have more light, you see more design and principles, embrace them and weave them together into better kingdom strategy, which means you walk in higher numbers in the principle of reality and empower the multiplication of time. You said that “The net effect is that I did about two days worth of work today.”
    Whatever the reason, I rejoice with you over the results and accomplishments of last week. Yahweh bless you with more light and wisdom than you ever dreamed possible. I pray that he works in you and all He entrusted to you way more than all you can ask or imagine through His great power at work within you.

  2. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Arthur, your comments on your 10 year cycle are interesting but it ONLY applies in the “time” realm, doesn’t it. In the timeless realm (spirit world) such a cycle shouldn’t exist. Does the time realm rule over the timeless or does the spirit realm rule over the earthly realm. Probably depends on which is currently dominant.

  3. Joan Westaway says:

    Re quote: “Sales have dropped by about 95%. Feels like someone switched off the lights! I am guessing that the dark side has assigned some people to monitor our strategies and to call forth the reverse – instead of having more visibility, we lose the visibility we have with the customer base that is well established.”….

    Immediate flashback was to your asking for prayer “to see, and to be seen”. This caused a cry in my heart to rise up, for you, for my mentor and friend, and me. Sensing need to see more of those hidden treasures, hidden yet in darkness. It has been a focal point in prayer, with some results in my seeing some treasure boxes that need unpacking! Interesting!
    Regarding the “to be seen” aspect… A concerted effort to prevent the Lifegiving morsels to be available for those crying out for nourishment!
    Seeing a door to the vault or crypt where these treasures are stashed. The door itself is emblazoned with the glory word AWESOMENESS. There must be a key to fit the keyhole?
    Keyhole is FAITH. As praying see the key is LOVE…
    From this, is seems that the ‘hiding’ (same idea as in ‘hid’ in Col 3.3) has been divinely orchestrated, permitted, to ramp up Faith, Hope and Love- and the greatest of these is LOVE! Hope (think Pandora’s Box) has been snuggled in with these treasures, keeping them dusted, awaiting release of all this Awesomeness, for Kingdom glory!
    Not sure where this trail is taking me, or SLG, but my antenna is up!
    Shalom, Joan

    • K8 says:

      Mine too!! So troubled I am about the 95% drop! I keep thinking (sensing, hearing, seeing?) it is some sort of period before a lurch into the light. I haven’t sensed anything unholy about it (though could be wrong) and am searching and searching for what it might be. Still working both sides of the hallway and checking all sorts of doors to see which way to think & pray. What keeps coming to my heart is a knowing (& soul hopes too) that there’s no need to worry because it’s an incubation of sorts before a big thrust.
      Dunno how that lands with anyone else.
      SO many people could have tools for their paths if they were to stumble onto the SLG site!!

      • I too felt an emotional response to the 95% drop. Something about that hit my spirit’s emotions, I think. I will seek God about that – I wonder if other’s had an emotional response like the previous commentators did. Also, I sense a juxtapostion of the large response of people praying for light and the dimming, seems like hope lives there. I wonder what will be understood of this moment. I’m excited in advance for that for the whole team.

  4. Karen Liane says:

    @ Megan: …**what kinds of things can’t we see that are being set into motion or somehow impacted by praying that we CAN see? Light is invisible until you build the lamp and flip the switch. So, somehow those things needs to happen!**
    Megan, your comment was the cue that prompted me to come off the sidelines and to add this piece: when you flip the switch on a lamp, you are seeing via created light. The Father, however,
    operates and makes manifest with His creative light. That is what we are asking for with our prayers and petitions for Arthur. His creative light has different properties than created light.
    Creative light moves at a faster speed than created light, plus it carries the power of the Fathers desire.
    Father, grant us to see the light of and by the light of Your glory…

    @ Arthur: Perhaps the corporate prayers for light to see and be seen has begun a process of
    of moving the SLG tribe from linear Greek mindset of hearing and thinking to the circular Hebraic way of seeing and feeling (ie as the beginning, so the end; what you sow is what you reap; out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks). Perhaps, as we come into His presence where He is in order to behold His light, to be shown and to see, we are moving much faster than when we ask Him to bring His presence and light down here..and then wait to hear. Plus, the former involves intimacy, a major component of sonship,
    Yer thots, pleeze….

    • SLG says:

      Honestly Karen, it feels like quite a putdown of everything that I am. Do I really come across as having a Greek mindset, not comprehending principles and lacking intimacy and sonship? Wow.

      • Serina says:

        No, definitely NOT! You have a beautiful heart and a heart of a son that walks in sonship, principles and truth! And this you extend to other people – Thank you!!!

      • K8 says:

        It may be that others within the Body are awakening to the idea of Hebrew mindset. I think God is moving people in that direction, and SLG is well poised to hand off oodles of tools for people going through the shift from Greek thinking to the other.

        • Karen Liane says:

          thank you, K8, for articulating what was in my heart better than I seem to have…

      • Karen Liane says:

        What???….NO, not at all!!!!! If anything, you have been vitally instrumental through all of your SLG online materials (since Plumbline days) for the Father to teach me greater things about sonship and intimacy. In reading your *Scorecard* post, I saw a corporate
        dynamic emerging through the united hearts ascending to the Father for His light on your behalf…a beautiful, fluid, flowing, effective thing!

  5. dorisann says:

    Super excited to read this daily report. Puts LIGHT on what seeing and being seen can look like. I can’t wait for your next prayer. Feeling like my year will also be lightwr. Thank you. Will keep praying.

  6. Florence Kerlegan says:

    It is awesome to hear of the fruit even if process is not completely understood.
    Fruit in seeing, and being seen is present here, in being prayer supporter. To comprehend what is the width and length and depth and height~
    According to His eternal purpose, will be the greatest fruit of all.

    For His glory,

  7. A bookish spiritual giant who loves CS Lewis, even better still! I am really celebrating the variety of light expressions. It’s not just all in one sector of life or the business. Love it. Also, regarding the question about the better flow, I wonder if there is a dynamic that affects the process so that the light can shine. In other words, it’s harder (though certainly not impossible!) for God to shine the light on the game before it exists. Recently I had a discussion with some friends about all the invisible components involved in the spectrum we call “light”. What kinds of things can’t we see that are being set into motion or somehow impacted by praying that we CAN see? Light is invisible until you build the lamp and flip the switch. So, somehow those things needs to happen!

  8. K8 says:

    WOW. I love all this. I feel a valuable and contributing part of the community and am enjoying light for myself (and my crew here in big ways) as well as seeing the net results of all of us pulling together PLUS your results. Fabulous!

    I feel particular burden to pray re: sudden drop in sales (uh-oh!) as well as light for prayer strategy so community will stay together next year. GULP!

    Glad to pray in real time for things which you are actually dealing with. Spirit has always been on board; now soul gets to participate as well. Very cool. Thanks for letting us “in” on what’s up. Invaluable all the around, me thinks.

  9. Michael Hudson says:

    I’m praying the N project is about Nephilim and the connection to your AHS projects.

  10. eva says:

    I just read you blog on the prayer for celebrating the light of God. I felt a just in my spirit each time that i read it so I am in to pray for the light for you and for myself.

  11. nancy says:

    Lot’s of good news! Especially happy for you to have gotten back your “flow” to finish your big project! May it increase.

  12. Roslyn says:

    On my part, it is good discipline to remember to pray every day, so thank you for that. And thanks, too, for the daily comments … it is not often that an intercessor is able to see the daily results of prayer. Another thanks … I found a piece of my own missing puzzle in your writing … Holy Spirit indeed is shining His Light in many ways.

    I just feel excited about this entire journey … Thanks for sharing His Joy.

  13. Kay says:

    I think I’ve learned to put my thoughts to paper reading you. Makes them make sense, come into focus. I’m praying for you.

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