Sally from West Gopher Mound, Kansas

Sally shared the following fun story:

I believe it was just last year that I was introduced to your website by my pastor at our church.  In July of 2013 I was led by the Holy Spirit to order your Fractals of Two:  Adrenals and Kidney’s album.

I had also emailed regarding ridges in my nail beds and asked if anyone had ever reported this type of manifestation associated with kidneys and adrenals. Your reply was:  “No, but the ridges in your nails are definitely a mark of internal turmoil, and the adrenals and kidneys set addresses a wide range of inner stuff that other ministry does not seem to touch.”

I am happy to report that the nail beds on my left thumb are smooth now after being this way at least two years before contacting you.  My right thumb had two very deep ridges and now has only one slight indent.  I have only listened to the entire set of CDs once, and have been led to start over again.  It took me three months to go through them the first time, and by November my nails were smooth. 

 * * *

This is representative of the kinds of comments we are getting from those who have worked through this album slowly.  Lots of good stuff happens in the body when there is a deep cleanse of the spiritual dynamics of the adrenals and kidneys.

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And share your glory story after you have experienced something new.

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  1. Jim Alseth says:

    Wonderful to hear this. We are still collecting data at so feel free to share your story there also…

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