AHS and Teeth

Fred wrote saying he was having repetitive intermittent pain in a couple of teeth.  His dentist explored vigorously and found nothing that could justify any intervention.  The pain was never present during an office visit.  Of course.

I wrote back saying that medical problems that are intermittent, or don’t fit the standard profile, or don’t respond to medicine, or go away after meds or prayer and then come back, might be a sign of an AHS.

He saw his prayer team.  They poked around for awhile and found an AHS that apparently was acting out trying to get attention.  She went pretty easily.

Sally reported a cracked crown.  She avoids dentists as much as Fred frequents them, so she had to work the network to find someone to go to.  She picked a highly regarded Servant dentist who had decades of experience and a sterling reputation.

He removed what was left of the old one, took impressions for the new one and sent her home with a temporary crown on her tooth.

It came off within two hours, but there was no pain from the tooth.

She went back for the permanent crown to be put on and it didn’t fit.  The dentist complained that her teeth had moved a bit in the interim and the space was now smaller than when he took the impression.  He ground on the crown for a while, then gave up and decided to take a new impression and start over again.

He did.  Meanwhile he put the not quite right crown on as a temporary, even though it was too tight.  It came off in two hours – in spite of being too tight.

She asked me if I had any ideas.  I said, “Try AHS.”  She checked with her prayer team, found one and helped it on its way.  It was quite compliant.

When she went back, the whole atmosphere of the dental office was changed.  The new crown went on with ease, the dentist seemed as super-competent as all her friends had said he was, and the new crown stayed on.

While Sally was in the office the second time, the dentist was quite distracted.  There was a lady there who wanted a tooth pulled.  She had asked her regular dentist to pull it but he would not.  So she came to the Servant, figuring he would be a soft touch.

He explained to Sally that he really did not want to pull the hurting tooth because “it might be the wrong one.”

When Sally reported this, I smiled.  Dr. Dentist does not know about AHS but has obviously had a lot of experience with them, and he knew that there was a joker in the deck with this woman’s tooth pain, although he did not have an explanation for why.

Last week Cindy wrote.  One of her wisdom teeth had started to crack and was painful.  I suggested she check for AHS since that seems to be the flavor of the month.

She did. There was.  She asked it politely if it could knock off the damage for a few days until she could assemble her prayer team.  It politely agreed.

When the time came, the prayer leader queried the AHS,  and it explained very clearly that it had been there for a long time, had been in pain for a long time but had no hope so it just endured.

Hope came, when it saw other AHS leaving and knew that there was a way to leave.

This is beginning to be a pattern with a lot more physical problems than just teeth.  Once the initial round of cleansing takes place, people are often getting weird physical symptoms that come from AHS who missed the first bus but now want a ticket out.  So they use physical anomalies to get people’s attention.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to AHS and Teeth

  1. This is really helpful to see some of how these spirits interact with someone’s body. Thanks for shedding light on it.

  2. eva says:

    Wow, awesome, who knew,

  3. Trish Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing and confirming about for me about AHS’s in the teeth as I experienced this too but never said a word to anyone because I thought it a little weird. My teeth have been acting up in the past year and the dentist reckons it is quite peculiar that there is decay occurring inside when the enamel is healthy and strong. He said he had never seen that! One root canal, one crown and one filling and numerous visits later my teeth and jawline have been experiencing transient pain and acting up. This is puzzling the dentist who has been unable to figure out what is going on. He was considering doing another root canal but was not convinced that it was necessary. After listening to the AHS 2 recording the thought occurred to me that I might have numerous AHS’s in my teeth. Ha! Holy Spirit confirmed that in almost every tooth. Yikes! I do not have a team to work on this with me yet so I fly solo and asked the AHS’s to leave. I returned to the dentist for a check up last week and he sent me away saying that I did not need a root canal and everything was fine! I still have a little transient pain and ache in the teeth and jaw so no doubt I still have some work to do. Feeling relieved that I am not the only one with AHS’s in my teeth!

  4. walkbyfaith1 says:

    Greetings… The Lord steered my wife and I to SLG. I am blessed greatly by the wealth of truth and knowledge we have gained. But do to my inexperience with abbreviations, I need to ask what AHS means.
    Thank you. Grace and Peace to you all.

    • SLG says:

      Jamie, it stands for Alien Human Spirits. Go to the Categories on the right hand side of the blog and you will see 13 articles under this topic. Go back to the beginning and it will give you some sense of the topic. We do have two CD albums out as well.

  5. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    Keeping with Pamela’s “mucho”: Esto es muy interesante … tiene sentido sin embargo. Me pregunto cómo los equipos de oración trabajaron en estas situaciones?

  6. Pamela says:

    This is exciting and mucho interesting! This pattern gives me a lot of hope for some lingering weirdness. *Eyes open to see*

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