Scorecard for the Week of January 12th

Sunday:     One of our friends ran into a problem that was a bit larger than life.  We chatted by phone and suddenly God gave me a question to float, and that brought to light a bunch of stuff neither one of us would ever have guessed.  I like my boring logic in wandering down a diagnostic decision tree to get to the root of any problem.  But it is a hoot when God leaps over 27 data points and just give me the right question to ask.  This one was a God moment.  I doubt I would have ever gotten there on my own.

Sunday evening:     I spent my discretionary time this weekend circling around the curse on time we discovered in my life last week.   One of my intercessors had her brass knuckles on and was eager to take on the problem.  I felt there was more to be seen so asked her to take a chill pill and give it a bit more time.

What came to light was a pattern.  The devouring is always triggered by Jezebel, and it seems to alternate between Prophet and Giver.  When I was 21 it was Giver, then 31 it was Prophet, 41 it was Giver, 51 it was a Prophet, so Giver is up to bat in 2015 to devour everything that was accrued in 2014.  No clue why those two gifts.

There were some other puzzling markers that surfaced which we are still circling around.  What puzzles me is trying to figure out the positive.  Usually, the time the enemy curses is a strategic time when God has already positioned something good.  If the logic holds, then 2015 is a year when some Giver is supposed to build upon the good from 2014 instead of devouring it.

I can’t quite wrap my head around where this all is going, but I am still chewing on it.

Monday:     Project N is an elephant to be eaten in many small bites.  Monday’s bite had been prepped and I was getting ready to chew when God scrubbed the whole section.  Slightly perplexed, I started over again and ended up with some unusual material.  I wonder who that is for!

Tuesday:     I was in a conversation with a gentleman I have known for a long time.   He shared a pretty simple story, but my spirit pushed back and said we needed to camp there.  We ended up spending about three hours on the spiritual dynamics that God unfolded, one piece at a time that afternoon.

It was fun tag teaming.  He would share a data point.  I would say, “I think what you just said is . . . ”

He would say, “When you put it that way, yes!  For sure.  Here are four other situations like that in my life.”

God revealed some fun stuff about his design.

Wednesday:     This was our second highest day ever for viewing our blog.  Apparently the article on AHS and teeth got some traction.  Who knew?  I thought that was just simple filler – almost a throw away article.  Guess some people needed to see it.

A fun surprise was an e-mail from a really good buddy of mine who wants to write a study guide for the seven curses and blessings.  SLG has been talking about it for years and have talked to several people at different times, but the pesky thing never gets traction.  This time, I am sure it is a go.  The author and I have GREAT chemistry, and she has a clear schedule and is ready to move on it.  Exciting.

Sure didn’t see that one coming.  A fun surprise.

Thursday:     Sales are starting to creep back up again.  They first started sagging in December.  I talked to a number of Kingdom minded businessmen who reported the same pattern.  Sales down. Morale down.  Prospects for next year great.

I asked the Lord about that and He said some Kingdom people and businesses are being promoted from one playing field to another, and they need a little involuntary break.  It wasn’t just that the next year would be good, but it would be different.

We are seeing that confirmed as I ping the same players.  Company morale for most of these businesses is hugely up in January.  A different kind of customer is coming to them.  Cash flow is still gimpy in January, but by March, things in the pipeline should be providing liquidity.

I am still in the dark about what our different kind of customers are, but I know that most of our orders since I mentioned this last week are first time customers.  So clearly God is up to something exciting as He sends a new batch of people to us each day.  It will be cool when He lets me into the secret and tells me what is different about them.  For now all we know is that they are newbies.

Friday:     We were on the verge of doing some advertising on a particular site when God caused someone to reveal to us that there were integrity issues with that ministry.  The fellow who told us was on his way out of town for the long weekend, so it was highly unusual for him to be taking time to return a call that could have waited until next week.  But he did – just in time.  We appreciate God’s care for us there.

At the end of week two, I am very grateful for the high level of engagement from you.  Well over 100 people clicked on the stars at the top of this week’s light prayer blog to show their commitment, plus many e-mails shared strong support.

I am delighted with the fact that many of you have had measurable results in your lives as a result of these prayers.  Fun stuff.

The big mystery to me remains the correlation between the light prayers and significantly increased productivity here.  Light is the first head of Leviathan and flow is the sixth head, but there can be no doubt that since you have been praying the light prayers, we have gotten substantially more work done in a day around here – and we weren’t standing around loafing before!

So we benefit surprisingly from your prayers.  Thank you on all levels.

We will see what surprises next week brings forth.

Copyright January 2014 by Arthur Burk

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17 Responses to Scorecard for the Week of January 12th

  1. Neridda says:

    As I was pondering the link between Light and productivity (having also noticed this effect), this verse came to mind.
    John 9:4 As long as it is day we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming when no one can work.

    • eva says:

      I believe that WORK is not referring to a Job, we can be without a job and still have work in us. I am and have been currently unemployed for almost 3 years, but my volunteer work at the Womane’s Jail continues, because work is in me not job. Therefore day requires me to wrok even when there is no salary involved for me that is.

  2. Renate says:

    I just had another idea regarding the increased flow: In a conversation I pointed out how you create a win/win/win situation with these prayers: By us all praying these light prayers the Kingdom benefits, you and what God entrusted to you benefit, and us and what God entrusted to us benefit; and thus you empower the positive 6th head.

  3. Carla says:

    Regarding flow: it’s here too, in productivity and in physical movement. I’ve asked about it. All I here from Him is a song sung to the melody of a Christmas song. “Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.”

  4. Anthony Sutherland says:

    Arthur, I was interested in your comment on Sunday Evening, second paragraph. Given the apparent triggers ,jezabel and the cycle between Prophet and Giver involved in the devouring then what would be the opposite , Ahab doesn’t fit an the opposite or supporter of Giver could be Server. Not sure about prophets opposite. Do you have any idea how long the devouring lasts and what triggers the step into restoration and outpouring. I also wonder what is happening in the spirit real timewise during these seasons.

    I too would like a manual to supplement these notes. If it was clearer it would help when explaining to others.

  5. eva says:

    I have been praying the prayer for light to shine in my life on stagnant issues and for me to be seen so that I will be able to unpack what is in me. God began to show me the isues behind the stagnation in the ministry that I am, well sort of in i feel the need to transition as my time has been devored there with Jezebel and Jeolousy. He told me the devorign was Jezebel and you just confirmed it. I am still in with you praying for you to have greater light as increased light is busiing my confidence in God right Now. I have come to strongly believe that a team of leaders cannot pastor someone in whom they do not believe, So I am on a quest for light in the area of the ministry that I need to be in. The part of the country that I am in Jezebel is in control big time throught the leaderships and in ministries. Any thoughts anyone.
    Thanks again Arthur.

  6. nancy says:

    The study guide is a grrrrreat idea! I have been praying about just that, in correlation with some of your other teachings, as well. My original reason was for people like me, who like organized notes and retain things so much better when I write them out and can touch and see them. You know, we’re always praying for eyes to see as well and ears to hear! Come on, ears to hear the CD’s and eyes to see the study guides. I’ll buy them. Note: I’m not narrowing the “eyes and ears” prayer from the spiritual, but broadening it to the natural for spiritual and natural purposes. It could be a real boon in income, as well.

  7. Pat says:

    I really appreciate the almost stream of consciousness diary of your week. It prompts me to be more intentional in looking for and sometimes seeing God’s hand that comes in a way I didn’t expect it and therefore wasn’t looking for it and may have missed it. It is honing my skills by seeing your process. Now I need to be more diligent in logging my own God moments. I haven’t seen any impact of the light prayers here, but hopefully you are getting some benefit from them. They have to be going somewhere… Blessings on your week as you continue to discover more keys to healing.

  8. Can’t tell you how welcome a study guide would be. Since starting out with this material, I’ve found it difficult to tie it all together with an understanding of scripture. I’m often thinking, “Oh, yeah, I can see how that agrees with scripture.” But a study guide would be super! I would definitely put resources towards that. Now for a tagged SLG video directory, haha!

  9. Jim Alseth says:

    I’m not surprised by your Thursday observation about newbies Arthur. Since the new year I’ve seen a new openness to truth in unexpected places…

  10. Florence Kerlegan says:

    Simply awesome! Thank You, God for the Light that You are!

  11. kimberlymruth says:

    AHS/teeth blog was way more than filler for me. It caused me to think differently about several things; therefore, shedding light. So grateful for light for SLG team. And for the light I’m receiving.

  12. Linda says:

    Yes – I found that I prayed the prayer = generally do it once a week – then forget about it. Interestingly an incident triggered something and an old wound resurfaced that I thought was totally healed (one that dated from childhood and which I had forgiven the perpertrator for). So it wasn’t about lack of forgiveness – but it’s clearly something that’s still an issue (weirdly it’s around the issue of different Bible translations – but I’m sure there is more to it). It seems myself and the other party involved have something to learn from this experience. Trying to embrace the pain – instead of being tempted to run away. Anyway I happened to re read the prayer the day after and the first line jumped out at me “Father, this year was designed by You with God-sized dimensions. I ask You to never let me put the dimensions of my fear, or need or woundedness on Your plans.” Ouch indeed. This is definitely an interesting exercise!

  13. Serina says:

    So wonderful what is happening and the difference it makes since the light prayers started.

    It’s so amazing how God gives you the right questions, as well your conversation with the gentleman and the freedom which comes with it, that’s just so beautiful!

    Though I trust and pray for more light and inside regarding the curse on time. It just can’t be that there is anymore devouring in your life!!!

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